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These Cannabis-Infused Sodas Will Take You Higher With Each Sip

Marijuana has been a hot button topic as of late, as it is becoming legal in more and more states. And as dispensaries pop up across the country, you can not only smoke, eat, and vape your weed, now you can even drink it.

Keef Brands recently launched a line of zero-calorie cannabis infused beverages that range in potency from 10mg to 100mg, include sparkling water and a variety of sodas. Keef Sparkling Lemon and Blood Orange are designed to be the go-to social option for people looking for a low-calorie, sugar free alternative to alcoholic beverages and sugary cannabis-infused edibles.

The Boulder, Colorado brand develops, produces, and distributes multiple cannabis-infused products that include beverages, edibles, and CO2-extracted oil for vape cartridges. Keef has been at the forefront of innovation around social cannabis product development and education since 2010.

In 2015, Keef’s Bubba Kush Root Beer — seen above — won Best Edible at the High Times Cannabis Cup, beating out over 150 entries from across the United States.

Keef Brands products are currently available at over 800 dispensaries across Colorado, California, Arizona, and Puerto Rico.

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Take BBQ To The Next Level With This Massive Root Beer Glazed Pulled Pork Hot Pokket

Mess Hall Canteen is like a rolling fortress, serving hungry meat-lovers across Southern California.

Now, Mess Hall is gearing up for one of its most rigorous battles yet – Hansen’s Fresh Coat Mural Fest happening in DTLA’s Arts District on October 7.

Later, Mess Hall will be slinging at OOZEFEST 3, FOODBEAST’s third annual premiere Southern California Cheese Festival on October 14.

However, don’t think for one second that Mess Hall isn’t bringing heavy artillery to these culinary showdowns. If there’s one thing you should know about the purveyors of Giant BBQ Meat Shanks, it’s that they nothing they do is small.

So, in true oozey fashion, Mess Hall has reimagined a Hot Pocket, but in the cheesiest way possible.

Mess Hall’s Hansen’s Natural Soda Root Beer Glaze Hot Pokket is stuffed with Hansen’s root beer glazed pulled pork, aligot potatoes, and pickled cherries all stuffed inside a deep fried dough roll.


To make this dish even more unique, Mess Hall is serving it with a side of Hansen’s root beer glaze to dip in.

So, if you’re ready to battle with Mess Hall, we’ll see you at Hansen’s Fresh Coat Mural Fest, and OOZEFEST 3!  

Created in partnership with Hansen’s Natural Soda


This Humble Spot Found A Way To Turn A Root Beer Float Into A Donut


Some donut shop in California made a donut burrito and the Internet is still going nuts over it. Halfway across the country, however, another donut joint found a way to turn a root beer float into a donut.

Mojo Monkey Donuts, found in Saint Paul, MN, is known for infusing popular drinks with the breakfast pastry. One of their newer items is a donut that’s based on the iconic ice cream and soda combination: the root beer float.

The donut is made with a root beer vanilla pastry creme and topped with a vanilla butter cream. They throw some cherries on top, a root beer glaze and stick a straw through it.

Simple and brilliant.

While the special donut is only a limited time item, you can find it at Mojo Monkey’s on Father’s aDay for $3.49.


Here’s An EXCLUSIVE Look At Pop-Tarts’ First Two Soda Flavors

Pop-Tarts are virtually a staple of American childhood, and anyone that has tried one growing up is sure to have some nostalgic memories linked to them. That trend continues for the next generation as Pop-Tarts introduces their two newest flavors, A&W™ Root Beer and Crush™ Orange.


As I’m sure you’ve imagined, the A&W™ Root Beer and Crush™ Orange Pop-Tarts will be filled with a bubbly root beer-flavored filling and a citrusy orange soda flavor, respectively.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 9.42.17 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-26 at 9.42.36 AM

While interesting flavors to say the least, they bring a change of pace to the typical dessert and fruit flavors that Pop-Tarts traditionally makes. These brand new soda mash-ups will be available for purchase in May 2016.




KFC’s Crazy Handjob Ad And Delicious Weed Ramen [THE KATCHUP]

Man, what a busy week.

Ben and Jerry, the founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream were arrested for protesting at the US Capitol earlier this week. KFC posted a pretty NSFW ad on their Twitter and some folks got pretty steamed.

A popular brand of alcoholic root beer decides it’s gonna get even more alcoholic. Awesome. Remember that cooler Kickstarter campaign that was supposed to be the greatest tailgate accessory ever? Turns out it kinda sucks. A pizza box from Cybertron transforms into a pipe and someone created weed ramen. Because 4/20 was a couple days ago.

