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Easy At-Home Pancake Mix Recipes, Including FUNNEL CAKE

Many of us are working from home these days and as all the days of the week seem to blend together, our meals might start looking the same after a while, too. If you’re one who wants to shake up a few things in the kitchen, Foodbeast has been challenging one another to come up with dope at-home recipes with a unified theme each week. This, week: PANCAKES.

Using Krusteaz, who offers a variety of baking mixes that will cater to your pancake cravings, we came up with five recipes that will change how you look at pancake mix.

Foodbeasts Oscar, Marc, Hunter, and Constantine took to their kitchens and came up with four very unique recipes that all incorporate Krusteaz pancake mix. This includes a fluffy omelet, a giant Instant Pot pancake, fish and chips, pancake swirls, and funnel cake.

Check out the video to try and make some of these amazing eats in the comforts of your own homes. As for myself, I’m pretty stoked to try out Constantine’s pancake battered fish and chip recipe sometime this week.

Fast Food Hacks

KFC Rice Cooker Hack Is Some Next-Level Cookery

While we’re here in the states enjoy our Kentucky Fried Chicken with a fresh buttery biscuit and some dangerously sweet honey sauce, Japanese Foodbeasts on the other side of the world have discovered a game-changing method for fans of the fried chicken chain.

Nextshark reports that a new KFC trend has been sweeping Japan that anyone with a rice cooker must try ASAP.

Called “KFC Japanese Rice,” you take a rice cooker and fill it with rice, chicken stock, and a bit of soy sauce. Then, take two pieces of the Colonel’s Original Recipe Chicken and set it inside the cooker and turn it on.

After the rice is cooked, shred the chicken and mix it into the rice. The result seems to be a wildly flavorful rendition of rice paired with the 11 herbs and spices that make KFC insanely popular in Japan.

Definitely something to consider the next time we order a bucket of the Colonel’s chicken and want to meal prep for the rest of the week.

Wonder how this trick will fare with Popeyes chicken, though?

Fast Food Humor

This Dude Sneaks An Actual Rice Cooker Into McDonald’s [WATCH]

McDonald’s restaurants in the Philippines serves fried chicken and spaghetti, a combo that the locals have become accustomed to. One thing the Golden Arches don’t have, though, is rice.

It’s almost a sin to have that amazing, Jollibee-style fried chicken without some rice on the side, so Joveboy Borromeo took matters into his own hands and sneaked an entire pot of rice into his local McDonald’s.

The video below shows Borromeo reaching into his backpack and straight up pulling out a full rice cooker for him and his friends to enjoy at a Makati-area McDonald’s.

The guy was not shy, pulling out a spoon and handing out scoops of rice to everyone around him while they laughed hysterically.

He then drizzled some Maggi seasoning sauce over the rice, to really complete the meal.

This dude is a boss, and makes me want to do something similar, but with tortillas. Lord knows you can turn everything into tacos at, like, Korean BBQ or Mediterranean spots.


China Is Aiming For An Epic Economic Comeback With Rice Cookers And Smart Toilet Seats


China is hoping sales of rice cookers and smart toilet seats will pick up its economy.

The Chinese government plans to focus on driving the economy with domestic consumption rather than trade and investment. According to South China Morning Post, cabinet documents reveal that officials are pushing to develop better products including electric rice cookers, kitchen appliances, air purifiers, smartphones, toys and luxury toilet seats.


Though China is known as the world’s primary manufacturer of consumer products, the majority of domestic brands are not of the same grade. In the past, calls for change have been made following incidents of product malfunctioning. In addition, it seems that there is a common perception among the Chinese public that Japanese firms produce better rice cookers and other electronics than China does.

The state media had previously scoffed at Japanese smart toilet seats that come complete with heaters and water jets. However, Chinese tourists have been quick to embrace the fad and Japanese merchants are more than willingly to accommodate customers by hiring Chinese speaking staff.


China’s ruling party is hoping to shift its priorities from steel and farming to concentrate on addressing its own consumer product deficiencies. In March, Chinese tech company Xiaomi unveiled its revolutionary rice cooker that can be controlled via smartphone.

