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Reptar Bars Being Sold This Week, Take A Big Bite of Nostalgia

Fans of the ’90s, prepare to take a bite out of so much nostalgia your tongue will turn green.

FYE, For Your Entertainment, will begin selling Reptar Bars at their stores sometime within the next week. The announcement was first made on the pop culture and merchandise chain’s Facebook stating that they are stocking their shelves with the popular chocolate candy from the hit ’90s animated series Rugrats. In the show, the coveted candy bar was molded after the ferocious fictional dinosaur idolized by the titular Rugrats.

Like the cartoon, these real life Reptar Bars boast a milk chocolate exterior and a green frosting interior. Consumers should expect to have their tongues bright green for a few hours after consumption.

You can find your nearest FYE retailer here. Fans of Rugrats will also want to check out FYE’s Reptar cereal and exclusive Funko Pop, which are available for pre-order now.


FYI: The Rugrats’ Reptar Bars Aren’t Extinct

reptar bars

’90s kids unite on this throwback recipe. Yes, the Rugrats’ Reptar bars are a real thing, thanks to Adventures in Cooking. Chocolate outside, green goodness inside. You’re welcome.