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Jack In The Box Is Mashing Their Desserts Into A Single Tortilla Hack

Photos courtesy of Jack in the Box

It was only a matter of time before TikTok’s viral tortilla hack made it into fast food. Created by cutting a quarter slit in a tortilla, adding fillings, and folding before grilling, this tri-folded recipe hack has been stuffed with everything you can possibly imagine.

Fast food’s first official entry that you can buy is coming from Jack in the Box, who teamed up with the minds over at Mythical Kitchen to make the sweet treat.


Grab a Dulce de Mythical Tortilla from @jackinthebox at 5155 College Ave, San Diego, CA 92115 for a limited time! ##ad ##JacksMythicalTortillaHack

♬ original sound – Mythical Kitchen

According to a video from the Rhett and Link food branch, featuring Mythical chef Josh Scherer, the hack features Jack’s cheesecake, mini churros, cinnamon sugar, and caramel syrup, all of which get folded up into a griddled tortilla.

This is meant to be something you make at home by loading up on Jack desserts and providing your own tortilla. However, Jack in the Box is making it available at one location in San Diego, California, for those who want to see the restaurant make it.

The Jack in the Box inside of San Diego State University (5155 College Ave, San Diego) will be selling this “Dulce de Mythical” Tortilla Hack on their menu from March 26th to April 4th.

Hopefully, this is just a test run to see if people love the idea, because this is one of the most creative items the fast food chain has put out in years. Launching it nationwide would be a pretty dope move.

Celebrity Grub Video

Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Ultimate Grilled Cheese’ Gets Roasted Amidst Mythical Kitchen Feud

Gordon Ramsay has been recently taking dishes that folks make on TikTok and criticizing them for various reasons.

Some of the submissions were parodies meant to get Chef Ramsay riled up. However, his criticism of a Ramen Grilled Cheese from Rhett and Link’s Mythical Kitchen drew clapbacks from the show’s own chef, Josh Scherer.


I’d like to ram this in the trash !! ##duet with @mythicalkitchen ##ThisIsBliss ##ramsayreacts ##fyp ##ramen

♬ original sound – mythicalkitchen

Ramsay had multiple critiques that Scherer called into question on Twitter, including the fact that Josh toasted both sides of the bread and used a “plastic cheese.”

Scherer went even further and called Chef Ramsay out on his own recent iteration of a Grilled Cheese that the Michelin-starred chef described as “ultimate” in a YouTube video.

In this video, Ramsay makes a grilled cheese in a fireplace using kimchi, pepper berry-infused Romano, and Asiago cheeses. The thickness of the cheese plus the short cooking time on a high heat led to Ramsay’s grilled cheese sandwich not even being melted, as Scherer quickly pointed out.

The Mythical Kitchen host wasn’t the only one to call out Ramsay on his cold grilled cheese, as comments on the YouTube video showed the cooking TV veteran no mercy.

“I think Gordon just made that “Idiot Sandwich” he once mentioned in Hell’s Kitchen,” one comment read. Another said, “I logged in just to say that looks like the absolute worst grilled cheese I have ever seen.”

Many comments along the same lines are flooding the video, and Scherer’s own takedown has led to a spillover of the same on Twitter.

So far, responses have been relatively tame, although someone Scherer described as a “Ramsay stan” attacked his cooking directly:

Chef Ramsay has yet to issue a response on either his grilled cheese or his critique of Scherer’s dish, but being overcritical is pretty on-brand for a chef known for the barrage of insults he can throw at you in mere seconds.

As this beef between Scherer and Ramsay continues to develop, it may take nothing less than a Foodbeast Kitchen League match to quash the disagreements between the two. Grilled Cheese battle, anyone?

Featured image photos courtesy of Josh Scherer and Shutterstock.

Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch Rhett & Link Unknowingly Drink Human ‘Saliva Beer’

Rhett and Link are no strangers to consuming strange foods, but even they weren’t ready for this beer.

The YouTubers were guests on That’s Odd, Let’s Drink It! and took confident chugs of Dogfish Head’s Chicha beer, before even being told what was in it.

Within the Peruvian beer was chewed up corn. Yup, in order to brew this beer, humans physically chewed purple maize. The reason being that saliva activates the starch from the corn and turns it into sugar.

Thankfully the beer also includes fresh strawberries and pink peppercorns, giving it a sweet and tart taste.

Once Rhett and Link were told what was in the beer, their faces immediately turned sour.

“Why’d you wait to tell us this,” Rhett said with a nervous chuckle.

Their minds were put at ease, though, as the saliva-covered corn is boiled for sterilization.

That’s probably not the worst thing the duo has put in their mouths, but it’s still cringeworthy.

The next drink was a little less strange, as they had a bourbon barrel-aged vanilla stout. The kicker was that it had an insanely high ABV of 18%.

To finish things off, the duo and host Sam Calagione drank a sour beer with a miracle berry. If you’re not familiar with miracle berries, they’re like little tablets you put on your tongue, that turn anything you eat, sweet. So you can imagine the effect on the sour beers.

They probably wish they had mixed the miracle berry with the spit beer, but they got through the show unscathed, and will live to drink another day.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Now Trending Recipes

GMM Makes Real Life Recipe For Ralph Wiggum’s Crayon Sandwich

If you think eating crayons is a bad idea, you’re probably not wrong, but that didn’t stop the guys of Good Mythical Morning and Binging With Babish from doing it.

