This Is What Erotic, BDSM Lollipops Look Like


In case you didn’t think lollipops were phallic enough already, Moscow-based creative agency FIRMA recently dreamt up a series of concept lollipops themed after, what else, sex toys.


From the anal bead, cherry-flavored “Toys,” to the mace-shaped, blackberry-flavored “BDSM,” these sexy Chupa Chups are definitely not your childhood suckers, though we can imagine the sticky situations that could arise if little Johnny or Sally ever got their hands on one.

“Mommy, why would anyone want a lollipop that hurts your mouth with all those spiky things?”

“For reasons, Sally, for reasons.”


Still, you’ve got to wonder who came up with the candy that comes with two extra lollipops attached, dirty-minded or not. Luckily, FIRMA recently launched its five-year-old project—under the brand name “Sucker”— into the Russian market this past May, with global sales reportedly in the works.


The Sucker slogan says they’re meant for “adult girls and boys, who have no shame.” Now, that’s something we can totally get behind.

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The Secret to Saving Spoiled Milk is . . . Frog Slime?


As if sour milk wasn’t ick-worthy enough, scientists from Moscow State University have just identified a number of potential antibiotic compounds in frog skin secretions which, if added to milk, could prevent it from going bad.

You read that right, folks. The best new way to save your nasty curdled dairy from spoiling? Just mix in some good old frog slime.

Old Russian Wives Tales have been saying the same thing for years, apparently, but in the new study, researchers found amphibians are able to secrete certain antimicrobial peptides through their skin, to defend against the numerous microorganisms which usually thrive in the wet places where frogs and toads and other such bottom dwellers live.

Personally, I don’t think I can wrap my head around the potentially snot-like texture of the slime. I think I’ll just take a new gallon of milk, thanks.

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Leninade — So Good It Makes the Gulag Bearable

Whoever said communism kills creativity and the human spirit, has clearly never experienced Leninade. This pink lemonade from Real Soda sports a sick(le) logo that is accompanied by enough puns to feed the whole village’s humor.


A Russian Hospital Morgue and 350 lbs of Caviar: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Is it just me, or does that just sound like the perfect combination? It’s just me.

However, that was the scene of a St. Petersburg hospital morgue when police discovered and seized 350 lbs of caviar that was being stored in a refrigerated cadaver receptacle. A hospital employee and a business man were arrested, but it remains unclear whether or not the men will be charged. The men told authorities that the massive amount of caviar was to be for a New Year’s celebration. While most of the caviar that was found was from Salmon, approximately 84 lbs of the seized caviar was from the endangered sturgeon.

(via The Huffington Post)

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Coke Invests $3 Billion in Russia for 2014 Olympics

Coke Invests $3 Billion Russia Olympic GamesThe Coca-Cola Company and its Russian bottling partner Coca-Cola Hellenic announced a new investment program of $3 Billion US Dollars over the next five years. This announcement was made as part of the official opening of of a new Coca-Cola plant in the Rostov region. The opening of the plant was also commemorated by a limited edition Coca-Cola can bearing the 2014 Sochi WInter Games logo. Worldwide, the company is investing close to $30 billion in various infrastructure and distribution projects.

Coca Cola’s beginnings with the Olympics started in 1928 when the company delivered 1,000 cases of soda to United States Athletes.