This is What Ten McDonald’s Burgers Combined into One Looks Like

Eating ten burgers at once from McDonald’s doesn’t top the list of the healthiest choices you can make in life. But, c’mon, eating one burger won’t kill you. So here’s how RocketNews24 skirted around that problem. They simply combined the ten burgers into one, making it totally OK to eat health wise… right?

OK, maybe it is still totally wrong to eat ten burgers, and, after watching this video, my guess is you won’t want to anyway. As the hand in the video lifts the congealed blob masquerading as burger, it took all of my power not to toss my pickles.

So, even if eating all these burgers doesn’t interest you, the science is at least pretty rad. Here’s how they did it:

They separated the ten burgers into four parts. Two piles of buns, as these seemed the hardest to blend, a pile for the burger patties and then the pickles. Luckily, the pickles they preserved whole to save some taste for the blob-like pile of burger. They then blended each pile separately with water and a special binding ingredient. So, what was the magic ingredient behind this obviously necessary experiment? A little packet of powder called the “Matomeruko Easy.” I can only assume Matomeruko roughly translates to: make your food look totally unappetizing.

Watch and enjoy.

via RocketNews24