Cravings Sweets

4-Layer Bacon, Strawberry, Egg, Potato Pan-"Cake"

This is a cake, made of layers of pancakes, with levels of strawberries and whipped cream, eggs, bacon, roasted potatoes and of course, bacon. This seriously is redefining “breakfast of champions”. All I need is a pitcher of OJ and a tidal wave of Maple Syrup to make this meal complete. More pictures after the jump.


Eladio's Restaurant

Recently I was in Santa Barbara for my uncle Mark’s wedding. After an incredible night of drinking and partying, and a morning of a pretty heavy hangover, food couldn’t sound any better. My sister had been to this spot on State St. called Eladio’s which sounded great to all the parties involved, so we all walked down the beach to get some breakfast. Follow me through this meal, because it was seriously on another level.