This was our week in food news, which you can find out more about in episode 17 of the Katchup.

Let’s also take a moment to remember Doris Roberts, Prince and Chyna. Rest in peace, guys.

OK, on to the KATCHUP!



Ben and Jerry Arrested


Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, better known as Ben & Jerry’s have been arrested. The two co-founders of the popular ice cream brand were a part of a protest at the U.S. Capitol regarding money in politics. Read more.

KFC’s Naughty Tweet


We’ve all heard the term “sex sells” but Kentucky Fried Chicken brought that statement to an uncomfortable visual reality in a tweet early Friday morning. And the Internet got pissed! Read more.

Alcoholic Root Beer Gets Boozier

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.40.33 PM

Beer isn’t for everyone. In fact, you might be surprised at how many people there are out there that flat out don’t like the taste, despite its crisp drinkability and very wide variety of refreshing flavors.

Damn, now I need a beer. Read more.

Cooler, Not So Cool


In July 2014, we wrote about the Coolest Cooler, a state-of-the-art cooler that would become the second most funded thing on Kickstarter, generating more than $13 million in one month. Nearly two years later, the company is asking backers to fork up another $97 in order to get their coolers “expedited,” and people think that’s pretty uncool. Read more.

Stoner Pipe In Pizza Box


For the stoner who crushes a large pizza and is too lazy to get up off the couch to find their favorite pipe afterward — now there’s an app for that. Read more.

Hit-Or-Miss Products

Not Your Father’s Root Beer Adds A Much Stronger Drink To The Family

image001Beer isn’t for everyone. In fact, you might be surprised at how many people there are out there that flat out don’t like the taste, despite its crisp drinkability and very wide variety of refreshing flavors.

image002Damn, now I need a beer.

One company noticed a trend of regular drinks becoming “hard”, such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Redd’s Apple Cider. Small Town Brewery in Wauconda, Illinois, decided to throw their brewing hat into the ring when they made Not Your Father’s Root Beer, a delicious root beer-flavored alternative to the average can of beer.

After Small Town’s success with Not Your Father’s Root Beer and Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale, the brewery decided to bottle and manufacture their stronger version of the drink. While the mass produced version clocks in at 5.9% ABV (alcohol by volume), the brewery will begin mass producing their stronger variety, a version of NYFRB with a 10.7% ABV, nearly twice the amount in a regular NYFRB.

The initial success of NYFRB led to the stronger version being created, however it’s only available around the brewery, usually in cities and districts within an hour or so of the Chicago area. In order to keep the heavy beer hitters interested, Small Town will be selling the 10.7% ABV version in 22 oz. cans or “bombers”, at $7.99 a piece.



via Small Town Brewery


Root Beer Float Oreos Taste Like Retro Soda Parlors and Drive-In Movies


Fried chicken Oreos might be a tragic farce, but we are pleased to announce that new Limited Edition Root Beer Float Oreos are in fact real. And they’re delicious. Like most other seasonal Oreos, these RBFs come on Oreo’s vanilla-flavored “golden” cookies. Which is perfect, considering the cookies smell exactly how root beer floats taste. We picked up a bag from our local Vons and proceeded to reminisce about sock hops and ’50s style diners and a million other summer-type things we’ve only seen in movies, but imagine were pretty cool back in the day.


As for the root beer and vanilla creme filling, there also seems to be the faintest hint of carbonation, possibly from the baking soda, but also possibly from our over-eager imaginations.


Still, for tricking yourself into thinking you’re sucking down a root beer float without actually breaking out any ice cream and soda, there’s probably nothing better



Starbucks to Serve Made-to-Order Sodas, Including Ginger Ale and Chai Root Beer

Starbucks Soda

In preparation for the hottest months of the year, Starbucks announced plans to begin serving carbonated sodas this summer. The new drinks will be named Fizzio after the machine used to carbonate them. Each soda is made to order using natural ingredients that contain no preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavors.

The new flavors on deck will be Golden Ginger Ale (ginger and citrus zest), Lemon Ale (lemon juices with apricot spice) and Spiced Root Beer (root beer with chai spices). It should be noted that it’s likely customers will also have the option of carbonating some of their other favorite Starbucks beverages using Fizzio.

The drinks were tested last year and priced at $2.45 for a 12-oz order and will be available at participating Starbucks locations.

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