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You Can Buy A Giant Ring Pop The Size Of Your Fist At Walmart

The holiday season is quickly approaching and once we pass Thanksgiving, we’re going to be sweating to figure out what to gift our loved ones.

For those with an eternal sweet tooth, perhaps the move is a Ring Pop.

No, not the everyday one that you can pick up at any convenience store. We’re talking about one that’s the size of your fist.

Bazooka Candy Brands has just released a Sweet Strawberry Giant Ring Pop that weighs in at about 700 grams of pure candy.

For context, the massive candy ring comes out to about 47 servings in a single 24.7 ounce package.

It’s essentially a brick of pure sugar in the most baller vessel imaginable. Kind of a perfect gift for anyone with an appreciation for the sweeter side of life.

You can find the Giant Ring Pop at participating Walmart, Cracker Barrel, IT’SUGAR and Dylan’s Candy Bar locations.


Wearable Drinking Glasses Are the Boozier, Adult Version of Ring Pops


I miss Ring Pops. Do you miss Ring Pops?   They were the perfect size, a perfect snack, and never ever got on your clothes or required nuisances like a spoon. Having tried to navigate many a party with a cup in hand and a friend, snack, or stolen inflatable shark in the other, having a hands-free cup has been something I’ve only dreamed of.

Well apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Designer Merve Kahraman has developed a selection of wearable mini drinking glasses, named the “Seduction Series.” 


According to Kahraman, “these unique items of glassware and serving accessories are intended to sensitize people to the expectation of complex olfactory experiences by using specific gestures.”  Oh. . . I’m supposed to smell my alcohol seductively first? Sure, let’s see how that works out. Glug Glug Glug.


No matter how you use them, these fancy ring drinks are pretty darn gorgeous, and I would feel quite classy walking into a party, sauntering up to the bar, and asking for a taste of fine liqueur poured directly into my handy dandy (get it?!?!) glass.  It just might beat a Ring Pop.

H/T Design Taxi + PicThx Merve Kahraman


Portal Cake Ring — The Jewelry is a Lie

This cake ring bares a geeky resemblance to the cake from popular Portal video game series, a reference to the cake the game constantly prefaces with — “The Cake is a Lie“. This amazing little craft was fashioned by a video game and craft lover out of San Diego, CA. She operates under the alias GeekToys fand her Etsy shop can be found here.

Maybe if she gets enough traffic she’ll bring about more of these awesome cake rings. Hey GeekToys, can you send one in my size? Extra-gangly.



Soup in a Bread Bowl Ring

Our current infatuation with food-on-the-hand products (aka: rings) is fueled further with this rather amazingly crafted Soup in a Bread Bowl Ring. The details are quite intricate, with the bread bowl featuring proper indentations along with the spoon you would need to get your eat on…were the dish actually edible. The 3 cm wide platter is constructed with plastic, glass, metal and ceramic materials, all sitting on a silver tone adjustable band that should fit most ring sizes. ($10 @ SouZouCreations)


Multi-finger Dozen Eggs Ring

You’re looking at a super fun and unique “double ring” that spans the length of two fingers and lets you sport a dozen eggs in the classiest of fashions. The product is plastic, and you can even open the box and remove the eggs. ($5.00 @ TwistedViridiana)


Blue Cupcake Ring

Everyone’s favorite dessert available in mini size, on an adjustable sterling silver plated ring. You’ll be sure to break necks on the sidewalk with this blue wrapped, pink frosting cupcake rock on your finger of choice. ($5.75 @ DidosShoppe)