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Arby’s Massive Curly Fry Stuffed ‘Arbynator’ Sandwich Is Launching Nationwide

Late last year, Arby’s tested out an absolute skyscraper of a sandwich. Called the ‘Arbynator,’ this roast beef behemoth was packed with up to a half pound of meat, cheese sauce, and a mountain of curly fries.

Apparently, reception to the Arbynator was positive enough that they decided to bring it back for a nationwide launch.


Photo courtesy of Arby’s

Starting on November 19th, you can find the colossal creation available in three different forms: Classic, Double, and Half-Pound. It’s packed with curly fries, cheddar sauce, Arby’s sauce, and Horsey sauce, making it a sandwich as saucy as it is stacked.

Those looking to secure this roast beef feast for themselves have until December 23rd to score the Arbynator.

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Arby’s Is Testing A Massive Curly Fry Stuffed ‘Arbynator’ Sandwich

Often, when we’re eating fast food sandwiches, we like to throw the occasional handful of fries into our serving to give our bite a mini upgrade. Well, it appears Arby’s is saving us that extra step. The sandwich chain is quietly testing another meaty addition this holiday season.

GrubGrade discovered that an Arby’s in Holland, Michigan, is testing a massive new sandwich they’re calling The Arbynator.

It boasts heaps of Arby’s roast beef, curly fries, and a cheddar cheese sauce. Arby’s later confirmed on Facebook that the sandwich also features Arby’s sauce and Horsey sauce.

Residents of Holland, or any drifters passing through, can find the Arbynator in three different sizes: the Classic, the Double, and the Half Pound.

Coincidentally, one of Wendy’s more popular sandwiches in recent memory goes by the Baconator. Curious.

Whether this curly fry-filled sandwich sees a national release remains to be seen. However, if you happen to be near Michigan, maybe you can grab one of those Half-Pounders for us?

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Officer Finds One-Inch Bolt In His Arby’s Sandwich

Say it ain’t so, Arby’s. As much as we dig the fast food sandwich chain, this simply isn’t okay.

It seems a police officer was dining at an Arby’s in Birmingham, Alabama, when he discovered an inch-long bolt inside of his Arby’s Classic Roast Beef Sandwich, reports Grubstreet.

Sergeant Patrick Cosby’s wife posted a photograph on her Facebook showing the piece of hardware lodged inside the sandwich. Cosby was on patrol when he visited the drive-thru of the restaurant. The clerk handed him the sandwich, where he discovered the bolt shortly after biting into it.

Staff say that they reviewed the security footage and it didn’t seem like Cosby was targeted specifically. Realistically, the location says it could be from a meat cutter they’ve had trouble with. This could mean that the bolt came right off the machine and landed into a handful of beef slices before being unwittingly assembled into a sandwich. Though that’s a mouthful of “what ifs” to take in.

As of this time, Cosby has filed a police report and contacted the FDA to further investigate the matter.

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A French Dip Thickburger Is in Testing Stages at Carl’s Jr.


Looks like Carl’s Jr. is claiming a stake in the French Dip game. According to Brand Eating, a Carl’s Jr. location in Stevenson Ranch, Calif., is testing a new Thickburger dubbed the French Dip.

The French Dip Thickburger is made with roast beef that’s thinly sliced, a charbroiled 1/2 pound beef patty, horseradish sauce and a slice of Swiss cheese. It’s squeezed between two of Carl’s fresh-baked buns and served with an au jus dipping sauce. The French Dip will join the existing Memphis BBQ Burger and Philly Cheesesteak Burger if successful.

Carl’s aficionados may remember a similar French Dip item at Hardee’s back in 2009. It looks like the Carl’s variation may be a slightly updated version.


H/T Brand Eating Picthx Eric Sunde

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Arby’s Becomes Largest Chain Ever to Launch Gyros


Arby’s attempts to stay relevant by adding two new gyros to their menu. The move will make the company the largest fast food chain to serve gyros. Although, seeing as the Arby’s version is stuffed with deli meat, we’re using the term “gyro” lightly.

The Roast Beef Gyro wraps a pita around sliced roast beef covered in tzatziki sauce and comes accompanied by lettuce, onions and tomatoes; the Turkey Gyro has similar accessories, but swaps the roast beef with roast turkey slices. The turkey also clocks in at 450 calories vs. the beef’s 520 calories.


The new items roll out nationwide on September 1st.

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Carl’s Jr. Testing Ridiculous New Burger Covered in Mashed Potatoes


Every couple of days, we complain that our American fast food branches are so boring. While Wendy’s Japan gets lobster and caviar burgers, we’re stuck with sriracha everything. Well, even though these mashed potato burgers from Carl’s Jr. aren’t exactly caviar, they’re still about a million steps in the right direction. Guys. It’s happening.

Testing in Compton, Calif., new Carl’s Jr. Mashers are a monstrous twist on the hot roast beef sandwich with gravy. Instead of roast beef slices, the burgers feature your choice of breaded chicken. beef patty, or larger Thickburger-sized beef patty, which is then heaped with gravy, garlic mashed potatoes, and onion straws and served on Carl’s signature “Fresh Baked Buns.”

Insanely enough, test prices on this strange and indulgent line start at just $2.99 and go up to $4.99 depending on size and protein. Combo extra, best served with a side of chili-cheese fries for the full barbecue experience.

H/T Brand Eating


This is Why Some Of Your Meat Has That Technicolor Glow to It


You ever notice how when that Italian sub you’re nomming on hits the light just right, it get’s all sparkly? Not in the Edward Cullen way (hopefully), but more in the double rainbow all the way across the sky kind of way.

Fear not: it does not mean your sandwich has been dunked in bubble solution. Apparently, it’s just boring old science, as per usual.

Simply put, that iridescent sheen is a result of light diffraction. In a piece of (cooked) meat, the muscle fibers all align just so; when cut, the meat forms a freaky magic meat pattern, which bounces light back at us, so we can magically see a rainbow. Basically, your sandwich is as equally amazing as the sky after a thunderstorm. You ought to savor that mess.

There are a whole bunch of other factors that dictate whether you’ll have a beautiful sandwich or not. The color of the meat, for example: roast beef and cured ham are prime suspects, because they’re dark enough to show off a sheen. Chicken and turkey? Not so much. It also depends on the cut (against the grain, folks!), the fat content (the lower, the prettier), and the curing process used.

In other words, there is nothing magical or icky going on with your glowing meat. In fact, it probably means that stuff is pretty choice.

That said, if you’ve got a leg of beef (or whatever) and it’s uncooked and shining? Wipe it down with a paper towel. If the sheen goes away, so does that meat – ideally into a trash can. You’ve got a bad batch, buddy.

H/T Slate

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Arby’s King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef Sandwiches Because Sweet and Salty Is Always Win


Usually once a meme has run its course, there’s no real way you can use it again without seeming extremely passé, but seriously guys, ERMAHGERD.

Grub Grade reports that King’s Hawaiian, those gloriously fluffy pieces of sweet bread which have nursed me through many a hangover, are the newest featured ingredient at Arby’s, which has just launched its new King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwiches.


Featuring a 1/3 more roast beef slices than its regular sandwiches, along with Swiss cheese, pickles and creamy Dijon sauce, this veritable bit of fast food royalty weighs in at 600 calories, but that’s a small price to pay when you remember what you’re getting. This is King’s Hawaiian, guys. They’re delicious even when not included as part of a sandwich, but just imagine them wrapped around melted cheese and savory beef and dipped in au jus. Ahh, heaven.

They’re also available for 50 calories less, sans cheese and pickles, both only for a limited time.

H/T + PicThx Grub Grade