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8 Creative Tattoos From Domino’s Failed Pizza For Life Promotion In Russia

Photo Illustration: Sam Brosnan

You may have heard last week that Domino’s Russia offered fans pizza for life if they got a tattoo of the company’s logo. Not prepared for the 350 people ready and willing to ink themselves for essentially an endless supply of pies, Domino’s called off the promotion only five days after their announcement – two months ahead of schedule.

While some played it straightforward with their tats, others got creative with the company’s logo. I mean, if you have to rock a Domino’s logo on your skin for the rest of your life, it might as well be something done creatively. Right?

Check out some of the eight best photos we’ve seen from this failed promotion. Hopefully those who missed out on the promotion, but still got themselves inked with the Domino’s branding, will be able to think of something unique to create with the logo. Or perhaps just keep them as is, as a cautionary tale on gimmicky fast food promotions.


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News Science

Study Finds Russian Sites Are Spreading Misinformed Anti-GMO Clickbait Articles

Turns out that Russia may be trying to influence more than our politics. They want a piece of our agriculture, too, and they’re trying to get it through a massive negative media campaign on GMOs.

russian sites

A new study coming out from Iowa State University calls out RT and Sputnik for “misinformation attacks” that cast GMOs in an “overwhelmingly” negative perspective. According to Gizmodo, researchers found that the two Russian sites produced more GMO articles than Fox News, CNN, Huffington Post, Breitbart, and MSNBC combined. 34% of anti-GMO articles scraped came from RT, leading all of the aforementioned sites in related content.

Why would Russia want to inundate the internet with anti-GMO messages? The country has banned GMOs outright in its agricultural practices, and the Des Moines Register reports that their ag industry is now the second-largest in the country. Taking the fight to GMOs, which are prevalent in corn and soy in the United States, could help Russia steal some of their market share.

Of course, this all banks on RT and Sputnik using their propaganda to convince the entire world that GMOs are bad and that US crops, therefore, should not be purchased. Bill Gates just made a strong statement in favor of GMOs, so that should help spread awareness. Hopefully, though, we’ve become educated enough on GMOs to see through the thin veil Russia’s trying to pull over our eyes.


Fat Russian Leonardo DiCaprio Sees The Truth In This Vodka Ad

For those that somehow don’t know, Russia is the world leader in Vodka, both in production and consumption. On average, the standard Russian drinks 17.3 shots a month of vodka, putting them leagues ahead of the competition.

Vodka company Pyat Ozer recently released an advertisement detailing the life of a man who SEEMS to have everything going his way, but upon closer inspection, actually has nothing.

The Leo doppelgänger takes a look around at all of his materialistic things (including his fake wife) and realizes that everything around him is pointless if it’s not real, at which point he comes across a bottle of Pyat Ozer.

He then makes the realest move he’s made in years, to the chagrin of his “charming” wife.

Fast Food

KFC Russia Serves Up Teriyaki Chicken with Chopsticks


If you’re ever visiting Russia and you have a hankering for some good teriyaki chicken, you don’t have to make a trip down to Japan. Rather, KFC Russia is now offering a variety of teriyaki chicken-based items. Also, they’ll come with chopsticks!

The newly inducted items include the Teriyaki Ricebox and Teriyaki Bites. It might seem a bit odd eating teriyaki chicken with a plastic spork, which is why KFC offers chopsticks to accompany the two Japanese-inspired menu items. The bites are made with your regular KFC crispy (we’re guessing boneless) chicken breast chunks. They’re then covered and tossed in a teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds.

Fans of a lighter alternative can find the Teriyaki Bites in a Twister wrap or salad as well. The bites will be available at all participating KFC Russia locations.

h/t Brand Eating


There’s Free Beer in Sochi, but You Have to be Canadian


Spotted in Sochi, the return of the famous beer fridge only accessible to Canadians. In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, Molson has sent one of their beer fridges to Russia for the games. Canadian visitors will be pleased to find their exclusive homeland brew of Molson free of charge after a quick test of national belonging.

Molson’s only requirement is that you are a citizen of the great frozen land up up North. To unlock the fridge, a Canadian passport must be scanned before beer is available. Once proven Canadian, the door will click open and cold beer is made readily available.

Check out this video below and see Europeans try to get access to beer they can’t have. Sochi sees you, Molson.

Picthx Molson Canadian


South Koreans Consume Twice as Much Liquor as Russians [REPORT]


On a report by Euromonitor, South Koreans seem to be the biggest hard alcohol drinkers in the world.

As noted in the report, South Koreans drink 13.7 shots of liquor per week on average, which is more than double the amount that Russians consume. The countries that follow after are the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan. The U.S. is ranked at #10 on the chart.

According to Quartz:

South Korea’s unparalleled liquor consumption is almost entirely due to the country’s love for a certain fermented rice spirit called Soju. The South Korean liquor accounts for 97% of the country’s spirits market.

Donning the hard alcohol crown can be problematic at times. South Korea’s alarming alcohol consumption has led to outbreaks of drunken violence and prompted its ministry of health and welfare to launch a marketing campaign in 2011 in hopes of steering its citizens clear of heavy drinking. “A problem with the way South Koreans drink is that they drink fast to get drunk fast,” an official at the Korean Alcohol Research Foundation told the New York Times back in 2012.

Looks like we Americans need to step up our game:




London Cafe Discourages Laptop Squatters with Pay-Per-Minute Policy


Are you eyeballing that corner table with the guy clutching his cold cappuccino and laptop? Or, maybe you’re the guy who sees the other the guy waiting for him and now you feel all sorts of guilty for spending the last hour surfing 4chan while clutching your cold empty cappuccino. Ziferblat, a pay-per-minute cafe, is here to quell these unfortunate scenarios.

In Russian and German (Zifferblatt), the term Ziferblat roughly translates to “clock face.” The Russian import opened it’s first UK location in London where “everything is free inside except the time you spend there.” So while the complimentary cookies and coffee may be free, patrons are charged £1.80 ($2.95) per hour, or “3P a minute.”


Guests are invited to pick up an alarm clock from the shelves upon arrival and to note their time. Since you pay by the minute, Wifi is free and there’s no time restrictions or routine password updates. Cafe visitors are even encouraged to prepare their own food in the kitchen using whatever ingredients are available.

“It’s funny to see people queueing here to wash their dishes. It’s not obligatory, but it’s appreciated. They even wash each other’s dishes,” owner Ivan Mitin told the Guardian. “It’s very social. We think of our guests as micro tenants, all sharing the same space”

Now all they need to do is add a nap corner and everything will be right in the world.

H/T The Guardian + Picthx Ziferblat


Moscow Restaurant Only Hires Identical Twins because Dreams Do Come True


A restaurant in Moscow, Russia will have you doing a double take thanks to its identical twins-only waitstaff.

Twin Stars owner Alexei Khodorkovsky told BBC that he was inspired by the 1964 Soviet film Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, in which “a schoolgirl crosses into an alternate world and finds her twin.”

Twin servers and bartenders wear matching outfits for work and both tend each table at the diner. This results in double service and double the tip.

Unfortunately for Alexei, the 2-for-1 concept is not entirely new. Twins Restaurant in New York City also features a twins as their servers and operates under the motto “You see Double before you have a cocktail.”

Next step, world’s first, triplet-only staffed restaurant.