Cravings Recipes

Veggie Egg Casserole

Is there a better sight to wake up to in the morning? We’re looking at onions, garlic, roma tomatoes, chopped spinach, eggs and cheese served up casserole style. Dollop some sour cream and spread some hot sauce around for added love, and that’s the basic gist of this latest Budget Bytes recipe!


Double Decker Mind Geist Sandwich

This sandwich, created and named after Foodbeast faithful Daniel Geist, is a testament to homemade delicious sandwich making. We’re looking at two levels of Asiago cheese bread, thinly sliced maple honey, ham, and turkey meats, roma tomatoes, bacon, swiss cheese, roughly chopped mixed baby greens dressed with vidalia onion dressing. Ain’t nothing like coming home after a hard day’s work and getting your crazy, inner sandwich artist on. Eat on!