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Hot Pickle Salsa From Mt. Olive Hits Store Shelves

Photo courtesy of Mt. Olive

For nearly a century, Mt. Olive has been churning pickle products after pickle products from their pickle factories. Now, the band announced they’ll be introducing a whole new line of pickle innovation.

Pickle. Salsa.

Yes, Mt. Olive is now offering three variations of a new Pickle Salsa made with sea salt, cucumbers, vinegar, and tomato puree. It can either be used as a dip, thrown over proteins or enjoyed atop a quesadilla, declares the brand.

Pickle fans can find Mt. Olive Pickle Salsas in Mild, Medium, and Hot at participating grocery retailers nationwide.

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Del Taco Revamps Buck and Under Menu, Includes New Chicken Taco

Next year, expect some of your favorite fast food chains to bring back their value menus. Hungry patrons looking to alleviate the stress on their wallets after the holiday season will be pleased to hear another popular chain will relaunch its dollar menu.

Del Taco has now announced that they will be joining McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Jack In The Box, by revamping their Buck and Under Menu.

This lineup includes items like breakfast rollers, breakfast tacos, bean and cheese dip, quesadillas, burritos, and tacos.

The newest addition to the Buck and Under menu is Del Taco’s Salsa Chicken Taco. Priced at $1, the taco features grilled chicken, roasted chile salsa, lettuce, and tomatoes wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

Looks like we’ll be very cozy with this menu after the holidays.

Customers can find the new Buck and Under Menu at Del Taco locations nationwide beginning Dec. 28, 2017.


Restaurant Creates The Everest of Nachos: NACHO MOUNTAIN

Looking for some team-building activities to do with your squad? How about trying to brave an Everest of nachos?

Bar Burrito, a Mexican food establishment located in the United Kingdom, created something they fondly refer to as the Nacho Mountain.

Reckon you could finish it? Tag a mate you reckon you could tackle this beast with 😏 #Barburrito #NachoMountain

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The spread of tortilla chips, cheese, sour cream, meat, peppers, lettuce, and salsa is more than enough to cover two entire tables.

While this doesn’t seem to be an every day menu item, you can probably request it ahead of time for large parties.

Hey, if we’re in the UK, we know where to stop to get our nacho fix. Until then, good luck to all the brave men and women who are bold enough to confront this massive mountain of nachos.

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Del Taco Gets Wet With Two Saucy New Burritos


When we’re rushing to get from one location to another, a burrito usually does the trick to fill us up on our long commutes. If we actually have the time to sit down, we’re gonna indulge ourselves just a tad with a wet burrito. Nothing beats the heartiness of a fat burrito after it’s smothered in a thick sauce.

Del Taco just announced the addition of two new wet burrito meals customers can devour once the cravings set in. The fast food chain is calling them Platos.

The new Chicken Verde Wet Burrito features slow-cooked pinto beans, marinated and grilled chicken, tangy green sauce, and spicy jack cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. The chicken burrito is wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with more green sauce, jack cheese, and avocado slices.

Steak lovers have the Carne Asada Wet Burrito to enjoy. This beefy burrito is filled with pinto beans, marinated and grilled carne asada steak, a zesty red sauce, and cheddar cheese. It’s wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with red sauce, cheddar cheese, and sliced avocado.

The Chicken Verde and Carne Asada wet burritos cost $6.49 and $7.49, respectively. You can find the new wet burritos at any Del Taco chain.


7 Mexican Foods That Aren’t Strictly Mexican

Mexican. Food. Chances are you’re in love with the colorfully diverse cuisine of Tierra Azteca just like the rest of us. And how could you not be? Along with beautiful music, landscapes, and craftsmanship, wonderful food and drink specimens are some of Mexico’s greatest gifts to the world.

But there’s a skeleton in the sugar skull closet: many foods that are widely seen as Mexican are, in fact, not of Mexican origin at all. Margaritas, hard-shell tacos, fajitas—all were technically born in the U.S. (though they are enjoyed by both people of Mexican descent and non-Mexicans alike). Basically, Taco Tuesday is a lie. A delicious lie. Check out some other Mexican dishes that weren’t derived from Mexico.

