Roomba Pong Is Easily The Best Beer Pong Variation To Date

Drinkers can be some of the most innovative people out there, and they’ve proven that notion once again with this strange yet highly functional combination.

Introducing Roomba Pong! Based on the images and videos we found, the rules seem to be pretty simple. Basically, each team has a square table, with each table a reasonable distance from each other. Then a roomba is placed on each table with the ten cups forming a triangle placed on top of the roomba.

All the standard beer pong rules apply, only the cups are constantly moving, so don’t assume it will be as easy as a regular game!

“But won’t the Roomba just fall off of the table?”

Nope! That’s the beauty of it! The Roomba was designed to vacuum and clean floors without any human assistance. One of the selling features of the Roomba is its ability



Feature Photo Credit: Uthman’s