Boston Market Offers Succulent Baby Back Rib Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

Any meatlovers out there struggling to find something succulent and finger-licking this Valentine’s Day for their soulmates? Look no further. Really.

In the spirit of the commercial holiday, Boston Market locations are offering a bouquet of Baby Back Ribs to all the romantics out there for a limited time.

Only available on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, the one dozen tender ribs celebrate the addition of the menu meat option on the restaurant chain’s menu. Cooked to the point where they’ll fall off the bone, the ribs are smothered in Sweet Baby Ray’s famous hickory barbecue sauce.

Those interested, be sure to camp out at your local Boston Market location, because chances are these ribs will fly off the steamers once doors open. You can find the BAE-by Back Rib Bouquet available in all Boston Market restaurants nationwide Feb. 14 for $29.99. Wonder if I can make a special request for a meatloaf bouquet ahead of next year’s holiday?

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Meet The Food Blogger Who Stole Bob Saget’s Heart

In the ’90s, Bob Saget became a household name with his two hit series America’s Funniest Home Videos and the better known Full House. The iconic TV dad had his fair share of trouble finding love on the TV show, and it seems the real-life actor could relate. Saget went through a divorce from his former wife nearly twenty years ago and told Closer Weekly that he never thought he’d have a relationship again.

The light at the end of Saget’s solitary tunnel came in the form of food blogger Kelly Rizzo. Travel enthusiasts will best recognize Rizzo as the host of the travel web series Eat Travel Rock.

The two have admittedly been dating for a while, but in a recent interview with Closer Weekly, Saget says he never thought he’d be in such a serious relationship again.

Coinciding with her show, Rizzo’s Instagram @EatTravelRock is littered with stunning food photography.

Here’s hoping Danny Tanner finally finds the one. You can catch him on the Full House revival Fuller House on Netflix.

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KFC Created A Sexy Romance Novel You Can Download For Free On Amazon

There’s nothing sexier than fried chicken. Let’s get that straight. We could be on the red carpet with glamorous models and movie stars alike, and our eyes will wander to the nearest bucket of extra crispy every time.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is taking that very appeal and dipping their juicy drumsticks into the world of steamy romance novels with their first-ever novella: Tender Wings of Desire.

Let that finger-licking concept simmer in your taste buds for a moment.

Here’s an official description of the book, as if your interest wasn’t piqued already:

When Lady Madeline Parker runs away from Parker Manor and a loveless betrothal, she finally feels like she is in control of her life. But what happens when she realizes she can’t control how she feels? When she finds herself swept into the arms of Harland, a handsome sailor with a mysterious past, Madeline realizes she must choose between a life of order and a man of passion. Can love overcome lies? What happens in the embrace of destiny, on the Tender Wings of Desire?

Fried chicken? Love? The Colonel as a sexy sailor? This book seems to have it all.

If you’re interested, the novella is available on Amazon, where it can be downloaded freely for Kindle users. According to Bustle, 100 fans will be surprised with hard copies of the book through the KFC Facebook page.

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The Iconic Spaghetti Scene From Disney’s ‘Lady & The Tramp’ Is Recreated With Complete Strangers [WATCH]

Arguably one of the most romantic scenes in animation has to be the spaghetti scene from the Disney animated feature Lady and the Tramp. The film follows the adventures of a mutt named Tramp as he meets a golden cocker spaniel named Lady and the two star-crossed canines fall in love.

Oh My Disney released a hilarious video for Valentine’s Day that shows a group of strangers trying to reenact that same iconic scene from the beloved Disney movie. Like the dogs, the participants are unable to eat the plate of pasta and meatballs with their hands. They’re also required, to find a single noodle to slurp on until their lips meet.


Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other or all by yourself, make sure to check out the video that will surely tug at your heartstrings. Or bust your gut.

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We Reviewed Edible Sex Toys, From Gummy Penises To Candy Bras

In case you’re looking for some delicious inspiration to spice sweeten up your love life this Valentine’s Day, we here at FOODBEAST have got your back.

On an unsuspecting day, I walked in on the dudes Elie and Rudy eating out of a bag of dicks. You heard me.

For this episode of UNBOXED, we try a variety of sexually suggestive sex toys that are pretty much edible. These include a bag of gummy penises, edible panties, a tasteful edible bra, and flavored condoms.

If there was any horrifying opportunity to get a glimpse into Elie and Rudy’s sex lives, this was it. Watching Elie eat the candy bra off my hairy co-worker’s bare naked chest will forever haunt my dreams.

Still, the things we do in the name of discovery. Mad respect, fellas.

Check out the latest episode of UNBOXED above. The clock starts now in case you need to plan out your Valentine’s Day.

Note: Do NOT eat the condoms. Those were just for flavoring only. 

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You Can Anonymously Send A Bag Of Gummy D*cks For Valentine’s Day


For anyone who’s ever been told to “Eat a dick,” here’s your chance to get a few in before Valentine’s Day. Dicks by Mail, the online service that sends gummy penises to anyone is offering a special Valentine’s Day Box for the upcoming holiday.


The non-conspicous packaging is a perfect decoy for any and every romantic from here to the end of the block. For $20, you just include the name and address of the recipient and patiently wait for a reaction from your Valentine. A bag of dicks, without the holiday packaging, costs $15.

You can also customize your bag of dicks with additional penis-shaped confetti and glitter for an additional fee, leaving an unwanted messed for the target of your affections.


Nothing Screams Romance More Than Mining From A Chocolate Mountain


For those sweating over Valentine’s Day plans, here’s a sweet idea. A department store in Japan is offering couples the chance to mine their own chocolate from a mountain made of the cocoa confectionary.

RocketNews 24 reports that the Isetan department store in Shinjuku Japan is offering a Valentine’s Day promotion where lovers can chip away at a miniature mountain range made entirely of chocolate.

Imagine feeling like a kaju with low blood sugar standing next to this wondrous beauty.

A single glass bottle of chocolate you mine will run you about 1,500 yen ($13 US). Not a bad price for a whimsical activity.

It’ll definitely something we’d remember doing years later.

A photo posted by ak (@no_w_ak) on

Sadly, the chocolate mountain special ends the day after Valentine’s. Wonder what they’ll do with all that chocolate if they can’t get rid of it?

We might have a few suggestions.

Cover Photo: Kloka Facebook


The Best Way to Get a Second Date Involves Sushi and Cocktails, Study Says


According to a new study, sharing sushi and cocktails on your first date increases the likelihood of a second date taking place.

Match’s sixth annual Singles in America study used data surveyed from 5,504 U.S. singles between the ages of 18 to 70 to “reveal the pulse of the single’s psyche,” according to Dr. Helen Fisher, anthropologist and Match’s chief scientific advisor.

“Moreover, this year we focused on the crucial ‘second date,’ a vital courtship step that has been seriously understudied until now,” Fisher said in a post on the company’s blog.

suh2352-e1454549956572 (1)

According to the study, a good bet to land that coveted second date is having the first one at a sushi restaurant. A meal of sushi increases the chances of a second date by 107%.

Adding mixed alcohol drinks also boosts the chances of a second date. Ordering cocktails on a first date increases the odds of a second date by 137%. Drinking beer or wine won’t have the same impact.

The study also found that singles who use “LOL” and “haha” over text increase their odds of a match. Laughing over text increases the odds of a second date by 255% and the chances of sex with a date by 39%.

Whatever singles do, they shouldn’t skip food and drinks on a first date. Those that do are 107% less likely to land a second date, according to the study.

Written by Editorial Staff, NextShark