Chocolate Ramen Just Became A Thing In Japan And We’re Drooling


We’re HUGE fans of combining saltiness with the the rich sweetness of chocolate. This includes chocolate-covered potato chips and more recently Japan’s McDonald’s fries drowned in chocolate sauce. Now, a ramen joint in Japan has unveiled another innovative dish: Chocolate Ramen.

RocketNews24 got a sneak preview of ramen chain Mensho‘s upcoming bowl of chocolate ramen. The Tokyo-based ramen spot is set to debut the new dish beginning Feb. 1.

Made with a soy broth, the base is infused with chocolate. The dish itself is then topped with more chocolate that dissolves as the meal progresses. The combination of sweet and salty is akin to how Mexican mole sauce combines sweet and spicy. It works magically.

Sources from RocketNews say that the best way to go at this dish is to mix the chunks into the broth to get a sharp and clean flavor.

The dish will only be available from Feb. 1 through Feb. 14, designed as a Valentine’s Day promotion.

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What It Looks Like When You Order 100 Slices Of Pork In Your Ramen Bowl


P.K. from RocketNews24 is our hero. The reporter decided he wanted to tackle 100 slices of chashu in a single bowl of ramen, so that’s exactly what he ordered. Chashu, a fatty pork belly that’s braised until tender and served in slices, is a common topping for ramen.

Ramen chain Ishiyaki Ramen Kazan was holding a promotion where 30 slices of chashu could be added to your ramen. Typically, a regular ramen bowl only boasts 2-3 slices. Thirty slices of pork, however, wasn’t going to cut it for P.K.

The writer asked the restaurant to add an unheard of 100 slices.


It cost about $85, Mashable reports.

While he was only tackle about 40 slices, the reporter gets mad props for attempting such a feat. Pretty sure his body’s thanking him for calling it quits.

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Sailor Moon Tortilla Chips Are the Perfect Snack for Fighting Evil by Moonlight

sailor moon chips

Your favorite Sailor Scouts just got snackified.

Japanese snack company, Koikeya, has teamed up with the Sailor Moon franchise to create Sailor Senshi-themed tortilla chips. Japan is known for its unique palate when it comes to snacks, so it’s not too surprising that this inner senshi-licious lineup features flavors such as Avocado Cream Cheese, Bagna Cauda (an Italian hot dip made of butter, garlic and anchovies) and Balsamico Grilled Pork.

The tortilla chip packaging will feature the latest reboot of the 20-year-old anime, Sailor Moon Crystal, and features each of the five scouts and Tuxedo Mask. Collectors, this means there’s a total of 18 bags that you can try to get your hands on.

With over 200 episodes, 18 volumes of manga and new Sailor Moon Crystal episodes premiering every other week, we’re sure these themed snacks are the perfect way to watch your Sailor Moon and eat it too.

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Restaurant Mon Petit Serves up Cat Food for People in Honor of Cat Day


From cat cafes to cat’s only wine Japan has a soft spot for their feline friends, so of course they had to do it big for Cat Day. February 22 a.k.a “Cat Day” is an unofficial holiday for cat lovers to celebrate and pamper their pets but this year owners can get in on the festivities.

Hosted by Restaurant Mon Petit, also known as Fancy Feast here in the states, will be serving up a menu that looks like your furry companions favorites. Patrons will be welcomed by a kitty maître d’ and a set of their own cat ears to wear as they get ushered to their table. In between courses cat lovers can enjoy some cat-ivities such as an interactive kinect-esque motion capture that turns you into a digital feline. Meow.

The menu is French inspired created by Chef Phillipe Batton. Dishes include recreations of actual Mon Petit products: Turkey Terrine (that looks like it’s fresh outta the can), tuna with bonito flakes, creamy seafood soup, chicken breast cooked in thick broth, grilled beef and seafood, a chicken turkey snack dish complete with cat treat looking croutons and creme brûlée for dessert. At first glance the majority of the dishes definitely look similar to their kitty counterparts but hopefully they taste much better.

Sadly the restaurant isn’t open to the public, only 175 lucky patrons will have the change to indulge in this free dinner. Check out more photos of the dishes below:




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This Rice Corgi Omelette is Too Cute to Eat


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Two Ingredient DIY Ice Cream Pudding Sounds Too Good to be True


From the makers of Oreo Rice comes yet another incredible food innovation. In the same realm of Ice Cream Bread and just as easy Ice Cream Pudding is as easy as melting down your favorite pint, mixing it with some eggs and baking it to perfection.

RocketNews 24 has the recipe in its entirety but mentions that cooking the pudding is up to the creator. If it’s a matter of convenience the microwave might be your best option otherwise an oven or steamer will do, but you’ll have to play around with the cooking times since none are specified.

The recipe given uses a ratio of one ice cream container to one egg. The 4oz snack size container of Häagen-Dazs is used since it has a higher milk fat content than other brands. That’s not to say you can’t use other brands but it’s recommended you stick with ice creams in the 15% or higher milk fat content range to ensure a rich flavored pudding. Lucky for me Ben & Jerry’s also happens to be a fatty ice cream which means I’ll probably be enjoying some Chunky Monkey pudding later tonight.

The best part of this recipe is the fact that you can literally choose any flavor you want, Mint Chip, Rocky Road, or even Pumpkin, just be sure to strain out the chunks before you cook your beloved pudding.

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Oreo Rice is Exactly What it Sounds Like


The staff over at RocketNews 24 decided to celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday last year by creating the perfect Japanese-American mashup, Oreo Rice. The concept is brilliant, using the rice cooker to steam the rice in milk instead of water to create a creamier grain. In order to properly infuse that classic cookie taste into the Japanese staple RocketNews 24 covered the milk and rice in a pack of Oreo cookies.

After adding all the sweet ingredients all that’s left is to flip the cook switch. Waiting is literally the hardest part of this whole process but after about 20 minutes the triumphant ding means your dessert is complete!


At this stage, the rice doesn’t look like a complete success but after mixing the softened Oreos with the creamy rice you’ll have rice that looks more like asphalt than dessert but RocketNews 24 ensures pure deliciousness.


Even though the final result looks more like black mush there’s actually some texture in there between the softened rice and crunchy cookie bits. The taste is described as tiramisu in risotto form which sounds like something we’re definitely about. Although the concept was originally meant to be a fusion between an American classic and a Japanese staple it reminds me more of a Filipino dessert known as Champorado. Either way, this sounds amazing and I’ll be trying it pronto.

Check out the step-by-step process and recipe over at RocketNews 24.

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In-flight Full Power Charge Men’s Meal is Carbo-loaded For His Pleasure


There is literally no reason I can think of that warrants the incredulous carb nature of this meal other than to induce a sick case of food coma.

Garuda International, an Asian airline, is rolling out these men only in-flight meals for travelers bound for Jakarta and Denpasar, Bali. The full name for this crazy meal is “In-flight Full Power Charge ★ Men’s Meal Garuda: Naniwa Special Lunch Fried Rice, Yakisoba, Fried Chicken.”  Yes, the totally unnecessary star is part of the name. Because it wasn’t already a mouthful why not mix things up and add a superfluous symbol in it.

As noted by the name above the masculine meal includes fried rice, fried chicken over yakisoba and is served with a roll. The whole thing seems like a bit much but Garuda’s reasoning behind the Full Power Charge was to create “a satisfying, high-volume meal for men onboard”. Still, I think it’s to get the dudes full and happy before they slip into a deep carb ridden sleep.

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