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Kobe Gives Death Stare To Fan Trying To Secretly Film His Family’s Meal [WATCH]

Kobe Bryant went out in a blaze of glory, scoring 60-points in his final game wearing Laker purple and gold last season. Over his long 20-year career, we’ve seen Bryant show every emotion — from laughter to absolute disgust — on and off the court. Well, even though he’s retired now, the Black Mamba will still stare you down like it’s game 7 of the NBA Finals. Don’t believe me? Watch this video and find out the hard way — or better yet, try it.

A new video acquired by The Hoops Doctors on YouTube, shows Kobe and his family eating at what appears to be a Ruby’s Diner, while a person sitting across from their table starts to film them in a not-so-secret manner.

As the camera beings to roll, Kobe and company can be seen just minding their own business. But his sudden awareness of the rogue cameraman makes Kobe go into a full-fledged G.O.A.T-Black Mamba-5-time NBA Champion-Death Stare. It’s an icy glare that will probably haunt the person filming for the rest of their life. What a brave soul.

Here’s a look at the best Kobe reactions, since the recently filmed stare down was a little lo-res.

Probably looked a little like this to the person recording.

Doesn’t even flinch.

What did you just say?


Thanks for everything Kobe Bean, you’re still the greatest Laker of all time.



Ruby’s Diner Reveals a Crispy “Saturn” Cheeseburger

Ever order a cheeseburger and wonder where the cheese is? Ruby’s Diner has made sure that never happens again. Say hello to the Crispy “Saturn” Cheeseburger. Instead of having one slice of cheese, Ruby’s Diner uses a three cheese blend and melts it to the point where the cheese ring is larger than the bun. Served with “Refillable” Fries and is now available for all cheese lovers at Ruby’s Diners everywhere.


Adventure: Ruby’s Diner (Anaheim)

While cleaning up my computer, I came across pictures I took at Ruby’s Diner annual ‘Original Price’ day. Basically once a year the burger joint goes back to their 1960’s prices on cheeseburgers & fries, so I made sure I took advantage of it! I cruised down the street to my local Ruby’s, which just so happens to have car hop service, and treated myself to some great food. Check out my trip after the jump.

Deals News

Ruby’s Diner: Celebrates 28th Birthday /w Limited Time Reduced Prices

Ruby’s Diner, the restaurant chain that reproduces the look and feel of a classic American Diner is celebrating its 28th birthday across its almost 50 locations in Southern California, NV, NJ, HI, TX, PA and WA. In accordance with the occasion, the chain will be offering a Ruby Burger with fries for $2.80. The deal lasts for one day only, spanning the entirety of tomorrow, Monday, December 6th, 2010. Applicable at most locations.


Ruby's: $2.80 Burger & Fries – Today Only!

My friend Mitch hit me up on twitter today and informed me of this awesome deal that Ruby’s Diner has going on today. It is an annual promotion celebrating Ruby Cavanaugh’s birthday (the mother of CEO and founder Doug Cavanaugh). Ruby’s Diner is selling its Ruby Burgers and fries for $2.80 today (Monday, July 26.) Don’t lag on this one, because I’m sure it’ll be busy all day. I’m actually going right now!