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The Newest Food Emojis Have Been Revealed

Photo by: Omari Allen

Emojis, the colorful language inspired by our collective imaginations and invented by The Unicode Technical Committee, now have new food icons. The new emojis include: round waffles, a stick of butter, yerba mate in a gourd with a straw, an onion, bulb of garlic, a juice box, large ice cube and probably the most anticipated, falafel. Although you probably weren’t clamoring for each new option, the additions should nevertheless spice up your text life. 

Considering how prevalent emojis have become in how we communicate, the perfect emoji for a witty response always seems to be missing. The reason behind this lies in the rigorous emoji approval process. Emojis aren’t just updates made in some windowless room by someone sitting behind a computer, the process is actually very democratic. Anyone can submit an emoji suggestion to the Unicode Technical Committee. Meaning, the balut emoji you’ve always been wanting to text your friends is a possibility. You just have to follow these guidelines to submit a new emoji proposal

The guidelines are fairly straightforward, but the subsequent deliberation can be tedious. For example, the falafel emoji could’ve been three balls rather than a plateful. Emojis work as a language bridge, so it’s important that designs translate across cultural barriers. Designs also vary from platform to platform. Food is a particularly popular area for emoji enthusiasts, so it’s no surprise many want their favorite dish represented.

With that said, writing about food emojis has made me crave food food. I’m sure these new emojis will inspire many funny convos and hopefully more creative submissions to the committee. I look forward to witnessing the evolution of the emoji language. Who knows, maybe one day someone will create an emoji cafe.

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Your Burger Emoji Is Stacked Wrong And You Probably Never Noticed

If you’ve never taken a good luck at the burger emoji on your phone, there’s a good chance that the order of ingredients are totally wrong. From Apple to Google, and even Samsung, no one seems to agree on how the burger should be stacked.

Over the weekend, Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged that there may be a problem with its burger emoji, as it appears to show the cheese below the beef patty, which is clearly wrong.

Pichai responded to the outcry from Twitter user Thomas Baekdal, saying, “Will drop everything else we are doing and address on Monday if folks can agree on the correct way to do this.”

While Apple’s burger emoji seems to get the cheese placement right, it’s questionable why they’d place the lettuce below the meat. Samsung’s might be the most baffling, as it puts its cheese over the lettuce, which doesn’t make sense by any stretch.

Perhaps the most accurate burger depiction comes from Microsoft’s emoji, which goes lettuce, tomato, cheese, and meat between its buns.

photo via emojipedia

In comparison to some real life burgers, McDonald’s does tend to put cheese under the meat patty, but it usually has an additional cheese slice on top as well.

Interestingly enough, In-N-Out goes veggies at the bottom, with lettuce and tomato under the meat.

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Maybe there’s no “wrong” way to stack a burger, but I think we can all agree Samsung’s cheese over lettuce is a little suspicious. Either way, it’s interesting to see that every emoji has its own way of burger stacking. We’ll have to see how Google actually responds.


New Campaign Lets Aspiring Chefs and Artists Work with Celebrity Mentors and Over $3000 in Tech Toys


Got a million-dollar food, photo, film, or music-related idea, a love of British celebrities, and (here’s the kicker) an address in the UK? Well aren’t you just a lucky duck.

Samsung is hosting a new, Kickstarter-like talent show and competition searching the United Kingdom for passionate innovators in food, film, music, or photography. Dubbed “Launching People,” the contest lets participants compete for a chance to work one-on-one with four celebrity mentors: actor-producer Idris Elba, singer-songwriter Paloma Faith, fashion photographer Rankin, and pop-up chef and food writer Gizzi Erskine, for two to three weeks, in a house completely decked out with fancy Samsung tech. Did we mention it’ll also be on TV?

Entries to the food category so far have been mildly impressive, from the life-size, celebrity-inspired cakes from Insane Cake Creations to the tea delivery subscription service Tea Storks.

“The simple ideas can be the best,” food mentor Erskine told Samsung, “But a simple idea with a bit of glitter on it is far more exciting.”

To enter, would-be Launchees just need to upload a two-minute video pitch to the campaign’s Facebook page. Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, though a “People’s Choice” prize of £500 ($832) for personal tuition and up to the value of £2000 ($3328) in Samsung technology is also available. Entries must be submitted by March 6.


Frou Frou Home Living: SodaStream & Samsung Unveil Fridge With Sparkling Water Dispenser


For $3899 you can purchase SodaStream’s newest toy: A fridge that dispenses sparkling water straight into your cup. We know what you’re thinking, “Gosh, that’s something the inner Parisian in me has always wanted.” Yes, you’re welcome, but really, you have SodaStream and Samsung to thank. The two companies teamed up to create the built-in water carbonator, which dispenses sparkling water in the same way as regular water and ice.

Like the original, smaller  SodaStream model, the fridge comes with three different levels of carbonation and is powered by the same exchangeable 60 liter bottles of CO2.

“The future is clear – there will be no more need to buy, carry, store and find a way to dispose the billions of plastic bottles and cans to enjoy fresh, delicious fizzy drinks at home.  The days of this old habit are numbered, as our technology is beating a path to a cleaner, less-expensive and healthier future for consumers and the planet,” Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream CEO, wrote in an email to Forbes.

Judging from Birnbaum’s visions of carbonated grandeur, we’re going to guess that he isn’t a fan of Diddy and Mark Wahlberg’s new “AQUAhydrate” line.

H/T Forbes + PicThx YumSugar


Samsung Reveals Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator

A fridge with a touch screen built in just above the ice dispenser. Not impressed? How about Samsung enables Wi-Fi on that sucker? Check. How about read and write Tweets, play music on Pandora, access your Google Calendar? Check, check and check. Superfluous? How about checking recipes based upon particular items that you have in your fridge? Done! Samsung’s new RF4289 Internet-Connected Refrigerator utilizes an 8-inch touchscreen display embedded right into the fridge door. While the Internet-connectivity is novel, beyond the recipe and calendar apps, the actual utility of such a “high tech” refrigerator has yet to be proven.


Samsung uVending Machines

These new Samsung uVending Machines were being showcased recently, boasting an extravagantly large touch screen display. uVending machines also come network and WiFi enabled, allowing owners to monitor stock before the machine ever gets close to running out of product, and the machine information can be accessed remotely. Along with these spiffy new features are anti-vandalism characteristics which includes shock sensors with subsequent alarms/warnings, plus a built-in camera to capture any hooligans who think they’re slick with their potential vandalizing. Check the quick video of this bad boy in action after the jump: