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Woman Climbs Drive-Thru Window, Robs McDonald’s In Worst Disguise Ever


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If you’ve ever been to a McDonald’s in the late hours, you’ve probably noticed that it’s usually one dude trying to work not only the front, but the drive-thru as well. Sure, there’s probably someone working in the back, but there isn’t much surveillance during the grave shifts.

Well, the cameras are on surveillance, but that didn’t stop a woman in Howard County, Maryland from climbing through the drive-thru window, filling up a drink, and stealing money from the register on Nov. 5.

Footage shows the woman reaching in through the window, attempting to fill up a drink, but after struggling a bit, decided to just climb all the way in.

Perhaps the funniest thing is how she showed her entire face as she made her way into the restaurant, but attempted to shield herself by pulling her shirt over her head on the way out.

Where the employees were, who knows, but you have to think some poor employee’s in trouble for not catching any of this heist go down.

You can try to call her a stupid criminal, but Howard County PD is still looking for her, so she got away, for now.

h/t cbs Baltimore

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IHOP Waiter Takes Down Robber, Gets Hit In Face With Crowbar [WATCH]

While it might not make sense to the rest of us, some people just have it in them to try and be a hero, even if it puts them in danger. Elijah Arnold of San Antonio, TX has that type of hero mentality, and put it on display as he took down an alleged robber at a local IHOP.

Arnold was a waiter at a local IHOP when he saw the man getting into the register to take money. The quick thinking employee sprinted toward the thief, tackled him and didn’t let him get away, even after getting hit in the face with a crowbar, according to KENS 5 News.

Surveillance footage showed the whole thing going down, as you can see everything short of the crowbar to Arnold’s face.

It might have been a little unnecessary to put his life in danger for a few dollars, especially since they weren’t coming out of his pocket, but he felt he owed it to IHOP, who reportedly gave him a second chance at life after he was homeless.

Arnold said he was a “3rd-degree black belt in mixed martial arts,” but none of that training seemed to be on display during the altercation. He did stop the alleged robber, but it just would have been cool to see a choke hold or knock out blow, for the sake of combat sports.

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Jimmy John’s Cashier Robbed At Gunpoint, Doesn’t Even Flinch

A Kansas City Jimmy John’s was robbed Wednesday night, and while the robber cocked and waived his gun at employees, the cashier upfront didn’t seem bothered by it, at all.

Video released by Kansas City PD showing that, “An unknown black male wearing a light blue hooded sweatshirt entered the restaurant, placed an order, then pointed a gun at the cashier demanding money from the register.”

The cashier didn’t look startled, or in fear, he just took off his safety gloves and started taking out the money with a “Come on, man” look on his face.

At the end of the video, the cashier calmly walked away, as if nothing had happened.

Thankfully, the surveillance video helped police identify the man, and he is in custody as officials investigate the incident.

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Cook Uses Soup Ladle To Fight Off A Knife-Wielding Robber [WATCH]

If you work in the fast food industry, the risk of getting robbed is one of the most terrifying things you can think of, right behind getting yelled at by a woman with a soccer mom haircut.

Chen’s Garden in Brooklyn, New York was on the verge of getting robbed by a hooded man with a knife, but the employees were able to fight him off with, of all things, soup ladles, according to the NY Daily News.

The video from the January 4 incident shows the assailant, who’s dressed like Kenny McCormick from South Park, pull out what looks to be at least a 5-inch knife. By the time the bandit tried hopping over the restaurant counter, but the employees’ instincts told them to grab some cooking utensils and fight back.

It actually worked.

The restaurant’s owner, Yan Lin, told the news outlet that she immediately grabbed a knife, while the cook ran out with a soup ladle in hand, after which they just started waving their weapons at the robber, hoping he wouldn’t get to them.

While they were able to successfully fight the attacker off, that same night, the suspect got away with $533 at a nearby Baskin-Robbins.

The guy is still out there, but it would be key for Brooklyn restaurants to know that apparently ladles are his weakness.


WHOPPERRITOS Exist & A Dude Smuggles Pork Ribs In His Pants [KATCHUP]

Here we are, another episode of the FOODBEAST Katchup. If you missed out on all the food news this week, fear not. This series catches you up on all the top stories in the wide world of food.

This week, a brewing company developed a beer that’s safe for dogs to drink. Cause no one wants to drink alone. Hipsters found another thing to ruin for everyone else by deconstructing coffee. Awesome, guys.

Burger King is testing a new item: a Whopper and a burrito. Guess what they’re calling it? A guy was caught shoplifting at a grocery store and when he was asked to return the items, hilarity ensues. Finally, a bunch of geniuses decided to rob a McDonald’s that was filled with special forces. Bad move, gentleman.

Check out this week’s Katchup.

