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Cheez-It Wine Box Pairs White Cheddar Crackers With Rosé

Photo Courtesy of Cheez-It

Last year, Cheez-It launched a limited-edition Original Cheddar and House Wine Red Wine box that will let you snack on the iconic crackers while pairing it with some box wine. The collaboration sold out in minutes and fans were left eating crackers, and drinking wine in separate containers like veritable chumps.

Those fans need not worry, as the annual pairing is back with a White Cheddar twist.

This year, Cheez-It is launching a White Cheddar & House Wine Rosé box that you can order through Original House Wine. Pairing White Cheddar Cheez-Its (arguably the superior Cheez-It) with House Wine Rosé.

The limited-edition Cheez-It White Cheddar & House Wine Rosé will be available online for $29.99 at, starting at 2 p.m. EST on July 23 and will be available while supplies last.

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The Reason Why Martha Stewart Puts Ice In Her Rosé

Photo: Shutterstock/Sterling Munsgard

Would you drink your rosé on the rocks, like Martha Stewart?

Martha Stewart isn’t afraid to break a couple rules in the kitchen. She puts mayonnaise on her grilled cheese (like in this recipe), washes her knives with wine corks and boils her lobster with tequila. Now, according to an interview in Jezebel—she puts ice in her rosé.

To any primo vinos, this might sound like blasphemy. But Martha can be quirky. Did you know she keeps 30 canaries in her dining room?

Martha likes to keep her rosé cold on a hot night, but she also thinks that adding ice prolongs a glass of wine. She admits she doesn’t drink a lot, so adding a few cubes can make one glass go a little further—allowing her to savor the rosé a bit more. (Maybe in her very own drinkware.)

It might seem like an amateur move, but Martha Stewart knows her wine. She has her own line of vinos that sell for $30 or less: the Martha Stewart Wine Co. Eight of her bottles are rosés—and she doesn’t sell anything that she hasn’t personally tasted and approved.

Not familiar with rosé? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Chill Your Wine

Having a couple cubes in your rosé (or pino grigio or Chardonnay) will keep your glass cold but might lead to watered-down vino. Martha wants a cool glass, and prizes temperature over mouthfeel and taste. For those who aren’t particularly picky, the difference probably isn’t noticeable.

If this isn’t convincing enough to send you to the ice machine, don’t worry: there are other options for a quick chill. Wrap a bottle in a wet towel before throwing it in the fridge for a super-speedy temperature shift. You can also use frozen grapes or rosé cubes in place of ice cubes.

However, not all of us are opposed to having our rosé on the rocks. In the words of Martha Stewart, rosé season should last all year long. Jon Bon Jovi agrees!

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Article by Emma B. Kumer for Taste of Home. View the original article here.

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This Wine Now Comes In Cans, So You Can Go Ahead And Put Your Pinky Down

There’s this general notion that sippin’ on wine is this bougie, high-class experience that can only be enjoyed out of an aged bottle into a fancy tall stemmed glass. Fuck that, right? What if you just want to drop all the formalities and sip casually, without all that “pinkies up” bullshit?

Underwood Wines in a Can from Oregon’s Union Wine Co. is telling you to put your pinkies down ’cause they believe that having wine doesn’t have to be associated with a pretentious undertone.

It’s exactly the same wine you would find in a larger, less portable bottle, so why not just can it? All puns intended.

Embodying the Union Wine Co’s philosophy of just crafting great wine without all the pretenses, they decided to pack in about half a bottle of wine into a single can… because you know, its nice to share (or not, if your plan is to get wine wasted on a Wednesday night watching Netflix).

Sold as four-packs or 24-pack flats equivalent to an entire case of wine, Union offers you five different body types to get behind: Rosé, Rosé Bubbles, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and the Bubbles.

If you’re the type to venture where other wines won’t go, Union’s got that wine t0-go.  While its only currently available on their website, your next tailgate or outdoor exploits will get an upgrade when these begin to hit shelves in Oregon, Southern California, Chicago, New York, D.C. (and more) early June 2017.


This Is The Most Instagramable Booze On Social Media

According to Insider, Bar Primi in NYC is serving something called Frosé and it sounds delicious.

It’s also beautiful.

#Frosé Friday 🍓

A photo posted by Van (@forevervanny) on

The creators of the Frosé bought a slushie machine, poured a bottle of Rosé in it, along with strawberry pureée and some vermouth and called it Frosé.

This frozen cocktail closely resembles a daiquiri which is a popular frozen strawberry rum drink, only Bar Primi took the fancy factor to the next level utilizing the pink wine.

It’s definitely the next most Instagramable beverage of the summer, and it comes at an appropriate $14 a glass.

This pretty pink drink also hails from New York City, which is already on the map with its Instagram-worthy foods like Morgenstern’s beautiful black ice cream that blew up Instagram earlier this summer.

A lot of people are getting crafty with homemade versions of the beverage on Instagram, and there have been other frozen wine beverage recipes to come from the internet, but this is the first that uses Rosé.

Rosé has a reputation for being fancy as f*ck, and was even Andre The Giant’s drink of choice before entering the ring.

The Frosé looks to have a wonderful consistency to it, that no home blender can likely recreate using ice!

The fancy beverage has definitely made Bar Primi the summer drinking destination for New Yorkers.


Source: Insider Photo Credit: foreveranny


How The Cavs Lavishly Celebrated Their First Championship Victory

For the seven people in the world that might not know, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit in the championship series against last year’s victors, the Golden State Warriors. After winning three games in a row to beat the Warriors 4-3, the Cavaliers knew they were about to party their freaking faces off, especially since this is the first NBA championship ever to be won in Cleveland.

The team decided to stop off in Vegas on the way home for their celebrations, and boy were they glad they did. The popular Vegas club XS (located at the Wynn) was hosting them and had the entire club prepped and prepared for their arrival.

The team walked into the club and that’s when shit started getting cray.

Kevin Love definitely got his party on with his teammates when he got to XS, although he had no problem getting it started early in the locker room.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Even before the team headed out to Vegas to really get their party on, they all began popping bottles and splashing each other as soon as they got to the locker room.

When they got to Vegas, the staff at the Wynn made sure to pull out all the stops for the champs. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the team was presented with 350 bottles of Moet & Chandon Nectar Rosé that were emblazoned with the team’s logo, along with Moet & Chandon paying homage to the state of Ohio with a specialized crest.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 2.16.55 PM

Each bottle has a crystallized version of the Cavs logo stamped on the front. The retail price of the entire order comes out to $21,000, although XS was/is selling them for $5,000 a bottle. Basically, if all 350 bottles were sold already, the club will be making $1.75 million.

Looks like the employees at the Wynn Hotel are the real winners here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 2.41.16 PM


5 Easy Ways To Make Your Cheap Booze Amazing

So, you want to drink like a lady or gentleman, but you’ve got the wallet of a boxcar rider. It’s a stunning challenge to close the gap of being broke with good taste. Fret not, though, because here are a few easy ways to do it.

1. Age cheap whiskey yourself (in a single day).


You know enough about whiskey to be sure that time is a necessary ingredient, at least if you want the good stuff. That’s what it comes down to, really. The reason youwhen you’re feeling friskychoose the good stuff is because you want to experience that sweet and smooth-tasting delicacy of time. But you can actually create the taste of a three-year aged whiskey after only 24 hours with Time & Oak’s slatted Whiskey Elements, as it speeds up the filtering of bad chemicals in a big way.

2. Filter your cheap vodka.


Take that bottle of cheap vodka, the kind that smells like it should be used to refurbish an old garden loveseat, and pour it through a Brita Water Filter several times. Let it chill, and suddenly you’ll have some smooth-as-supermodel-skin vodka that’ll taste like you belong in a slow-mo stroll through a nightclub.

3. Speed up your cheap wine’s fermentation process.


A simple badge from Elevie will enhance your bold reds, dry whites, and rosés like crazy, tricking anyone in the book club into thinking you’ve gone above and beyond with your spend. It goes down by the badge absorbing energy waves and emitting them as condensed infrared, which then stimulates the wine moleculessuch as acid, phenols, and sugar—to crash and bump into each other way faster.

4. Make a cheap gin bucket.


It doesn’t take much to transform gin. Cut up a score of citrusy fruits—talkin’ lemons, limes, and oranges here—and let them soak in a bucket of soda (Sprite or Squirt) and as cheap of gin as you want. Welcome to the most refreshing addition to any box social and the fastest way to get blackout drunk in front of your friends.

5. Infuse your cheap rum.


Rum will soak up your delightful choices and give you a better offering, as long as you don’t go overboard. This could be a cinnamon stick or a vanilla bean. It could be a handful of charred oak cubes or a clove, or maybe some tablespoons of coconut flakes and a few dried fruits. It’s up to you. Fill a mason jar with the rum and natural ingredients you’ve added, close it up, leave out in the sun for a few weeks, and then drink away your problems like the fun lil’ drunk pirate hippie you’ve become!


The Quintessential Guide to Fast Food + Wine Pairings


Which pairs better with a plate of Panda Express Orange Chicken: a Gewürztraminer or a Rhone Valley Rosé?

Different people will tell you different things. The Gewürz is perfect for bringing out the natural spice of the orange sauce, while the Rosé marries swimmingly with citrus. And while an entirely different school might say pair it with a Peach Sparkling Arbor Mist (a school of the sorority-pledging, college fresh-woman variety, mayhaps), I’m guessing that even when drunk alongside imitation soy meat, something that calls itself a fast food wine should still be, well, a wine.

Anyway, all disputes aside, a perfect Panda wine pairing does exist, and there’s an actual science behind it, as I discovered on my most recent visit to Total Wine & More. By applying the same wine pairing techniques normally reserved for steaks and lobsters and smoked mozzarellas to Taco Bell DLTs and McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, my expert sommelier guided me through the perfect methodology for classing up an average Tuesday night.

Here’s all you really need for a good fast food wine: a high degree of acidity, to cut through the grease and fat; a fair price point, so someone can just pick it up at the store on the way home from work. (These, for instance, were all under $20.) It should complement, not battle, and certainly not overwhelm, the medley of real and artificial flavors, and as a nod to our readers, the perfect Foodbeast fast food wine should also be a little bit “out of the box”—something that most people probably haven’t heard of or just wouldn’t think to drink with, say, french fries or a Double-Double.

These are the best wines to pair with your favorite fast food menu items, or in other words, the ultimate indulgence paired with the ultimate indulgence. We dare you not to try them all at once.


McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets x Clara Brut Sparkling Wine California North Coast


TW: “I get honey right off the top with this. It’s a very unique, but true, strong honey. And that was one of the first things I thought of with the chicken nuggets, is that a lot of people dip chicken nuggets into honey, and there are a lot more white sauces for chicken nuggets. It would have also been very easy to recommend a Zinfandel because a lot of people dip chicken nuggets into barbecue sauce.”


Verdict: The champagne definitely cuts through the lingering grease and makes the whole eating process a lot more pleasant. This would make a classier, less guilty alternative to sweet and sour sauce.

TW: “I’d say that went together nicely. Any day with champagne is a good day.”


Clara Brut Sparkling Wine California North Coast
Dry, Peach, Toast, Full-Bodied
“North Coast, CA – Round and full-bodied, with rich nectarine and peach fruit. This sparkler has a nicely developed character with toasted hazelnut, honey, toffee and brioche flavors.”
$17.99 @ Total Wine


 McDonald’s French Fries x Phebus Torrontes


TW: “I thought of french fries as a snack, more than anything else. If anyone’s just going to get french fries, it might be on the way home from picking up the kids from school or getting out of class as a college student. So with that, it’s a great little middle of the day wine. Especially in Southern California, every day is beautiful. Even the bad days are beautiful by 2 o’clock. I thought primarily of picnicking, sitting on the patio, on the porch. And Torrontes has just got an excellent springtime feeling to it. It’s refreshing, it’s crisp. And I think it would pair well with the starchiness and the saltiness of the fries, without being terribly sweet.”


Verdict: This one I didn’t understand as much. It was a good wine, but I wouldn’t necessarily pair it with the fries, any more than plain old ketchup.

TW: “All Torrontesses are different. The citrus battles a little bit with the sweetness of the potato. A to F, I’d give this one a B.”


Phebus Torrontes
Crisp, Lemon, Citrus, Light-Bodied
“Salta, Argentina – From Argentina’s northern region of Salta comes this crisp and refreshing, oak-free white wine made from 100% Torrontes. A nose of fresh cut lemons with a hint of lime is followed by layers of citrus on the dry and refreshing palate. Pair with seafood and spicy dishes.”
$9.99 @ Total Wine


Kentucky Fried Chicken x Cloud Break Chardonnay Barrel Fermented


TW: “For fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, I thought, ‘How American is that.’ And the best-selling grape in the United States of America is Chardonnay. So I had to go with an American Chard for this. . . Fried chicken is more of a ‘stick-to-your-ribs’ meal. It’s filling, even with just a little bit, and quintessentially American. I grabbed the Cloud Break Chardonnay because it’s got some of that weight behind it for not too expensive. This wine drinks like a much more expensive bottle. With that, it’s got that comfort food element along with the weightiness of the wine. But it’s still got enough acidity to cut through the fat.”


Verdict: Like the chicken nuggets, this pairing just made sense – a solid refresher after the greasy chicken which also didn’t battle with the sweetness of the mashed potatoes.


Cloud Break Chardonnay Barrel Fermented
Oak, Apple, Butter, Full-bodied
“California – The Cloud Break Chardonnay is rich with flavors of toasted oak, vanilla, butter, apple, pear and hints of coconut. 100% malolactic fermentation is used to give it nice body and texture. Refined acidity and hints of green apple linger on the elegant finish.”
$7.99 @ Total Wine


Subway Turkey Sandwich x Dr Heidemanns Riesling Dry


TW: “The sandwich can get tricky because so many people do so many different things with their sandwiches. Riesling is a classic pairing with turkey . . . Turkey tends to be a relatively dry meat, and not just in the fact that many people overcook it. It’s usually a touch bland. And Rieslings, there’s nothing bland about them. They’re just fantastic and there are so many different styles. You can really find a Riesling to find your style and what you like. It’s also a matter of acidity and the viscous, sort of heavy mouthfeel of Riesling can help detract from a dryer piece of meat.”


Verdict: The sandwich was mostly bread, and dry bread at that, so there wasn’t too much going on here. Solid Riesling though, which went well with the turkey once it was separated from the rest of the sandwich.


Dr Heidemanns Riesling Dry
Crisp, Citrus, Mineral, Light-bodied
“Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Germany – Known as a ‘Trocken’ style wine which is the German word for ‘dry.’  This 100% Riesling from the renowned estate of Dr. Heidemanns – Bergweiler has all the citrus and mineral notes you would expect but unlike typical Mosel wines. Pair with seafood and chicken.”
$14.99 @ Total Wine


Panda Express Orange Chicken x Château de Nages Costières-de-Nîmes Rosé Reserve 2011


TW: “We’re pairing this with an orange chicken, which we know has got some sweetness to it. And because I didn’t want the sweetness to battle, I went with a distinctive dry rosé. I could have gone with a dry white or a dry red, but I think the red would have overpowered the chicken, though the dry white would have gone just fine. But I picked this one specifically because of the fruit flavors you get out of a rosé often are red fruits, along with the crispness, lightness and freshness that people associate with white wine. I get some strawberry, some raspberry notes, and a touch of a citrus zest and that marries really well with the orange chicken. And it’s still acidic enough to fight against the fried aspect of the chicken and the rice.”


Verdict: I liked how this pairing was still fruity but not overly sweet, which allowed both to keep their flavor profiles at a nice balance. One of my favorites.


Château de Nages Costières-de-Nîmes Rosé Reserve 2011
Crisp, Cherry, Melon, Raspberry, Light-bodied
“Rhone, France – Fragrant and fresh aromas of ripe cherries and melon mixed with rose petals. This blend of Grenache and Syrah displays the bouquet in flavor, along with some raspberry, in a light to medium bodied style. All of the wonderful ripe fruit flavors fade into a crisp finish.”
$9.99 @ Total Wine


Weinerschnitzel Chili Cheese Dog x Hugl Zweigelt


TW: “When I think hot dogs, I think barbecue, and two other wines pop into my mind. If you’re doing barbecue sauce, Zinfandel goes really well. Otherwise there’s a grape from Argentina which is perfect for grilling. But this today was a chili dog and that changes the game. So I went with a little more of a traditional country known for sausages [Austria] and with the grape that many of your readers may have never heard before, called Zweigelt . . .The truth is it’s very similar to Merlot, but unique. The first thing I noticed is this is a kind of earthy wine and it’s not terribly fruity. A lot of people associate fruit with sweetness, but I’m guessing that the chili in this chili dog is going to be relatively sweet chili, and I didn’t want that to battle. Also this particular Zweigelt has got a bit of smokiness and I still wanted to keep that element of barbecue.”


Verdict: The winner by far – this pairing not only made sense, but it completely enhanced the flavors of both the chili dog and the wine, which also managed to diminish the saltiness of the hot dog perfectly. If you are only going to try one of these nine, make it this one.


Hugl Zweigelt
Fresh Fruit, Easy Drinking, Cherry
“Austria – This variety was created in 1922, when Dr. Fritz Zweigelt crossed two grapes – Sankt Laurent and Blaufränkisch. The wine boasts a concentrated color, fruity and spicy aromas, and cherry flavors. Full-bodied, smooth and round, the wine is an ideal food companion.”
$13.99 @ Total Wine


Pizza Hut Pizza x Sobon Sangiovese


TW: “Italians drink wine with every meal and most people think of pizza as Italian, but this kind of pizza is pretty American. So why not with an American grown wine from an Italian grape? Sangiovese is a grape grown in Italy. Some of the best Italian wines are made with Sangiovese. So this is an American take on an Italian wine and an American take on an Italian staple. It’s got great acidity to it as well, so it’ll cut through some of the fattiness of that pepperoni and sausage, but it will pair well with the sweetness of the sauce and the doughiness of the pizza dough.”


Verdict: I wasn’t a fan of the cheese and dough here, but the meats and wine together were on point.


Sobon Sangiovese
Intense Fruit, Cherry, Full-bodied
“Amador County, Sierra Foothills, CA – The Sangiovese grape is a native of Tuscany, Italy which has adapted well to Sierra Foothill soils. It has fragrant berry aromas and flavors, overlaid with hints of tea, spice, leather and mint. Enjoy with antipasti, pasta dishes and pizza.”
$8.99 @ Total Wine


Taco Bell DLT x Oak Grove Petite Sirah


TW: “This is a pretty common grape that most people have never heard of. The joke is there’s nothing ‘petite’ about Petite Sirah. It’s full-fruit, full-bodied, full-aroma, full-mouthfeel. It’s a big wine for such a small name. I’ve never had the Doritos Locos Taco, but what I assumed is this is gonna be an explosion of flavor in your mouth. It’s sort of an aggressive thing. And with that big flavor, we need a big wine too. But we’re also not trying to get anything that’s going to battle. Because a lot of American cheeses don’t have that strong a flavor, a lot of it’s time it’s just for mouthfeel or binding. The mozzarella that they use on pizzas tends not to be that smoked mozzarella, it’s more of something to hold toppings on. For this I thought much more of the soy meat and the Doritos which are going to be the driving flavors.”


Verdict: The flavors here didn’t harmonize too well and kind of got lost, leaving me mostly with the taste of the Petite Sirah and the texture of the taco meat, which was slightly less than appetizing.

TW: “Tasting it with the Nacho Cheese, I feel like it cut the fruit down a little bit in the Petite Sirah. With the Cool Ranch, I might actually go back to one of the whites or the rosé.”


