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Burger King’s Chicken Now Comes In An Odd Ring Form


Burger King sure has been highlighting their chicken. Sensing we might be sick of all the Chicken Fries the fast food chain is putting out, Burger King is taking their chicken full circle.

This is happening in the form of their new Chicken Rings.


You can find them in a vertical box similar to the Chicken Fries. We decided to grab some and get an up-close look at the new menu item.

They weren’t that bad. Pretty much the same as the fries that came before them. Though editorial writer Sean Fahmy had some reservations.

Chicken isn’t round. Chicken shouldn’t be round.

The Chicken Rings are available at all participating Burger King locations. You can get an order for $3.09 before tax, or pay a little extra for a combo that includes fries and a drink.


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