Nashville Hot Chicken Loaded Potato Wedges Are A Mouthful of What We Love

The South can’t possibly ever get fried chicken wrong. It’s fact further strengthened by the things they’re doing over at Richard’s Southern Fried in Atlanta, Georgia. There, expect a bird that’s marinated in a special spiced brine anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, depending on its size. A number of their spices are even ground fresh in house to ensure freshness and peak flavor.

Factor in them winning best chicken & waffles and best chicken sandwich in Atlanta and you get an idea of just how good their hot chicken is.

While on a quick trip to the ATL, we stumbled upon some deliciousness they’re serving up that we simply couldn’t ignore: hot chicken loaded potato wedges drenched in a spicy queso and topped with a cooling crown of sour cream. The description itself is a mouthful and so is the dish itself — not that we’re complaining. It’s definitely a worthy switch-up from the typical iterations of hot chicken that have been dominating our IG feeds lately.