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QDOBA Brings The Heat With Fire-Roasted Shrimp This Summer

If there is a food that just screams summer, it is shrimp.

Thanks to QDOBA Mexican Eats, it’s time to get your shrimp on this summer with three new dishes from QDOBA. 

First in the new line-up: Surf and Turf Burrito Bowls loaded with juicy, grilled steak, cilantro lime rice, freshly made chimichurri sauce, and black beans, all topped off with Fire-Roasted Shrimp.

Also available for some fun this summer: Tropical Shrimp Tacos topped with sweet pineapple pico, creamy guacamole, shredded lettuce, cotija cheese, and wrapped in a corn tortilla. They are perfect for sharing on for those long summer nights.

QDOBA isn’t stopping there, however. For those of us paying extra attention to our beach bods, stay cool with their new Fire-Roasted Shrimp Salad topped with pineapple pico, lettuce and guacamole in a crispy fried tortilla shell, and drizzled with cilantro lime dressing, for a sweet and tangy taste that’s harder to pass up than a day at the beach.

If that still is not enough for you, you can add QDOBA’s Fire-Roasted Shrimp to any Qdoba entrée. But all you shrimp lovers better hurry, because just like summer, these new shrimp dishes are here for a limited time.

Created in partnership with QDOBA Mexican Eats

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Alternative Salad Toppings That Are Better Than Croutons

The salad days are far from over, my friends—in fact, they’re only just beginning. Salads have more or less become the rockstars of the green scene, ever since Chipotle began to popularize big bowls of them with extra toppings of everything.

Nowadays when it comes to the leafy greens, the bigger the better, and not just quantity-wise, but presentation-wise as well. What’s on yours? A pinch of ranch and some croutons? Pathetic.

It’s times to think outside the bowl when it comes to dressing and topping your salad. Here are some alternatives to those crusty croutons:

1. Wasabi Peas


Just the right amount of zest to give your salad the kick it deserves. Plus, you’re adding an extra vegetable to your pile of vegetables, so you now have an excuse to indulge in that ice cream sandwich afterward.


2. Sriracha/hot sauce


Speaking of spicy, why not switch out your go-to dressing for some flamin’ hot sauce? You put it on everything else, right?


3. Veggie chips


May they come in zucchini, beet, kale, or other form of dried chip, veggie chips have got the crunchiness you love from a crouton, but have more flavor. You may even consider dropping potato chips entirely after dipping your toe into the alternative chip world.


4. Dried Fruit


And speaking of dried and true, throw some dried fruit into your bowl. Cranberries, raisins, craisins, cherries, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes—now we’re talking. Save the normal fruit for one of those acai bowls, or whatever you kids are making with blenders these days.


3. Roasted Chickpeas


Or any legume in general, just because they’re packed with that thing you could be lacking called PROTEIN. Black beans, kidney beans—they all do the trick.


4. Shrimp


Who doesn’t enjoy getting down with the chipmunk of the sea every now and then? Or shall I say the shrimpmunk of the sea? Take a visit down to Shrimptown? Shrimpville? I’ll stop now. But nevertheless, shrimps make top-notch salad toppers. And sometimes pets. Try them honey-glazed.


5. Pumpkin seeds


Pepitas, anyone? Unlike pumpkin lattes, pumpkin seeds can be enjoyed year round. Hear that crunch? That’s the sound of good fats and protein making their way into your body via your salad. Also, pumpkin seeds are very crunchy.


6. Nuts


It’s true! You can sprinkle nuts on edible items other than an ice cream sundae! Assuming you are free of nut-related allergies, these things are another quick and easy way to get some protein up in your biz. In fact, I’m especially nuts about those Macadamias, ya dig?


7. Cheese


We’re talking about that cheddar-gorgonzola-brie-mozzarella-goat cheese goodness! Doesn’t matter if it’s shredded, cubed, or in little crumbles — cheese beats crouton any day.


13 Souplantation Hacks That’ll Change Your Entire Experience

Souplantation is one of our guilty pleasures. It’s the one place we can eat as much as we want, yet still feel OK about ourselves because it’s mostly soups and salads. Mostly.

Recently, we took an extended lunch and played with some hacks and upgrades one can dabble with at any Souplantation. We gotta admit, we might have had a little too much fun. Though it’s all in the name of discovery, right?

Check out some of the upgrades you can perform to enhance your dining experience.


Loaded Pasta


Grab any pasta. Be it penne, mac & cheese, carbonara (spaghetti), or linguini and load it up. Throw some mushrooms, bacon bits, cheese, onions, anything you can get your hands on that’ll load it up. Don’t be afraid of dessert toppings as well.

Corn Bread Soup


A popular hack, take a piece of corn bread and break it in half. Then, top it with chili and a little tomato soup. Let the cornbread soak everything up and add some sour cream, cheese and onions. The result should give you a moist, soup-soaked corn bread.

Clam Chowder Pizza


One of our favorites. Roll over to the pizza bar and grab some slices on a plate. Then, head back to the soup bar and ladle a generous amount of clam chowder. We suggest topping it with shredded cheese. Amazing.

