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Here’s How to Get Beer Delivered to Your Door Via Saint Bernard This Holiday

TV shows and movies have always painted a festive holiday scene for Saint Bernards, as they’re usually portrayed as big, lovable pooches that deliver comforting beverages to us or simply as extra huggable gentle giants. Shout out to Beethoven.

This holiday season you can make that wholesome scenario come to life by entering this Breckenridge Brewery contest that will have the winner receive a delivery of beer via Saint Bernard.

Saint Beernard Christmas Ale Deliveries will be happening thanks to Breckenridge Brewery’s partnership with Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue. Residents in NYC and Denver can enter this delightful contest now through December 12 at

Winners have the enviable prize of cold, delicious beer and some quality time with a beer-delivering, adorable Saint Bernard. Just imagine how awesome your holiday card photos will be if you win.