It seems that China fully shifting its view of its citizens as a source of labor and more as consumers.

Written by NextShark


This Pizza Cake Was Made In A Rice Cooker, Here’s How


When we were younger, we’d love birthday parties for one reason: pizza and cake. The two foods were always the highlight of our trips to Chuck E Cheese or Discovery Zone. As we grew older, we began to see the two items paired less and less.

One day, this guy Josh Elkin came into the FOODBEAST Kitchen and brought that dream back into the forefront of our hearts. With a rice cooker no less.

Here’s what you need:

Pepperoni, flour, Italian seasoning, baking powder, sugar, eggs, milk, marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese.

Here’s what to do:

Mix together the sugar, flour, baking powder and Italian seasoning. Add your eggs to the bowl of milk and beat the egg. Combine the wet and dry ingredients.

Layer the bottom of a rice cooker with pepperoni and then add the cake batter. Only add half of the batter to the rice cooker, let it even out, and then add some more pepperoni slices and shredded cheese. Add the remaining batter to the top of that.

Set your rice cooker for 45 minutes. Once it’s done, remove the cake and start “frosting” it with your marinara sauce. Throw some more cheese and pepperoni to the top and set it on a baking tray. Brown the pizza cake until the cheese melts.

Once that happens, it’ll be ready to slice into. Check out the video for the entire recipe, measurements and all.



How To Make A Giant Oreo Cake In A Rice Cooker


Typically, when baking a cake, you’ll need a bunch of different ingredients. With Josh Elkin‘s latest cake recipe, you’ll only need three.

The host of Snack Back, and Canada’s premier bad boy, swung by the Foodbeast Kitchen the other day to show us how to make a giant Oreo cake in a rice cooker. Even better, you pretty much only need three things to make this happen.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For the cake, you’ll need: Oreos, 1 cup of pancake mix and 1 cup of milk.

For the frosting you’ll need: 1/2 cup of shortening, 1/3 cup of water and 3 1/2 cups of powdered sugar.

Here’s what to do:

Throw some Oreos in a blender and grind them up. Then, mix them with the pancake mix and the milk. Coat a rice cooker with cooking spray and add your Oreo cake batter. Set it for an hour.

While that’s cooking you can get started on the frosting.

Mix together the shortening, water and sugar. Once your cake is cooked, remove it and frost to your heart’s content. Add an additional handful of crushed Oreos to the top of your cake.


Get Fluffy Rice in Minutes with Simple Microwave Cooker

Rice Cooker

If you don’t have a rice cooker and don’t have the patience to work the stove, most of you miss out on the wonder that is tasty, fluffy rice. Looking to offer kitchen-inept individuals a helping hand, Lekue’s Microwave Rice and Grain cooker brings a no-brainer way to cooking grains within minutes.

The rice cooker is made with BPA-Free plastic and 100% platinum silicone. All you have to do is add water and rice and let it cook in the microwave while you go about your daily business. You can also cook wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat and couscous in the Lekue as well. The best part is, unlike a stove pot or a rice cooker, the Lekue is pretty much storageware, so it’s super easy to clean (dishwasher-safe) and store.

Lekue Microwave Rice and Grain Cooker, $34.90 @Amazon


Japan Invents In-Car Rice Cooker, So Folks Can Finally Eat a Proper Meal On The Go


The hardest part of being a commuter is always being hungry. Sure you could drop by the drive-thru again, but wouldn’t you rather have a nice, hot, home-cooked meal?

The Takeru-kun is a new in-car rice cooker capable of making two bowls of rice for white grain-lovers on the go. Designed by Japan Professional Network, the TK plugs into any 12-volt electrical car socket and is fitted with special insulation that not only lets the rice cook in just 25 minutes and but also keeps it warmer longer, according to Rocket News.

‘Course, the instructions say not to use the Takeru while the car is in motion, so you’ll probably wanna hang onto those chips for long drives up to Yosemite. But that hour you spend totally not moving on your way into work? Go ahead and rice it up*. Just watch out for the steam.

Takeru-Kun In-Car Rice Cooker: $50 @ JPN

H/T + PicThx Rocket News


*Totally joking. Don’t be like us. You will hurt yourself.