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Oreo’s New Peeps Flavor Turns Your Saliva Pink And People Are Freaking Out

Oreo came out with a new Peeps flavor that was actually pretty decent, but fans of the cookie are starting to realize that it turns your saliva bright pink, for a very long time.

Eric Huang from The Junk Food Guy blog noticed the change in his mouth, and said it wasn’t something that went away quickly, as the coloring was so strong, it turned his toothbrush pink when he brushed his teeth an hour later.

Little by little, there have been more claims of this on Twitter, as more people are noticing the strange change.


We tried the new Oreos ourselves in the Foodbeast office, and no one had such complaints, but even if it did, a pink tongue isn’t the scariest of side effects.

This is what happens when you try to trust Peeps.