These Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie Crescents Won’t Just Make Your Fingers Sticky


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This Online Cooking School is a Collaboration Between Roy Choi and 50 Other Professional Chefs


Learning to cook can be rough. One could either sift through a stack of cookbooks, shadow a talented loved one, peruse through an endless supply of websites, or shell out some major bucks for classes. Looks like Salted, the new online school for home cooks combines all of those things.

Salted is essentially a new spin on cooking schools with more than 50 master chefs throughout the United States. Completely accessible via the internet, the cooking school is aimed at home cooks looking to learn from the comfort of their own kitchens albeit with affordable prices. One can browse through recipes, each step complete with video instructions and explanations. The school is said to offer something for cooks of any skill level.

Chefs contributing to the Salted school include Roy Choi, Ricardo Zarate, Neal Fraser, Carmen Quagliata and Jonathan Benno who all seem more than happy to share their talents with the internet. Good for them.

Check out the trailer below and anyone interested can reserve their spot early. If not, just continue on that YouTube train. Hey, it’s got us this far:


This Whole Fish Hot Dog Looks Creepy, Will Probably Make You Feel Bad For Eating It


It’s a dated reference, but I really don’t know what I expected when I first saw the headline for a “salted fish hot dog.” Maybe a hot dog with fish flakes on it? A hot dog shaped like a fish? One stuffed with fish and chips? At least, that was where my silly western-headed mind first went, until I realized this thing was coming from Japan.

According to Rocket News, the Kyoto Aquarium is currently offering an “ayu salt-cooked hot dog,” which is less “dog” and more “whole skewered grilled fish sandwiched inside a regular hot dog bun with its head still intact.” Anyone who’s eaten at a Korean tofu house knows such dishes are fairly popular throughout Asia, though RN reports several Japanese still discard the heads and bones rather than eat the fish from head to tail. (Thereby avoiding the nasty feeling of open fish eyes wriggling away in their insides.)


My suggestion? Buy one, stick it in an explicitly labeled bag in the fridge, wait for a roommate or coworker to find it and bask in the inevitable Michael Bluth moment. Proceed to enjoy the highlight of your weekend, you’re welcome.

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Craving: Salted Caramel Brownie with Ice Cream

Have you ever had the sweet and salty Chex mix? I can imagine this being a lot like that except a hundred times better. Close your mouth it’s not attractive. I understand that this salted caramel brownie sandwich filled with tin roof ice cream and drizzled with hot fudge sauce is making you second guess your life, but don’t worry tomorrow is a new day. (Thx FPD)