Fat Russian Leonardo DiCaprio Sees The Truth In This Vodka Ad

For those that somehow don’t know, Russia is the world leader in Vodka, both in production and consumption. On average, the standard Russian drinks 17.3 shots a month of vodka, putting them leagues ahead of the competition.

Vodka company Pyat Ozer recently released an advertisement detailing the life of a man who SEEMS to have everything going his way, but upon closer inspection, actually has nothing.

The Leo doppelgänger takes a look around at all of his materialistic things (including his fake wife) and realizes that everything around him is pointless if it’s not real, at which point he comes across a bottle of Pyat Ozer.

He then makes the realest move he’s made in years, to the chagrin of his “charming” wife.

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Crazy Russian Hacker Uses Mortars To Blow Up Watermelons

The Crazy Russian Hacker, a DIY celebrity YouTuber who is constantly posting quirky videos of his sometimes useful — sometimes questionable — experiments, has been posting some pretty incredible videos as of late. A few weeks ago, he showed us how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream, which looked simple and delicious.

So this week, possibly to continue with the summer food theme, the Russian and his gang of cronies are using mortars, which are really powerful fireworks (and another summer themed item), to blow up watermelons. This time, however, for some added visual stimulation, they recorded it in slow motion.

While there’s little science behind this experiment, it still takes them a few tries to really get the watermelons to explode perfectly. Once they do, it’s remarkably mesmerizing. It’s even more mesmerizing when played back in slow motion.

We’re not here to tell you that using mortars to blow apart watermelons is a good idea, and we advise adult supervision if you decide to go against our wishes and use powerful explosives to destroy fruit.

It’s your life.

That being said, you can just as easily create liquid nitrogen ice cream and add watermelon for some extra flavor — without the fear or consequence of blowing off a limb.

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This Drunk Driver Seemingly Hits Every Single Car In The Lot [WATCH]

Driving drunk is bad enough as it is. Driving drunk in the middle of the day while on the phone? Now that’s just a classic case of buffoonery.

One Russian woman decided to go for a little joyride after her normal daytime vodka binge. This big bag of idiot hopped into the driver’s seat after getting shithoused (see Jenner, Caitlyn), then decided it would be a good time to talk to her homie about the latest trends in cats or some other ridiculously unimportant discussion that drunk dialers consider vital information.

Throughout all of the slow-moving mayhem, other bar patrons began slowly filtering outside, either to watch the mild chaos unfold or to survey the damage this sloppy shitspitting spoonful of suckass was dishing out to unsuspecting vehicles.

Thankfully, nobody was injured during this ordeal, except the wallets of the owners of all those cares. Hopefully this woman is found, captured, then tortured by forcing her to watch hundreds of hours of Meet the Kardashians. A boy can dream, right?



Photo Source: Cheezeburger, Opposing Views


[VIDEO] How To Peel An Orange The Russian Way!


Really, is there any other way than the Russian way when it comes to life? You might be expecting a vodka injected orange, but no. Watch as YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker (yah, we know) shows you his personal technique to the art of orange peeling. While there is nothing ostensibly Russian about this outside of his accent, I’m just going to trust it’s “Russian” because I want nothing to do with him or his Babushka.