Elevated Mexican Cuisine Is Being Served Out Of This Former Mazda Garage

Who would ever think that inspired Mexican cuisine the likes of Santa Maria-style BBQ, wood-fired carne asada, and house made tortillas would be served right out of a former Mazda repair shop’s garage? As unlikely as that scenario may be, such is the premise for Los Angeles hotspot, Salazar.

From the outside looking in, the bustling Mexican restaurant’s facade doesn’t offer much beyond wrought iron gates and shaded trees, leaving little to the imagination. However, such a set up for the restaurant gives an oasis-like feel, as what’s within houses  a cozy open air patio that serves as the dining area and the said former Mazda garage-cum-bar area that oozes as much charm as the juices permeating from head Chef Jonathan Aviles’ grilled rib-eye steaks.

Weekend lines snake out the joint as many are eager to taste the inspired Mexican flavors Aviles is dishing out by way of the open grill that serves as the centerpiece of the kitchen. With a one of a kind build out for a restaurant that houses unique details borne out of the property’s former function, along with an elevated vision on Mexican cuisine, trust that Salazar is worth taking a deep dive into for a refreshing pause from the norm within Los Angeles’ thriving restaurant scene.