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Rob Dyrdek, Travis Pastrana and Jeremy Rawle Launch Black Feather Whiskey

You may remember them for doing crazy stunts on anything with two or four wheels, but now Rob Dyrdek and Nitro Circus’ Jeremy Rawle and Travis Pastrana are now expressing themselves in a new way with the recent launch of their Black Feather Whiskey, an 86-proof American Bourbon.

“We founded Black Feather Whiskey for those wanting a whiskey with some soul,” says Rawle, who serves as the brand’s CEO, via a statement. “Those who aren’t afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty. Those who want a whiskey that’s as much of a workhorse as they are. It’s about living what you love—finding that creative fire to forge ahead and make things happen.”

To promote the brand’s craftsman aesthetic, the Black Feather team will engage consumers with content and events highlighting the artists, creators, tradesmen, and doers who were forged by creative fires.

Black Feather Whiskey is a true American product — handpicked allotments from Indiana, bottling in Houston, and headquarters in Salt Lake City. “Luckily, our employees, barrels, and facilities are in good shape, but we do have several large orders that are on hold due to the road closures,” says Jay Williams, Black Feather’s Head of Marketing. “Southern California is ready to open as a market as soon as we get product on the road.”

Black Feather’s first American Bourbon offer is available in 750 ml bottle at $30. It is currently available in Texas and Utah, with California and Colorado and online orders to follow in the coming months.


Watch the Trailer for Snack-Off, Rob Dyrdek’s New MTV Cooking Competition Show

If you’ve ever caught an episode of Food Network’s Chopped and wondered how come there wasn’t a show like that for the college-aged snack food-inspired generation, then Rob Dyrdek was wondering the same thing. Introducing Snack-Off, a half hour cooking competition show highlighted by a group of amateur chefs battling it out in a host of “snack” inspired challenges.

The show is hosted by Eddie Huang and supported by a panel of judges including supermodel and Foodbeast Chrissy Teigen, chef and entrepreneur Jason Quinn, and what appears to be a rotating/TBA third judge. For fans of the internet, it’s fair to note this show isn’t the first of its kind, with Epic Meal Time having imagined a season of a snack-based gluttonous cook-off in the form of Epic ChefNo word on whether Dyrdek’s show was inspired Epic Meal Time’s programming, but the similarities are interesting.


According to the MTV show page, the contestants will all be battling for a cash prize, a golden spork necklace, as well as getting their recipe published in the inevitable Snack-Off cookbook.

Who’s excited for this show?


Big Black To Launch a Food Truck on Episode of MTV’s “Fantasy Factory”?

In the latest previews available for episode 11 of MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, we catch a glimpse of the beginnings of a potential food truck venture tentatively titled “The Dump Truck.”

We’ll have to wait until the episode premiere next Monday to catch the full episode, but it looks like the main goal of this truck is to jokingly cause their customers diarrhea. Some of the menu items they toy with during their brainstorm session include menu items called the “Power Dump Special,” a ribs and jambalaya dish called the “Butt Break Special,” and rounding the testing off with the “Booty Blowoff,” and the “Bowel Movement Bonanza.”

Chili dogs, broccoli, jambalaya and ribs, just to name a few potential food groups to be listed on The Dump Truck‘s menu. Until the episode airs, it’s all speculation. I’m not sure how to feel about a food truck dedicated to expediting my body’s #2 situation, but I’m sure it’ll be a funny episode nonetheless:

Food Trucks

Food Trucks Should Make Freeway Deliveries, Or Something Like That

We all have crazy dreams, and today, my dream is that my favorite food trucks would deliver food to me on my morning commute to work.

Food trucks originated out of convenience. Dating back to the American Civil War, the trucks catered to construction sites and other blue collar professions so that hard working people didn’t have to waste any of their precious lunch hour on a commute to a local eatery.

In their current form, gourmet food trucks are not the most convenient eating option in the world. Unless you work in a business complex that happens to be a known food truck meet-up location, chances are it’s more convenient to go to a restaurant than it is to scout out a food truck.

The Dream:

Imagine a world where you could grab a burrito, burger or delicious salad on the freeway, without having to stop your car. That’s right, pull up parallel to the closest food truck, conduct your transaction before hand on your smart phone and get your food hurled into your window. Not only do you get awesome food without having to pull over, but you get to experience a blockbuster movie type exchange on your commute to or from work.


Why? Why not? This is America, damnit. My morning commute is a soul-sucking experience, and the one back home is even worse. If I see my favorite food truck driving next to me on the freeway, why not have them  hurl me a warm, fully wrapped and packaged burrito?


The technology and intuitiveness is already there for this to be a reality. Smartphones are the new wallet, so there’s no need to fling exact change back and forth (throwing money is hard), just hop on your phone, agree to your bill sent by the truck, pay it with your pre-submitted credit card and vehicle information (instead of checking ID, they check your license plate #), and wait for your order.

Pull up beside the truck that happens to be in proximity, roll down your window or sun roof pull up within throwing range and get ready for delivery. For the driving customer, just drive looking forward. For the truck, their driver continues driving straight while the Brett Favre of the truck launches the food out of the window.

Rob Dyrdek also uses a burrito gun, but it’s a bit messy. If there was a way to dial down the power, it might be a reasonable delivery method.

Benefits to the Consumer:

The main benefit to the customer is the utmost in food-delivery convenience. If executed properly, it could serve to be more convenient than a drive thru.

Benefits to the Food Truck Entrepreneur:

Let’s face it, food trucks spend a good chunk of their day driving to their next location. Now, if they adopt “roaming menus,” they can have a limited menu of items available to customers whenever their truck is in motion. For example, this limited “roaming menu” would consist of easily wrapped and throwable food stuff, including, but not limited to: burritos, sandwiches, fries (staple-closed lunch bag), burgers, hot dogs, steamed buns and spring rolls (tightly wrapped in a pyramid shape).

These roaming menus allow for the food trucks to earn revenue during parts of the day that were previously untapped. On the busiest of days, trucks usually max out at 3 to 5 locations, but now the time they spent commuting can also be used selling.

MARKETING/SELLING TIP: Find Sig Alerts and traffic jams to show up to. Chances are people fuming and falling asleep in traffic would love to eat a delicious burrito instead of staring at the car in front of them. Better yet, give away a few menu items if you’re stuck in traffic, wrap your business card and marketing material to whatever food you’re throwing to people.

Why Not?



“Chunky As Charged” — New Music Video from Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

Another week, another new episode of the MTV show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. This new season has proven to be quite food-centric, thus garnering some significant Foodbeast coverage, including last week’s episode that involved the reveal of Rob Dyrdek and Christopher “Drama” Pfaff’s new frozen burrito line Loud Mouth Burritos.

On last night’s episode, Rob Dyrdek channeled his alter ego “Blobby Light” along with his ragtag team of involving the Chunky Boys to film a music video that glorifies the double-chin like no video before it. The concept follows Dyrdek and his team being sentenced to jail as a result of “Felony assault on pizza, cheeseburgers, and various all-you-can-eat buffets across the country.

Here is the music video in its entirety:

Packaged Food

Loud Mouth Burritos — MTV’s Drama Beats and Rob Dyrdek Launch a Burrito Line

On this past Monday’s episode of MTV’s Fantasy Factory, the show’s stars Rob Dyrdek and cousin Drama Beats announced they were launching their own line of burritos.

Here’s the brand’s pitch:

Loud Mouth is a novelty food brand that is bringing together the great tastes of Mexicana and Americana. For the first time in its history the frozen burrito is going through a structural transformation. Loud Mouth is going to revolutionize this age-old eating experience by blending bold and delicious flavors under the roof of a tortilla.

Loud Mouth Burritos” apparently came from the mind of Drama, and according to the flavors listed on the show, isn’t your traditional burrito line. The new burrito line is being categorized under a Loud Mouth Frozen Foods parent brand, which opens the gate to more frozen innovations into the future.

According to show co-star Big Black on Monday night’s episode, with a mouth full of one of the new Cheeseburger Burrito, “It’s like eating White Castle in a burrito.

The two burritos available at launch include a Pepperoni Pizza Burrito and a Cheeseburger Burrito. The frozen burritos (which appear fully cooked, and damn near Chipotle-sized in the episode they debuted in, have some extremely ambitious ingredients, particularly for being frozen. For example, the Cheeseburger Burrito features hamburger chunks, cheddar cheese, and get this, ketchup and mustard.

The burritos have yet to hit stores, but when they do, we’ll let you know how they taste, where to get them, and how they stack up against competition:

To introduce the line to the world, the episode (viewable below) starts off with Dyrdek gunning down his employees and friends in the Fantasy Factory with a high powered burrito gun. The gun miraculously launches the foil-wrapped burritos the distance of the factory, holding the shape of the burrito until impact.


TOP 5 FOODS: Drama Pfaff

Drama is indeed a product of our loud, reckless and dare I say it…MTV generation.

[Click Here To Launch The Gallery!]

Born Christopher Pfaff and given the name “Drama” by his older skateboarding cousin Rob Dyrdek, we’ve seen Drama grow leaps and bounds from the first time we saw him as a shy personal assistant on MTV’s Rob & Big.

Considering we’re all about food, we decided we’d pick Drama’s brain about his food game, a side of him we rarely get to see on television. As you can tell from the Top 5 Foods list we’ve compiled, Drama has a very passionate love affair with fast food.

“I’m more of a drive thru, eat in the car kinda guy.” – Drama

In 2011, Drama has shed himself of his personal assisting career and pushed forward into music and clothing, carving out a growing brand name for himself in both industries. On the music front, Drama has collaborated with the likes of Snoop DoggThe Game, and Yelawolf.

More notably though, Drama has showcased his entrepreneurial swagger with his quickly growing Young and Reckless clothing line. The brand’s website is updated daily with notable celebrities and athletes sporting his gear, an impressive following for a brand started in 2009.

We asked him if there were any spots around the Fantasy Factory that we could catch him eating at. He quickly responded…

“There’s a spot down the road called Señor Fish. It’s an insanely good mexican food spot. I stop there probably about 3 times a week.” – Drama

Consistency…I can get behind that. So without further ado…let’s jump in to Drama’s TOP 5 FOODS that he can’t live without:

Celebrity Grub

Rob Dyrdek’s “Monster” Tattoo Process [Updated]

It seems Rob Dyrdek has taken to his Twitter to relay the live process of a sprawling Monster Energy back tattoo he’s in the process of getting. With his cousin Drama in tow, some nice photography, and legendary artist Jun Cha behind the needle art, we are witness to some rather “Monster”-ish dedication to an energy drink brand. Rob credits this back tattoo to the immense support the Monster brand has given him over the years. We’ve got the photos as they get tweeted, 10-hour tattoo session, here we go: