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Attention Homer Simpson: Donut Pizza Exists


Last night I had a dream that someone made me a hamburger using a donut instead of a bun. This morning I found out that Domino’s Guatemala is introducing a new donut-shaped pizza that’s filled with buffalo wings . . . which is pretty much everyone’s dream come true. Coincidence? Probably, since I live in California and my chances of tasting this Guatemalan donut-shaped creation are pretty much nil. Still, Foodbeast fans in Guatemala should pick one of these babies up so I can try this thing vicariously through them.


The pizza is basically a pan pizza with a hole in the middle, meaning you can get mushrooms, pepperoni, or whatever your donut-driven heart desires as a topping. The hole is then filled with an order or two of buffalo wings or ribs to take your pizza experience to the next level. The whole wings-as-part-of-a-pizza thing is almost enough to make me forgive Domino’s for the fact that there are no actual donuts involved in this pizza. Almost. Go ahead and enjoy your special pizza, Guatemalan Foodbeasters. I’ll be stuck here in California, dreaming about donuts.


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Top 6 Instagram Food Photos This Week [06/27/12]

Coming back for week 4 is our Top 6 Instagram Food Photos. We’re seeing more of you guys and gals out there using #FOODBEAST in your Instagram tags, so keep it up! Remember to keep tagging your food photos and to spread the word with your friends, you just might get featured on next week’s edition!


1. Dim Sum

My lunch — @pornchita


2. Hatch Chile Burger

Hatche chile #burger #lunch #foodporn #sharefood #foodbeast #bestfood — @wee_eats


3. Bachi Burgers, Pork Belly Bun, & Oxtail Chili Cheese Fries

#bachiburger #burger #food #oxtailchilicheesefries #foodbeast #porkbellybun #egg #delicious — @bextraordinary


4. Baked Beauties

クープ失敗した。。— @chiestylee


5. Ribs, Macaroni, and Mashed Potatoes

#foodbeast #delicious #family — @jmasen


6. Cupcakes

Tiramisu, smore, and 2 salted caramel #cupcakes #sf #offthegrid #dessert #violates #FOODBEAST — @kixtine


Love of Pork Might be Genetics Based, Studies Show

There are tons of different types of food out there in the world, and a good slab of it is meat. But have you ever wondered why carnivores out there enjoy the taste of pork so much while others look upon you with pure disgust as you suck back every last strip of bacon on your plate?

Research conducted by Duke University Medical Center, Monell Chemical Senses Center and three Norwegian institutions show that it might be a genetic trait.

They conducted an experiment where they requested that a group of people with different levels of a particular odor receptor gene to take a whiff and a couple bites of certain pork products and rate them. The goal was to gauge sensitivity to androstenone, a testosterone-like steroid found in male pigs.

Those in the study group that had a specific variation of the gene that was insensitive to androstenone, said they enjoyed the taste and the smell of the pork samples more so than the others in the group with a different variation of the receptor gene. While other members of the study, with a more sensitive receptor to androstenone, found that the pork products were disgusting.

It was concluded that meat that contained less androstenone will be more likely to sell better in markets and butcher shops. So here’s something to think about next time your stomach starts rumbling: Do you like ham? Are you fond of ribs? Do you have a unnaturally unhealthy obsession for bacon? Well that hankering may not be entirely on you. It could be your genes talking.

via: Huffington Post


FOODBEAST: This Week In Pictures [04/15/2011]

Friday. Pictures. Recap. Let’s gooo:

Features News

Chili's: Full Rack of Ribs

Here is a full rack of ribs from Chili’s slathered in BBQ sauce, makes me want some good ol’ BBQ son! (Thx Skatepunk22)


Burger King: Debuts the Steakhouse XT This Week

Burger King has introduced some new equipment behind-the-scenes at all of their restaurants in the form of new high-tech broilers that allow them to serve up ribs and other stuffed premium burgers. As of February 1st, all restaurants will be furnished with these new broilers, and will be put to use on all their dishes that had needed broiling previously. At the moment, Burger King is testing some new fire-grilled ribs, stuffed burgers and new breakfast items, snacks and flame-kissed desserts. According to the Maven, the new broilers are also energy-efficient, notably, reducing gas consumption by 52 percent and electricity consumption by 90 percent.


Craving: Baby Back Ribs


Although it’s unbearably hot outside, nice weather always makes me want to cook outside. I haven’t had baby back ribs in who knows how long, and right now I could seriously go for some for lunch. Pioneer Woman shows us how they should be made; time to go to the store.