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Rapper Rick Ross Swears Checkers Has The ‘Best Burger In The Game’

It’s hard to argue food with a man who has made hit records talking about his belly, so when Rick Ross proclaims a food as the best, you’ve gotta listen.

In a Bro Bible video where Ross talked about his upbringing in Carol City, Florida, the rapper reminisced on the days when he and his boys would hang out at Checkers, eat a bunch of burgers and fries, and have memorable conversations. That’s why Ross went back to his hometown and bought the old Checkers on his block.

“Twenty years later, I’m in a financial position where, whatever I want to have, I can have it,” Ross said in the short video documentary. “I want checkers.”

I think we can all relate to Ross on this one, regardless of what your favorite burger. Here in California, our go-to spot is In-N-Out, and regardless of your opinion of the burger, between the childhood memories, and delicious burgers, I’ll swear to the death the In-N-Out’s the best.

So big ups to Ricky Rozay for staying humble, even through his fame, and going back to his hood to catch some burgers with the homies.

h/t brobible

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Slimmer Rick Ross Isn’t Just Eating Pears, He’s Autographing Them Too


Rapper Rick Ross has infamous weight-related lyrics like, “If I die tonight, I know I’m coming back nigga. Reincarnated: big black fat nigga” and “This ya last chance, to hop up in a big car wit’ tha fat man, certified hood star.” Well the hefty rapper said he has lost 100 pounds doing “Ross-Fit” and eating pears.

He even gave a shout out to all the pears.

So why wouldn’t he autograph pears for fans? These pears are his source of inspiration and they can inspire others as well.

The pear probably won’t last very long, so the photo itself will be the only memory of the time Rick Ross was signing pears.

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UHGHHHH — Rick Ross To Open His First of Several Wingstop Restaurants

The CEO of Mayback Music Group and Platinum Selling Recording Artist Rick Ross can now add being a Wingstop Franchisee to his growing resume. Ross, aka the Boss, aka the grunting sound byte that preludes most recent Drake songs, recently inked a development agreement to bring Wingstop Restaurants to Memphis, Tennessee. The first of his several locations will open this fall at 7706 Winchester Road in Memphis.

Rick Ross has the full support of Jim Flynn, Wingstop CEO. Flynn claims “Rick Ross will be a great addition to the Wingstop family. He’s a talented artist and brings a huge fan base to the concept. We look forward to growing the brand with him in Memphis.

Earlier this year Wingstop brought upon Fox Sports analyst and retired NFL star Troy Aikman to be a company spokesman and investor in the company. Aikman currently sits on the Wingstop board of directors.

IMG Courtesy: Rick Ross / Def Jam