Combined Perfume & Cocktail Bar Lets You Smell and Drink Your Cosmos


They say you’re supposed to swirl your cocktail around before you drink it, let the aromas breathe, the bouquets blossom, and the overall drinking experience transform into something just a little more textured than “let’s get fucking TURNT!!1!!”

There’s a science behind it all apparently (having to do with oxygen, physics, and just a hint of pretension), which inspired the new “mixology/olfactory experience” at The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin, where would-be cocktail connoisseurs will get the opportunity to shoot their negronis, juleps, and jagers both up their noises and down their throats. Whoooo!


According to PSFK, each alcoholic beverage on the Fragrances menu will come with a custom-made bottle of perfume, meant to complement the drink with which it’s presented. Near the bar’s entrance will also be a glass domed “Hall of Fame” featuring each drink’s ingredients, the perfumes made from those ingredients, and a portrait of how the drink will actually be served, in a manner representative of the drink’s unique “personality.”


We’re not sure what the pink pig ear mug is supposed to be, but let’s hope the word “mud” doesn’t factor into the equation.



‘Zillion Dollar’ Grilled Cheese Comes with Foie Gras, 24K Gold Flaked Wisconsin Cheddar


We can’t presume to know why the 1% do anything they do. Once the houses and boats and kids’ private preschools and spare Lambos have been paid off, maybe they really don’t have anything better to do with their money than shit gold.

It’d certainly explain this obnoxiously plush grilled cheese sandwich. New at the deca restaurant at The Ritz Carlton Chicago, the ‘Zillion Dollar’ Grilled Cheese actually just costs $100, which is kind of a steal when you consider what goes into the damn thing. Let’s count: thinly sliced Iberico ham made from free-roaming, acorn-eating Spanish pigs. Artisan sourdough bread. 40 year aged, 24K gold flaked Wisconsin cheddar. Hudson Valley foie gras, white truffle aioli, and a sunny-side-up duck egg.

Lest that price tag still make your blue blood a little thin, the ‘wich also comes with a side skillet of lobster macaroni and cheese. Available until the end of April for National Grilled Cheese Month.

H/T + Picthx Consumerist