Oak Grove Petite Sirah
Intense, Raspberry, Strawberry, Medium-bodied
“California- Aromas of raspberry and strawberry lead to powerful flavors of crushed red berry fruit, plum jam and the spicy notes typical of this varietal. The interesting combination of flavors makes this wine a perfect match with grilled meats, cold cuts and strong cheese.”
$5.99 @ Total Wine


In-N-Out Double-Double x Avenel Cellars Cabernet Napa


TW: “Now let me preface this by saying, if this was Animal Style, the flavor profile will be different, there’s no question about it. So barbecue, charbroiled burgers, this is a perfect one. This is a red blend. It’s primarily Cab and it’s rockin’. It’s Napa valley fruit, the price on it is outstanding. It’s under $20 — $18.99 – but I like to think that In-N-Out Burger is the Cadillac of the fast food burger world. There’s also this idea that In-N-Out’s not dealing with the pink slime. They want a quality product in people’s hands, so why not spend a little more money on the wine that you’re gonna drink with it?

“This is a much dryer wine. It’s got higher tannins, sort of that feeling that your mouth is dryer after drinking it. And tannic acid goes really well with that fattiness of specifically beef, but I’d match this with a steak too. Maybe not a big porterhouse, but something a little leaner. I think it’s got a lot of character and I wanted to finish with that sort of thing that you remember where, upon eating a Double-Double, you might be full. You might not want to touch those french fries at all. Because it’s kind of a big sandwich, but you’ll definitely want to keep drinking this wine, because it pairs really well with this food and continues to be delicious.

“I also took into account the caramelized onions and the sauce. The sauce is acidic but it’s also sweet and this one I think can cut through it just fine. Some of the flavors might marry well, so it’s sweeter, fruitier, but I thought more about the meat. The sauce is like an accent, the meat is what carries the flavor of the hamburger.”


Verdict: This one I tried at home after the interview because the line at the In-N-Out drive-thru around 12 in the afternoon was much too long, but you definitely can’t go wrong pairing a burger and Cab, though I’m not sure it wins me over as an alternative to a strawberry shake.


Avenel Cellars Cabernet Napa
Concentrated, Blueberry, Cherry, Full-bodied
“Napa Valley, California- This Cabernet was handcrafted by renowned winemaker Marco DiGiulio. It expresses wonderful fullness and suppleness with soft and integrated tannins. The layers of black cherry, blueberry and cocoa are dominant throughout the wine. Enjoy with steak or ribs.”
$18.99 @ Total Wine


Of course, hard workers that they were, the Total Wine staff had other fast food pairings that we hadn’t even thought of, such as El Pollo Loco chicken and a Riesling, or a Rubio’s Fish Taco with a Montignac Picpoul de Pinet. The absolute winner? Sriracha and Gewürztraminer.

“If you’re like so much of the world loving Sriracha on absolutely everything,” they insisted, “you know Gewürztraminer is going to be your best friend.”

Good wine doesn’t need to be expensive, and it certainly doesn’t need to be paired with a big ol’ slab of (probably fake) Kobe steak. Maybe next time you’re shopping for a nice weekday dinner wine, you’ll stop and think to yourself, “Do you want fries with that?”


Your Oreo and the Titanic are Both 101 Years Old Today, Celebrate With This Cupcake


The Oreo cookie turns 101 years old today, and Crumbs Bake Shop is recognizing this for the monumental occasion it is by offering a cookies n’ cream cupcake, which features vanilla cream cheese and an entire Oreo on top. You know who would really enjoy a cupcake like that? Rose from the Titanic. Don’t see the connection? Just wait.

Oreos came out in 1912 — the same year that the RMS Titanic slammed face first into an iceberg. And remember Old Rose from the movie Titanic? Yeah, her character was 101 years old when she dropped the world’s ugliest trophy necklace into the ocean.


That’s right. Your cookie is the same age as Rose from the Titanic. Also the same age as this guy.

We’re pretty sure that Old Rose’s post-death fantasy of reuniting with the entire Titanic cast in the afterlife would’ve been vastly improved by one of Crumbs’ Oreo cupcakes, but since she can’t have them, we’ll just have to enjoy them for her.