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Guy Buys Valuable $3 Japanese Knife And Completely Restores It

If there’s one thing you should never use in a kitchen, it’s a rusted knife. Not only would it do a terrible job, but getting cut by a rusted object can cause bacterial infections, so you want to get rid of the rust as fast as possible.

One such knife appeared to be rusted beyond the point of return, and its owner attempted to sell it at a pawn shop to no avail. YouTube user JunsKitchen, bought the knife off the guy for $3 and got to work completely restoring it in a now-viral video.

It took a lot of effort to get all of the rust off and resharpen the knife, but when it was done, JunsKitchen was the proud owner of a high-quality, extremely sharp Japanese knife, valued at way more than three bucks.

After some research, JunsKitchen actually found the same knife being sold for 10,480 Japanese yen, which amounts to about $94 in US currency.

Three bucks and a bit of elbow grease is a pretty good trade-in for a high-value knife, if you ask me.