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‘Pizza Experience’ Pop-Up Is A Wonderland For All Things Pizza

These past couple of years have seen some incredible pop-ups dedicated to our favorite eats. Museums for cheat days, ice cream, and all things candy have sprung up to entertain us and take us into Wonka-esque worlds.

One of the most intriguing museums to take form recently was the Pizza Experience, which has been running for a couple of months in Pasadena, California.


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Sponsored by Round Table Pizza and Pepsi, this museum is a treasure trove for those craving all things pizza. From interactive sets to an entire pizza-themed gym, this has been THE place to play if you want to show off your obsession for ‘za. You could take plenty of photos, play around with the equipment, and even score a few slices courtesy of Round Table.

The Pizza Experience has been a fun sight to behold, but will sadly be leaving Pasadena on December 9th. Tickets are available to purchase for its final weekend, and after that, we’ll have to wait until the spring of 2019 to see it again. Next, it’ll be popping up in Chicago, so those in the Windy City should keep their eyes peeled for tickets.


Woman Chokes On Chicken Bone Pizza, Subsequently Awarded $2.5 Million

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It’s been confirmed: chicken bones are not a suitable topping for pizza.

A San Francisco woman has been awarded $2.5 million after suffering from a near-death experience when a chicken bone from a pizza lodged in her throat and pierced her esophagus. A Round Table Pizza franchisee and Foster Poultry Farms are being held responsible and footing the bill 40/60, respectively.

Calla Felicity, 59, was eating a BBQ Chicken Pizza in February 2010, when she accidentally swallowed a 1.2-inch chicken bone. Felicity ended up having 11 surgeries within 33 days during her first hospitalization and to this day speaks with a strained voice two octaves higher than before the injury.

Foster Farms responded to the jury’s decision with the following statement:

“We regret the injuries claimed by Ms. Felicity caused by a chicken bone. The product involved in this case was sold to restaurants as an ingredient and not sold at retail. Foster Farms has maintained an outstanding food safety record for more than seventy years. Consumers have relied on Foster Farms for generations, and can be assured that the company takes all possible steps to deliver products that are nutritious and safe to consume.”

I have a few points of contention, not with Felicity’s case nor the jury-selected award, but with how many times a 1.2-inch chicken bone on a pizza was missed.

First, it was missed by the pizza preparer before the pie went into the oven. It was then missed as the same person or fellow employee cut the pizza into slices. Let’s say we skip the food runner/waiter/waitress since we don’t know the staffing situation of the Round Table on that particular day. But that means that it was still overlooked by Felicity, her mother and her mouth! Masticating will save your life fellow foodies!

(THX Mercury News & Eater)



Round Table Pizza: Big Vinnie XL NYC Style

Round Table has been producing quality pizza for years. The Big Vinnie is one of those wonderful masterpieces that has kept the Table in our hearts. RTP’s (Round Table Pizza) dough is rolled fresh everyday, their zesty red sauce is made with from scratch with 11 different herbs and spices and their 3 cheese blend of whole milk mozzarella, provolone and chedder cheeses is unbeatable. Add some premium meats and vegetables on top of their world famous crust and you have a pie fit for a king. (Thx Round Table)