Beer for dogs


Drinking beer with your buddies is a human bonding activity, but who’s to say that it can’t be done with man’s best friend too? A U.K. based company called Woof and Brew recently released a beer just for dogs. Canines can safely consume the beverage since it doesn’t contain alcohol, hops or carbonation that can harm their digestive tract. According to The Atlantic, veterinarians often advise owners to not give their dogs beer since canine livers can’t metabolize the alcohol the same way human livers can. In addition, other ingredients including hops can cause violent reactions in some dogs. READ MORE

Hipsters ruin coffee

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 12.40.29 PM

It turns out that even coffee, one of the last few bastions in the world of simple delights, is susceptible to being raped and defiled by the beanie-toting, opinion-flinging, artisinal-everything bearded goons we all know and hate called “hipsters.” READ MORE

Burger King introduces the Whopperrito


Apparently thirsty for its day of innovation, the folks at Burger King are wrapping their famous Whopper in burrito form and calling it the Whopperrito. We have your first look. READ MORE

Man whips meat out of his pants


Being a former Kroger supermarket employee, I’ve seen my fair share of shoplifters trying to casually walk out with carts full of groceries, or slipping Kit-Kat bars in their pockets, but this guy’s technique is at a master level, except for the fact that he still got caught. A video shows a man being questioned by a store employee before eventually revealing the meat he was packing inside his pants, literally. READ MORE

Idiots rob McDonald’s full of special forces


Back in the day, Tonight Show host Jay Leno used to love telling stories about stupid criminals, and in that same vein, we present to you the morons who tried to rob a French McDonald’s filled with special forces. READ MORE

Fast Food

After A Foiled Robbery, Popeyes Gave This Brave Crime Fighter A Job


No one thought a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen getting robbed could lead to something good. However, for an interviewing applicant, it led to a new job.

A Popeyes in New Orleans hired a  young man after he helped stop an attempted robbery, the Associated Press reports. Devin Washington, 18, was in the middle of an interview for the restaurant when a man stuck his hand in the cash register and tried to run with the money.

The manager, Dominique Griffin, blocked the door as the thief attempted to book it out of the fried chicken restaurant. It was then that Washington grabbed him by the arm and helped detain him with the Popeyes cook until police arrived.

After things settled, down the Griffin offered the young Washington a job at the restaurant. While she said the hiring decision was made before everything went down, the kid definitely earned that job.

Photo: Popeyes


Man Is Shot, Killed By Police In A Failed KFC Robbery


An officer-involved shooting at a St. Louis, Mo. Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant ended with the responding officer fatally shooting a robbery suspect.

At approximately 6:00 p.m. Sunday, an eyewitness reported a robbery-in-progress at a KFC.

While the bystander was on the phone with police dispatch, they were able to contact a police officer, in person, who was monitoring a Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. march, across the street from the KFC. The officer who was contacted is identified as a sergeant with 13 years of service as a St. Louis police officer.

In an initial statement after the shooting occurred, Lt. Col. Lawrence O’Toole from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department reported as the officer approached the KFC window, the suspect identified as 52-year-old Crayton “Big West” West by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, raised a handgun at the officer. As the officer approached the restaurant door, he ordered the suspect to drop the weapon. Once the suspect refused to drop the weapon the officer fired twice, striking him with both shots.

Attorney Brian Millikan, who is representing the officer involved, who has not yet been identified, explained that the officer was in fear of his own life and acted in self-defense. Millikan added that if the officer had not reacted quicker the suspect would have shot him, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

“He didn’t have any choice,” Millikan said of the officer.

According to reports, West was pronounced dead at the scene. West’s record showed a repeated criminal history including robbery and sodomy charges. Cash from the robbery attempt and a gun were recovered at the scene. The officer was not injured.

This is just the latest story in a recent string of officer involved fatalities that has gained national attention. One of the most frequent arguments surrounding officer involved shootings is that more law enforcement officers need to be equipped with body cameras.

The St. Louis Police Department has been issued approximately 90 body cameras to staff. However, the officer involved in this shooting was not equipped with a body camera.

Officer O’Toole said there were several other eyewitnesses, along with surveillance camera footage from inside the restaurant that may be used in a pending investigation.

Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce will have to review all video evidence to determine whether it can be released publicly.

Photo: Google Maps


Hero Taco Shop Used Security Footage To Troll Burglars In This EPIC Commercial


Typically when a restaurant is robbed, the authorities are alerted and the police are left to investigate the crime. This Mexican grill, however, decided to make the most of that robbery by turning the security footage into a commercial.

The video featured footage of three gentleman breaking into the Frijoles and Frescas Grilled Tacos and burglarizing it. The restaurant took that footage and added hilarious subtitles to narrate the entire robbery. While the robbery itself was a pretty serious situation, the “commercial” frames it as a bunch of dudes really wanting to get tacos. Enough to break into the restaurant to look for some after store hours.

On a semi-serious note, the promo ends with a request to help identify the taco thieves.