The Colossal 12-Pound Big Fat Fatty Sandwich Challenge – Anyone Game?


Josh Stone had a dream. His dream was to create the biggest, fattest sandwich around. And perhaps he has. The owner of Fat Sal’s Deli, located in Pacific Beach, set out to make a monster behemoth of a sandwich. And, weighing in at 12-pounds, he might have accomplished his goal.

Broken down to its basics, this phat sandwich includes:

Five cheeseburgers, 1.5 pounds of pastrami, 1.5 pounds of cheesesteak, 10 chicken fingers, 10 onion rings, 10 jalepeno poppers, bacon, five fried eggs, two cups of chili, two cups of marinara sauce, and a basket of french fries topped off with a cup of Fat Sauce. 

Stone told NBC San Deigo he wanted to have a competition sandwich that would attract an adventurous man, woman or child.

The Challenge: Eat the entirety of the Big Fat Fatty within a 40-minute time frame and it’s free. Winners also get to create a sandwich named after them. However, fail to do so and you have to cough up $49.95.

Any Foodbeasts out there think they can handle it?

H/T NBC San Diego + PicThx Yahoo