The World’s Coolest Dad Invents a Pancake Spirograph


Remember part dad, part pancake maker Saipancakes? (Check out those Hobbit and Pokemon versions.) Well, he’s back in the breakfast game full force, and this time he has a new way to make pancake designs — the Pangraph.

The guy behind all this pancake art is Nathan Shields, and he came up with a genius spirograph for breakfast time. All you really have to do is squirt pancake batter through the little holes, move the Pangraph around your skillet, and what results is a truly delicious work of art.

Coolest dad in the world? Duh! Check out the Pangraph in action below:


Gotta Flip ‘Em All: Pokemon Pancakes

pokemon pancakes_thumb[3]

We’ve already preached about how Nathan Shields of Saipancakes is literally the coolest dad in the history of ever. From The Hobbit to Star Trek this dad is whipping up pancakes for every fandom. These Pokemon pancakes, or “poke-pancakes” have to be my personal favorite.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up and see Pikachu’s smiling face staring back at them before they douse him in syrup and devour him whole. My 8-year-old self would have geeked out hard at these. Knowing myself though, I probably would have tried to stuff Togepi in one of my pokeballs just so I could throw it and say “pokeball, go!” Chances are mom wouldn’t be too thrilled with that so let’s hope Nathan’s kids didn’t try to do that very thing.

Shields also takes commissions for his pancake art. For $100 he’ll create any image you want in pancake form. Though you won’t get to eat your personalized creation, he will send you the images along with all the rights to it.

PicThx Saipancakes


Adventure Time Pancakes Combine Art, Breakfast and Joy — and Adventure, Obviously


Saipancakes has some competition, hailing from a street market in Coyoacán, Mexico City. He goes by Rogelio, and he makes characters from Adventure Time out of pancake batter.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 1.18.02 PM

Hit the screencap above for the man in Adventure Time-y action, or watch below to see him make . . . Tinkerbell? And . . . maybe an egg. I dunno. It’s cute, okay?

The perfect cure for the munchies? We think so.

Also, just because:

H/T Neotorama


Hobbit Pancakes for a Faceful of Gollum with Your Morning Coffee


Saipancakes artist Nathan Shields is back, this time with pancakes commemorating the new Hobbit movie. And while the Gollum pancake is, of course, mildly terrifying, the Smaug one is sort of adorable. I could eat one of those every day until I die of dragon-induced diabetes.