Pepsi Just Pranked a UK Bus Stop with Giant Robots, UFOs, Mutants and Tigers [VIDEO]


If you’re late for work, the last thing you’d want to see is a giant robot attacking the city. Okay, maybe that might exactly you want to see in that case. Said robot, and a few other ridiculously terrifying simulations were just what a group of Londoners saw when they picked the wrong bus stop to wait at.

Pepsi Max, in an effort to promote their drink, set up an augmented reality billboard at a London bus top. Throughout the day, passengers were fooled thinking they were seeing unbelievable things happen through the screen. Mutant tentacles would snatch pedestrians, tigers would chase people on the sidewalks and giant robots or UFOs would attack the city.

When the commuters went to the other side of the glass to see what was going on, all they would see was a Pepsi Max advertisement. Brilliant.

Check out the video below too see the shenanigans:


Robots Threaten to Replace Baristas & Offer Consistent, Quality-Controlled Coffee


They are growing stronger, they are studying us, and now: they know how you like your coffee. Briggo recently launched a kiosk at the University of Texas named “The Coffee Haus” that can take your order via text, make it, and have it for you to pick up exactly how you like it. Every possible detail is yours to control, down to the amount of milk and what type of sweetener you want. They serve a variety of options, from ice drinks to hot chocolate. If customers create an online account, their favorite drinks can be saved to make it easier to order in the future. But the most interesting part by far is that the whole process involves no people, just machines.

When you arrive at the unmanned kiosk,  you notice it takes up about fifty square feet total, and has a sleek wooden design. It is divided into two parts: Order, for those who didn’t in advance, and Pick Up, where you can grab your coffee and go.

“The coffee tastes good and it always tastes the same,” Yamit Lavi, a student at UT Austin, told NPR. “I would say the consistency of the taste makes it better than a standard coffee shop.”

As more of these coffee shops open, there are many complaints that naturally rise up. Some say that these kiosks will run coffee shops out of business, while others say that this takes away the human element of forming a relationship with your local barista. I think these concerns  are to be encouraged. I mean hey, robots are cool but is it really better than talking and connecting with another human being for a few precious seconds?

H/T NPR + PicThx Briggo


This Robot Paints Your Face On Your Latte (For the Secret Narcissist in You)

 latte art

Looking for a way to fuel your caffeine addiction and your inner narcissist at the same time? Well then this is your lucky day. The ‘Barista Bot’, brought to you by a collaboration of Hypersonic,  Rock Paper Robot, Jamie Zigelbaum and Kyle McDonald, uses real time data analysis of facial characteristics to draw the customer’s face on their latte.

This coffee-portrait machine made its debut as a marketing stunt for General Electric at this year’s SXSW. New York City design studio, Hypersonic, wanted to bring something “light-hearted and unexpected” to SXSW 2013 by making a common experience more interactive.

Now, instead of finding their names misspelled on the side of a Starbucks cup, coffee consumers can potentially look forward to finding their face staring up at them from the foam of their grande soy latte. Thank you technology for finally putting an end to the age old question, “Would this taste better if my face was on it?

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


Farming with Drones the Next Biggest U.S. Robot Market?


Farmers are looking into the possibility of utilizing plane drones to spray crops, scan soil patterns and perform other tasks on American farms.

As the country’s contentious use of drones continues, the Department of Defense moves on to newer UAV models and the question of what to do with older versions arises. While NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly stated that the NYPD is exploring the option of drones, major farming companies have also shown an interest.

“A manned crop sprayer is flying 10 feet above his crops — how accurate is it? Any crop you spray that isn’t on your farm you have to pay for, and a remote-controlled ‘copter can be very precise,” says Chris Mailey, vice president of the drone promotion organization named AUVSI. “Spraying, watering — there’s a whole market for precision agriculture, and when you put that cost-benefit together, farmers will buy [drones].”

The possibility of drone farm use will inevitably depend on how manufacturers of these unmanned robots tailor pricing for farmers, the latter who have a laundry list of other expensive equipment needed to maintain their crops.

H/T + PicThx Animal


Go On a Bender with Bender: Mom’s Robot Oil from Futurama


Futurama fans know that the show’s robot characters are just as capable of chugging alcoholic brews as their human co-stars. But what about human viewers at home who want the chance to go on a bender with Bender?

Luckily, the people over at The Insatiable Geek have it covered, with a recipe for Mom’s Robot Oil that combines dark beer and Jagermeister to create the perfect alcoholic concoction. On Futurama, Mom’s Robot Oil is advertised as containing ten percent more love than other leading brands. We’re pretty sure that The Insatiable Geek’s version has at least that much love, plus the added bonus of personal connection with an animated robot.

Best served in a tin can with some popcorn and a Hulu+ account. 

H/T The Insatiable Geek


Can Robots Debone Chicken? If So, Where Do Humans Stand?

Technology has grown considerably over the past decade. And every time I write a story about robots I allude to the inevitable uprising of the machines. But I swear guys, it’s coming.

Something that researchers have been working on for a good part of the last twenty years is developing a machine that is capable of making the exact cuts needed to extract meat from bone in chickens. If successful, this repetitive task will save tons of money on labor in the industry and replace human workers in poultry plants with machines.

The problem is, according to Gary McMurray, head of a robotics team at the Georgia Institute of Technology, each chicken is different and it takes the intricate balance of hand-to-eye coordination that only a human has along with the ability to gauge the size of a chicken in order to perform the task correctly. These traits have become difficult to synthesize in machines. But have they finally cracked it?

The team does have a prototype they plan to test later this month that they hope will yield successful results. According to McMurray, the machine is equipped with robotic arms that have surgical blades and possesses a three-dimensional imaging system that tells it where the meat, bone, and skin of a chicken is in less than a second.

McMurray tells the Wall Street Journal, they are already demonstrating the machine to different groups and that they are now running tests to see if the robot is making cuts and deboning as quickly and efficiently has a human can. But what will this mean for the human workers in poultry factories? Will thousands of people be out of jobs as quickly as this robot can debone a chicken?

Will you eat a chicken that has been deboned by hundreds of mathematical equations processed in less than a second? What else will machines be able to replace in the upcoming years?

The revolution is coming, guys. Stock up on water.

(via: Wall Street Journal)

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