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Canadian Bros Drive 500 Miles To Try McDonald’s Pizza

In similar fashion to a particular episode of How I Met Your Mother, three bros decided to embark on a legendary road trip to get some pizza from McDonald’s.

If you’re confused, McDonald’s tried selling pizza back in the early 1990s, but complications arose due to the pizzas slowing down drive-thru wait times and some fierce campaigning against the pies by Pizza Hut. The pizzas were eventually taken out of McDonald’s locations nationwide, but that didn’t stop two locations from continuing to sell a pizza pretty close to the original recipe. You can still find those pizzas in Pomeroy, Ohio and Spencer, West Virginia.

After reading an article on about where the pizzas were still available, the guys at YouTube channel Completely Irrelephant came to the conclusion that they absolutely had to try a slice of McDonald’s pizza, and made plans to drive from London, Ontario to Spencer, West Virginia to do so. The total distance for the road trip was about 800 kilometers, or just under 500 miles.

While the actual road trip was pretty smooth, the bros did forget to see if the location they plugged into their GPS actually had the pizza, since the article was a couple of years old and there was no telling if the pizzas were still being served there.

Thankfully, the location was still selling them, much to the joy of the squad.

“Oh my God, there’s f*cking pizza!!!”

It seems that they enjoyed the pies after scarfing them down in a matter of minutes and getting back on the road.

This was definitely an iconic road trip and is making me consider trying my own for the pizza.

Who’s down?


Lovely Photo Map Highlights Each State’s Signature Food


Round-ups of foods from around the country are nothing new, but it’s definitely been a while since we’ve seen one as pretty as this.

Inspired by the Olympics and politics, Cooking Channel decided to throw together a “culinary roadmap” of the most iconic foods in each state. Dishes were chosen via votes from Cooking Channel readers and viewers, so blame them if you feel buffalo wings aren’t an accurate representation of New York, or salmon candy of Alaska, or vinegar french fries of Delaware.

Our personal favorite is Nevada, with the Las Vegas All You Can Eat Buffet. Although, vodka would have made a solid runner up.

Check out the full listicle version, complete with recipes and food histories, here.

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Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle Sets to Roadtrip Across United States, Smells Like Bacon


Somewhere around the 5 millionth bacon-inspired dish, people stopped caring as much about the salty, fried pork treat. So where do all the unused bacon ideas go? They’re probably going to fuel this motorcycle that runs on bacon. No longer is a bacon-powered vehicle a fantasy that could only be dreamt of by a chubby six-year-old. It’s real.

The bike will be featured in an upcoming documentary titled “Driven by Bacon,” as reported by Modern Farmer. The premise of the film will focus on a young bacon cycle traveling across the United States from Austin, Texas to San Diego, Calif. Along the way, the bacon-fueled bike (or driver) will interview other bacon enthusiasts.

According to KAAL TV, Hormel Black Label Bacon formed a collaboration with a biodiesel company to create B-100 fuel from the brand’s bacon grease. At $3.50 a gallon, the bike can get from 75 to 100 miles for a single gallon. The exhaust even smells like bacon. Still, we highly advise against sticking your face directly behind the pipe.

“Driven by Bacon” is set to premiere in San Diego at the end of August following the motorcycle’s arrival at the city’s annual bacon festival.

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ADVENTURE: New York Road Trip

It takes 19 hours to get to New York City, 12 hours to get to Washington D.C., lots of good music and good company. Luckily, on my road trip I had lots of time, a fully charge iPod and great friends. D.C. was our first stop. We checked out the main tourists spots and went to a food truck festival. After that, we headed off to NYC and the eats were crazy. So much good food, not enough time. The whole trip ended with a campus tour of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. Overall, I’d say it was a great trip.