The 23 Most Ridiculous Food Lyrics from Kanye West


Kanye West has been called a genius numerous times. Granted, it’s usually just him saying it, but it does takes a special kind of artist to put together so many food references in his lyrics throughout the years. He’s at a point in his career where anything he says can be turned into an inspirational quote worthy of Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram. That’s how genius works, right? From his affinity for Klondike bars to the nostalgic description of his mother’s chicken soup, Kanye finds masterful ways to incorporate food into his beautiful music.

Maybe he writes some of his best stuff in his kitchen, or at a restaurant, regardless, here’s 23 of Kanye West’s tastiest food references.



In 2008 Kanye teamed up With Lil Wayne for the Lollipop remix and graced us with this double entendre that almost solidified his genius with one verse alone. Nacho cheese has never felt so complex.



Kanye didn’t stop there. The very next line in the Lollipop remix gave us another chip classic, this time using Fritos.



Kanye showed his versatility in this one as he dropped some French on us. Not only did he tap into our food fantasies, but dropped a literature reference. Some said it couldn’t be done, but Kanye can do anything.



Keeping with the French theme, Kanye jumped on the Alors on Danse remix and talked about filet mignon. Unnecessary? Maybe. Awesome? Always.


Kanye is known to ask the hard-hitting life questions. He’s somewhat of a philosopher in his own right, kind of. In this verse, he put a spin on the age-old Klondike question.



In this verse, Kanye kind of answered his own question from the last quote. He’d do anything.



In this one, Yeezy showed one of his innovative uses for Cool Whip.



In one of his more serious songs, this one really showed a nostalgic West as he honored his mom’s home cooking.



Yeezus showed some pretty classic foodie alternatives to jewelry in this one.



This one was in retaliation to a classic South Park episode where Yeezy was compared to a “gay fish.”



Yeezus has hundreds of libation references in his music, as most rap artists do, but here he displayed a special ability to rhyme, “vodka” with “blocka, blocka, blocka, blocka.”


This one is a bit painful if you’re a fan of cake. Having to leave a party early before the cake is cut is brutal, twice as brutal if there’s Rocky Road ice cream served with it.



Yeezus showed his God-like rhyming as he let out his wrath on a lowly French server in this one.



A tribute to one of the most dominant duos in basketball history. Unfortunately, he brought up the break up portion of the duo’s relationship.



This verse is probably close to Kanye’s heart, as he talked about it being one of the lines that got him noticed as a rapper and not just a producer. The power of food.



‘Ye took Lawry’s to the mainstream with this one and started a rap style that took off with rappers like Drake and Lil Wayne.



This is one of the simpler workout tips Kanye gives in this song.



Kanye teamed up with Jay-Z in this song and asked him these rhetorical questions that he clearly knew the answers to.



It takes true genius to to care about lowering your cholesterol.


Yeezy sure does know what to do with those extra sweet and sour packets that McDonald’s… oh wait, they never give anyone enough sweet and sour sauce.



We get three food references in this one as Kanye sadly describes the time in his life he broke his jaw in an accident and couldn’t enjoy food. If you’ve had braces, you can feel his pain. Sort of.



Wait, KFC has a buffet?



Yeah. This is Kanye’s music in a nutshell.


So there you have it. If you don’t feel inspired to eat something delicious after this, there’s something wrong with you. Go bake yourself a cake and call it genius.

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Fast Food

Ruby Tuesday’s New Pretzel Bun Burgers are the ‘Sexiest’ By Far


Why the pretzel boner, restaurant industry? More importantly, why the pretzel boner for pretzel buns that don’t look or taste anything like pretzels?

If you’re going to make a pretzel bun burger, that thing had better be twisted and salted and dipped in hot cheese. Okay, so maybe you don’t have to dip it, but I’d at least like the option of tearing off those nubby end pieces whenever I damn well please.

Luckily, Ruby Tuesday seems to get it right with its line of four new pretzel bun burgers, available August 12, starting at $8.99.


Spicy Jalapeno, Bacon Cheese, Portabella Crispy Onion and Black and Blue [Cheese] Bacon are our options du jour, each set of fillings wedged between a lame, normal pretzel bottom bun and a tricked out pretzel top bun that looks uniquely pretzel-y. The whole set comes along with a silly porny ad campaign, describing how “hot” and “thick” and “satisfying” each burger is and even asking customers to check out the “fun between the buns” in an odd, unnecessarily censored commercial.

You can head to for a $3 off coupon, just make sure not to mistype or try it on a public computer with a spotty internet connection, or that’d just be awkward for everyone.

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Chain Restaurants’ Property Values Worth more than Company

According to a recent Bloomberg report many publicly-traded restaurant chains such as Ruby Tuesday’s and Cracker Barrel are now worth less than the property they own. Ruby Tuesday’s for instance owns $1 billion in real estate, but only has a market cap of $468 million.

Is this another sign of tough times? Well the answer is two-fold.

The first reason for this “strange phenomenon” according to the report is attributed a “gradual rebound in commercial real estate values,” that means that the economy is picking up which is good. However, the second, and most telling factor shows a “lingering weakness in the restaurant industry” all across the board. This is due to changes, mainly a decrease, in consumer income. Many people just can’t afford to eat out as much as they used to and that’s a bad sign.



Olive Garden and Other Chains Change Drink Policies After Drunk Toddler Incidents

Looks like several human-error incidents at multiple casual dining locations during the month of March and into early April have prompted Olive Garden, Applebee’s and Ruby Tuesday to reevaluate their drink policies. The latest of which, a mixup at a Michigan Applebee’s Grill & Bar led a 15-month-old’s cup to be accidentally filled with alcohol instead of apple juice. According to reports, Applebee’s management will no longer serve juice from bottles from behind the bar, instead will crack open single-serve portions table-side.

FOODBEAST PartnerRead teen alcohol abuse articles online so you can get tips on how to deal with a teenage son or daughter whom you suspect is drinking alcohol on a regular basis.


Ruby Tuesday to Close Up to 70 Locations

Ruby Tuesday Inc. has made public the information that it would be closing 40 locations during its third quarter (February), and an addition 30 units during the “next several years”. These closures would total almost 10% of its domestic locations. The closures most likely come from sluggish sales and increased renovation costs in their efforts to rejuvenate their dining experiences. Whenever a restaurant closes, it definitely is a sad day in the Foodbeast world. Regardless, keep your heads up and do your best to eat on.