479° Popcorn: Pimentòn de La Vera

‘Pimentòn de La Vera is grown near a monastery garden by the Tietar River in a region called “La Vera.” Here, farmers smoke tiny paprika pods over oak wood, and mill the dried peppers with heavy stone wheels. We accent this gorgeous spice with a hand-ground mixture of organic sun-ripened tomatoes and onion to create a luxurious snack that is at once smoky, sweet and salty. If you feel a sudden urge to take up flamenco dancing halfway through the box, we suggest that you act on it.’ (Thx 479° Popcorn)


Pic of the Day: Tapenade-Filled Burger

‘Tucked inside this juicy chuck burger is a pocket of rich, salty tapenade. To experience the full range of flavors in this burger, add a bite of red onion and some sweet crunchy gherkin pickles. You can push the envelope even further with homemade buns.’