Sailor Moon Tortilla Chips Are the Perfect Snack for Fighting Evil by Moonlight

sailor moon chips

Your favorite Sailor Scouts just got snackified.

Japanese snack company, Koikeya, has teamed up with the Sailor Moon franchise to create Sailor Senshi-themed tortilla chips. Japan is known for its unique palate when it comes to snacks, so it’s not too surprising that this inner senshi-licious lineup features flavors such as Avocado Cream Cheese, Bagna Cauda (an Italian hot dip made of butter, garlic and anchovies) and Balsamico Grilled Pork.

The tortilla chip packaging will feature the latest reboot of the 20-year-old anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, and features each of the five scouts and Tuxedo Mask. Collectors, this means there’s a total of 18 bags that you can try to get your hands on.

With over 200 episodes, 18 volumes of manga and new Sailor Moon Crystal episodes premiering every other week, we’re sure these themed snacks are the perfect way to watch your Sailor Moon and eat it too.

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Eeek: Sailor Moon Luna Ball Cupcakes


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Cheeseburger Super Mario, Sailor Moon, and Batman Are Super Chubs, Super Adorable


It’s true, there’s no real reason to reimagine all our childhood heroes as adorably chubby cheeseburgers. But then, there’s no real reason not to, either.

In his latest series “What if They Were Cheeseburgers?,” San Diego, Calif.-based illustrator Philip Tseng shows us what it would look like if cartoon characters from Sailor Moon to Skeletor even to the Morton Salt Girl decided to trade their internal skeletons for cheeseburgers — buns, tomatoes, and all.

c3 c2

The drawings, as you might expect, are delightful and pill-like, reminiscent of the minions from Despicable Me, and all available on Tseng’s shop at


On another note: so that’s what’s inside R2-D2.

Check out more of our favorite chibi-cheeseburgers, below:

c1 c10 c7 c4

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Fight Hunger by Moonlight with Sailor Moon Chopsticks


As much as we’d love to believe otherwise, there really isn’t any room in our healthy, adjusted adult lives for Sailor Moon toys. Luckily, these gorgeous Sailor Moon-inspired chopsticks by Bandai aren’t toys — they’re dining utensils!

Now you can pig out on your favorite odango (dumplings) with the same magical scepters used by your favorite odango-atama (“dumpling-head”). The pink wooden accoutrements come with three different toppers: Sailor Moon’s “Moon Stick,” from the first season; the “Cutie Moon Rod,” from the second season; and Sailor Mini-Moon’s “Pink Moon Stick,” from the third season.


Best of all, each topper can be removed, so you can totally throw the chopsticks in the washer while you go off to talk to cats, twirl around naked for 30 seconds, and throw sparkly confetti at bad guys.

Sailor Moon Chopsticks: available online from Bandai for $15 each; delivery expected for March. 

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Sailor Moon Brooch Cookies Have Stained Glass Gems


Unfortunately these cookies won’t transform you into a Sailor Scout (aw WHAT?!)  but they will satisfy your nostalgic sweet tooth. Crafted by a pretty creative tumblr user, these stained glass cookies are simple to make, provided you have some patience and a love for the Moon Princess.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 10.10.31 PM

Using a printed image as a template to recreate these cookies is as easy as tracing a picture… just with a knife (so be careful, kids!) After all that’s said and done, grab favorite red-tinted hard candies, crush ’em up and fill in the gaps. Personally I’m a fan of jolly ranchers but to each their own. You’ll have Sailor Moon Brooch Cookies faster than you can say “Moon tiara magic!”

If you want to really nail these cookies try adding some yellow food color to your sugar cookie dough to get that golden hue of Serena’s transformation brooch.

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Sailor Moon Bibs for Adults Let You Cosplay at the Dinner Table


There are some things I can live without. Deep Fried Soup? I can live without it. Hot Ginger in a Can? Nope, don’t need it. Bacon Doritos? Ugh, well I guess it isn’t a life essential…

But Sailor Moon Bibs?! This is one thing I cannot compromise on. Japan is once again taking on the role of big fat tease and offering adult-size, Sailor Moon-themed bibs. The bibs were spotted by RocketNews24 at that the flagship Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, which is also selling other Sailor Moon merchandise, such as socks fashioned after the knee-high sailor boots.


For those die-hard fans who collected the shiny, glittertastic cards and begged their parents to let you dress up as your favorite Sailor Scout for Halloween, this is big news. The bibs are available in five different designs, one for each of the series’ OGs (Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus).


Unfortunately, they’re only available in Japan until Isetan stops selling them on September 24 and will run you 1,575 yen (US $15.75) each. They’re also made of paper, meaning one bib is good for only one meal, so don’t try throwing them in the wash.

Like I said, I’m not comprising on this novelty swag. See you in Shinjuku, folks!

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Sailor Moon Latte Art Finally Exists


You wish your latte was this cool.

We’re definitely wishing we could get our caffeine fix with a latte adorned with our favorite Sailor Scout. (Sailor Mars ftw!)

Handcrafted by an artist known as “Nowtoo Sugi,” this vibrant latte art breaks the norm by using colored syrups. Mixing the syrups with steamed milk foam allows Sugi to add the finishing details to his work, bringing his caffeine characters to life.

Besides Sailor Scouts, Sugi also features movie, video game and other anime characters:

Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

It’s a me, Mario!

For more of Sugi’s creations follow him on Instagram and check out his tutorial below:

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