Creamy Mushroom Soup Penne


Another popular hack, grab some penne from the pasta station. Then, go find the Cream of Mushroom from the soup bar and throw some one top the pasta. You’ll have a creamier pasta dish with more flavor and mushroom. Control the texture of the dish with how much pasta you add. Heads up, it’s gonna be rich.

3-Pepper Chili


Sure, the chili at Souplantation is great but it could definitely be spicier. Three peppers spicier. Grab yourselves a bunch of jalapeños, a pepperoncini and a generous dash of black pepper. Should kick your chili up a notch.

Bacon Chowder Potato


There’s a simple beauty to a baked potato with just butter and salt. However, if you’re doing all-you-can-eat, you’re gonna want to change it up. Split a baked potato in half and ladle some Clam Chowder on top. Then, throw some bacon on it!

Blueberry Muffin Top Ice Cream Sandwich


Everyone’s favorite part of the muffin is the top. It’s been proven time and time again. So we took the top of two blueberry muffins and used them as the part of an ice cream sandwich. Feel free to get some rainbow sprinkles in there, you’re already this far.



Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Grab all the pastas you can get your hands on. Whether it’s in the pasta station, salad bar, or even if you feel like digging it out of soups. Toss them into a bowl and mix them together. God, those beautiful carbs.

Brownie Chocolate Bites


Souplantation has plenty of chocolate. If you take a brownie from the bakery and break it in half, you can throw some chocolate mousse on top one piece. On the other, put some chocolate ice cream on top (we chose a combination swirl). Let Oreo cookies, or chocolate sprinkles, rain. Finally, drizzle some hot chocolate syrup on top of your dessert.

Vanilla Bacon Cone


It’s often been proven that bacon goes great with dessert. So why not combine two of the most readily-avalible items at Souplantation? Make yourself a vanilla cone and sprinkle some bits of bacon on top. It’s delicious.

Sourdough BLT


Feel like sandwiches? The bakery section should have some freshly baked sourdough slices. Grab yourselves two and head back to the salad station. There, choose from any salad. That’s your lettuce. Grab some cherry tomatoes (we had to dice them up real quick) and finally some bacon bits. If you like your sandwiches a little more moist, we suggest adding a little cream from whatever pasta available with a white sauce.

Loaded Baked Potato


A simple, but essential upgrade. Find yourselves a hot baked potato and start piling. Cheese, onions, sour cream, green onions, basil, soup, bacon, anything you want. Load this baby up until you forget there’s a potato underneath.

Chili à la Mode


Ice cream and chili. Just because we wanted to see what it looked like. Yeah, maybe skip this one.

Photos by Peter Pham

Fast Food

Daphne’s California Greek Releases Three New Summer Salads

Daphne’s California Greek is prepping for the summer season as they spotlight three salads that seem perfect as the weather warms up.

For those looking for lighter fare when chowing down at the already healthful California-inspired Mediterranean cuisine, the chain is bringing back last summer’s popular menu item: Chicken Strawberry Salad. The returning salad joins a full range including a Chicken Spinach Apple Salad and a Mango Shrimp Salad.

Here’s how the new salads break down:

  • The Chicken Strawberry Salad ($8.29) features Daphne’s marinated roasted chicken and fresh sliced strawberries atop a bed of mixed greens with candied walnuts, dried cranberries, feta cheese and tossed with a tangy balsamic hummus dressing. This salad is 640 calories and is served with a choice of warm multi-grain or regular pita bread.
  • The Chicken Spinach Apple Salad ($9.29) features roasted chicken, juicy red apples, fresh spinach and candied walnuts tossed with Gorgonzola vinaigrette and topped with dried cranberries and Gorgonzola cheese.  Daphne’s Gorgonzola vinaigrette is a zesty fusion of Greek and Italian flavors including apple cider vinegar, olive oil, lemon, garlic and oregano with the creamy taste of Gorgonzola.
  • At less than 400 calories, the Mango Shrimp Salad ($9.29) features grilled shrimp, fresh hand-made mango salsa with a hint of smoky chipotle flavor, mixed greens and feta cheese with a balsamic hummus dressing. The new balsamic hummus dressing combines the traditional sesame, garbanzo bean, lemon and garlic flavors of hummus with a white balsamic vinegar for light, fresh taste. The salad is served with a choice of warm multi-grain or regular pita bread.

Cravings Recipes

Craving: Potato Salad

With summer just a few weeks away and the weather already sunny and clear, there’s always one simple food that makes me happy – potato salad. I don’t know if it’s that summer-picnic feeling or the fact that potatoes can never ever really go wrong, but potato salad on the side of my fried chicken always gives me a smile on my face. Personally, I like to make my own just so I can make sure that it’s extra delicious, and if you want to make some too, Roseanne Cash has an amazing recipe for some. (Thx SmittenKitchen)


Souplantation: Buy One Get One Free Coupon

For fans of Souplantation, our champion Foodbeast DO BOY let us know that you can utilize this “Buy One, Get One Free” coupon before February 26, 2009. Apparently, you were supposed to take a survey…but we were told that you could go straight to THIS address, print that coupon, and use to your heart’s desire. Hope this works out for you all! Eat on!