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A Robot Custom Builds Burgers From The Ground Up For Just $6

Creator, a new burger concept out of San Francisco, may very well be the future of burger restaurants. The staff are paid $16 an hour, the burgers are custom built with fresh beef ground to order, and they only cost $6 each. How is this possible, you ask? ROBOTS.

A project eight years in the making, Creator’s burger-building robot does everything in the burger construction process. It grinds the meat, grates the cheese, dispenses the sauces, toasts the buns… you get the picture. And it manages to do this all in just five minutes of you ordering your burger.

So how does Creator keep their costs so low for these robot-built burgers? “A lot of that comes from the savings on labor and kitchen space afforded by a robot cook,” CEO and co-founder Alex Vardakostas told TechCrunch. “We spend more on our ingredients than any other burger restaurant.”

Despite those labor cuts, employees at the restaurant are still making $16 an hour. Their focus is on service, with the possibility to make more money with maintenance and repair training on the robot system. There’s also an education program in place for them, with a book budget and 5% of their time allocated to reading and learning. It’ll give these food service employees a launching point to start their own careers in other fields.

Through his business model, Vardakostas is hoping to prove that you can make high-quality burgers for cheap while providing In-N-Out level care for your staff. Robots, which are a negative stigma for the fast food world, are the key to solving that.

Creator is currently open for lunch on Wednesdays and Thursdays until its public launch. There’s currently only pre-set options on the menu, though future updates to the restaurant will allow for every aspect of your burger to be customized. In terms of expansion, Creator is taking it one restaurant at a time to make sure they get everything right.


Robots Prepare and Serve Your Food at this Curious Restaurant

Robot Waiter

The idea of robots replacing humans in the workforce has been thrown around a lot over the years. Now, it seems that the movement towards Robotic-rights took a major step forward with a restaurant that employees almost entirely machines.

The Robot Restaurant is located in China’s Heilongjiang Province. Employing around 20 mechanical men, the robots pretty much run the restaurant themselves from preparing the meals to serving them to guests. There’s even a robot that sings to the patrons while they eat. Humans do play an essential role, however, as the raw ingredients are pre-loaded for the robots and kept in cabinets. When something is ordered from the menu, a human presses a button that orders the robot chef to obtain the ingredients necessary to prepare the meal.

Restaurant owner Liu Hasheng told BBC that the robots were conceptualized as a means to minimize the cost of hiring employees. Though it should help in the long run, it definitely wasn’t cheap purchasing twenty robots. Especially since they ran for about $31,500 and $47,000 up front.

While robots probably can’t recreate the love humans put into cooking, at least they won’t call in sick last minute.

H/T Business Insider