1. Tacos al pastor


Photo Credit: William Neuheisel

You can order tacos al pastor in many Mexican restaurants, taquerias, food trucks, and kitchens, both inside or outside of Mexico, but this style of strategically marinated pork is actually said to have been inspired from Arab and Lebanese “shepherds,” which translates to pastor in Spanish, who went to Mexico. Now that you think about it, doesn’t pastor have a bit of resemblance to shawarma or gyro?

2. Salsa


Found both in and outside of Mexico, salsa’s roots can be traced through Central and South America. You’ll find salsa roja, salsa verde, and pico de gallo in Mexico, mojo in the Caribbean and Cuba, chimichurri in Argentina, and many more depending on the region.

3. Calaveras


The colorful sugar skulls are most popular during the celebrations of Dia de los Muertos and All Souls Day. The post-Halloween festival is a Catholic holiday with ancient Celtic roots, dating back to 17th century.

4. Rosca de Reyes


This type of special bread is served on January 6, in celebration of Dia de Reyes (remembering when Three Wise men traveled to bring gifts to the infant Jesus Christ). The holiday is more religiously observed in Spain, though many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans take part in the festivities as well.

5. Fajitas


Photo Credit: Mehlen Romain

Your friends make them, your favorite Mexican restaurant sells them, and Mexicans sizzle up batches too—but fajitas are completely Tex-Mexican. Dating back to 1930s Texas, fajitas were grilled on campfires by Mexican farmhands using the throwaway beef cuts included in their pay. Not too long after, fajitas could be found in several Mexican restaurants. By the 1980s, fast casual restaurants caught on to the cost-efficient trend and haven’t looked back since.

6. Burritos


This one may come as a bit of a shocker since burritos are, for many, a favorite “Mexican” dish. An eatery called El Cholo Spanish Cafe in Los Angeles, however, claims to have served the first burrito. Hopefully, the guac didn’t cost extra.

7. Churro


These delicious cinnamon dough pastries may be a staple for Mexican food carts and trucks, but ancient churros  made a journey across the globe, more or less. They originated in China, then traveled to Portugal, Spain, and, finally, Mexico. They can also be found in modern-day South America and fairgrounds near you.

Fast Food

Taco Bell To Release Hottest-Ever Diablo Salsa In Restaurants May 5


Taco Bell isn’t one to shy from giving out free salsa. The fast food chain’s colorful assortment of Verde, Mild, Hot and Fire salsas have always available for customers to drench their DLTs with. Looks like they can soon add yet another color to their collection.

Earlier, we received a mysterious package in the mail. Upon opening it, we discovered a sleek black single packet of hot sauce. It was called Diablo.

Thanks, Taco Bell.


Diablo is set to make its debut May 5 and will be available for a limited time only.

We tried the new hot sauce and compared it to its current hottest packet, Fire. The taste is actually really good and it’s noticeably spicier than Fire. However, it could definitely be spicier.


Sure, Taco Bell says you only need one packet to satiate your spicy sauce needs. Though a few more wouldn’t hurt.


14 Food Facts You Only Think About In the Shower

We can all admit we have some of our most interesting thoughts while we’re in the shower. Some awesome Redditors had the good manners to share their musings about food.

A few just tell it like it is:



There were a few entrepreneurs…



…more people concerned about names…




…some inventors…


cream cheese

…and people asking the right questions.


pizza drones


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KFC Serving Double Shelled Tacos Stuffed with Fried Chicken


It looks like KFC locations in New Zealand are serving up tacos as a menu option for local patrons. No, it’s not a Green/Red Burrito scenario, where a completely different menu appears alongside the staple KFC choices. Rather, the fried chicken chain has introduced new Double Shell Tacos, BBQ and Salsa.

The tacos are made with both a soft flour tortilla and a hard corn taco shell. Inside, replacing the ground beef, is a fried chicken strip, cheese slices, coleslaw, lettuce, tomatoes and a tangy “supercharged” sauce. The BBQ comes with, you guessed it, BBQ sauce and red crispy onion straws, while the Salsa comes with onions and salsa.

One can purchase a Double Shell Taco for $4.90 NZ ( $3.86 US) or two for $8 NZ ($6.31 US). They’ll be available at all participating New Zealand KFC locations for a limited time.

KFC and Taco Bell all belong to the same parent company, Yum! Brands. I guess it isn’t too much of a stretch to see them testing tacos at other locations.

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