Innovative Coffee Cup Eliminates The Need To Tilt Your Head For A Sip

Drinking coffee can definitely become a hazard at times.

The main problem with consuming the caffeinated drink outside your home, or any hot beverage that you can’t drink from a straw, is that you’ll have to tilt your head back to take a proper sip. Unfortunately, that can impede your eyesight and potential put you in danger in a variety of everyday situations.

To remedy that, Ruumi has created a cup that completely eliminates the problem of not being able to see when you drink. The revolutionary cup is designed so that your nose fits into a groove of the lid. This means, you won’t have to tilt your head back and your vision won’t be impeded as you drink that sweet roasted medley of caffeine and sugar.

You can buy the Rev-Air Travel Cup directly from Ruumi here for $12 in three different colors.

Might actually grab one for my morning commute.