Yes, they created a recipe for the rejected Crayon Sandwich that young Ralph Wiggum of The Simpsons made for a bake-off in the 2004 episode titled “All’s Fair in Oven War.”

If you remember the episode, chief Clancy Wiggum tried to console his son after the sandwich was denied. Part of that consolation was a reluctant attempt at eating the sandwich.

In that same vein, Rhett, Link, along with Andrew Rea, recreated and actually ate their own version of the crayon sandwich.

They tried to add a little flavor by using butter, mayo, dijon, and even peeling the paper off the crayons, but there was absolutely nothing that was going to make this not taste like flavored wax.

This was a pretty hilarious recipe video, as Rhett and Link attempted to act as Rea’s hands, and you can imagine it being a disaster.

They did it, though. Not sure why, but they did it.


4 Strange Ways To Get Ketchup Out Of A Bottle, Including A Ceiling Fan

It’s 2017, and we can just buy a squeeze bottle ketchup container if we really want to, but the dreaded glass-bottle does still exist, and it can be a hassle to open.

Rhett and Link of the popular YouTube show Good Mythical Morning are known for taking things to the extreme, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’d use a ceiling fan to get ketchup out of a bottle.

The two hosts had a little fun with it and actually put together four weird ways to do perform these ketchup duties, and you can try them at home, too. Kind of. Not really. I guess if you have these random things in your household.

Kick Drum


If you thought drums could only be useful for making music, you were very wrong. Rhett jumped on a drum set, taped the ketchup bottle to the kick drum, and started banging ketchup out of it, right down onto a boat of fries.

Balloon Volcano

So, if you happen to have balloons and an air compressor lying around, you have yourself a perfect opportunity to get ketchup out of a bottle. Rhett and link put the balloon at the tip of the compressor and stuck it in the bottle. And because the two are insane, the covered the ketchup bottle with onion rings. As the compressor turned on and the balloon expanded, the ketchup flowed out like lava, down the onion rings for a tasty volcano.


Attaching a tube to the hose of a vacuum cleaner, the two showed another inefficient, yet fun way to get ketchup out of the bottle. They initially sucked it out, letting it slowly fill the tube, then the reversed it, letting the ketchup gracefully fall on a boat of nuggets.

Ceiling Fan

Believe it or not, of all these examples, this one might be the most practical way to release ketchup from that evil bottle. All you have to do is completely cover the room in plastic, wear a poncho, and strap ketchup bottles on every blade on your ceiling fan. Once you turn on the fan, the ketchup effortlessly comes out and gently land on your hot dog. Kind of.

OK, so you might not ever do any of these, but it’s fun as hell watching Rhett and Link try them out.

Celebrity Grub Now Trending Science Video

Linkin Park Helps Rhett And Link Determine If Music Affects Taste [WATCH]

In recent years, a new phenomenon in the culinary world known as “sonic seasoning” has begun to catch on. Sonic seasoning is the idea that the type of music or sounds that you hear while eating food can affect overall flavor or different flavor characteristics, such as perception of sweet or sour flavors, levels of spiciness, or even if you can taste the food at all.

While they didn’t call that phenomenon by its name, YouTube stars Rhett and Link have apparently become enamored by sonic seasoning and the idea that music can possibly affect taste. After hearing about the work of Oxford University in that field, they brought in Linkin Park to play them a mini food-themed concert while they put different aspects of Oxford’s research to the test.

Through a variety of made-up songs, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda helped Rhett and Link see if the volume of songs made bowls of Cup Noodles more or less flavorful, if high-pitched music made Sour Patch kids taste sweeter or lower-pitched music made them taste more sour, and if the tempo of a song could affect the spiciness of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

All three experiments proved to be a resounding success and matched what the Oxford studies found, meaning that sonic seasoning might be something restaurants look more into. I bet Linkin Park will be looking at it as they drop their new album and a full-on meal spread at Plan Check next week.

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People Are Suddenly Eating Oranges In The Shower For ‘Liberating’ Experience

This isn’t one of those internet challenges that pop up, seemingly every other day, but it’s just as strange of a trend.

Eating oranges in the shower has become the new therapeutic trend that people swear by.

The idea behind it is tapping into your primal instincts, tearing into the orange without worry of a mess, and being immediately cleansed while you go as crazy as you want with that orange.

Its origins can be linked back to 2016, when Reddit user Photon_bandit said he was at an Italian youth camp and his counselor asked him, “Would you like to know the most liberating, carnal, and best feel-good thing you can ever experience is?”

While that sounds like it could lead to something extremely inappropriate, it was only mildly inappropriate, as the counselor suggested the orange shower.

Of course, because the internet picks up on things randomly, a subreddit was created for the showering experience, as users share photos of themselves, and describe their experience:


“Embarking on a journey comparable to climbing Mt. Everest with Gandhi” – Guyfierifanaccount


“We now view the world differently”- AirHockeyFiends


I couldn’t stop myself. I tried one and kept going until I hit 6 and realized what I had done. Truly life changing.” – Haydo1239


As a first timer, I found this experiment very fruitful to my pleasure endeavors. – Skrami


Even the guys from the popular YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning tried it out and filmed it. They didn’t exactly get enlightening results, but it looked fun.

Is this the new experience that leads to true nirvana? Who knows, but at least people are eating fruit, even if it’s in an unconventional location.

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These Guys Blended Every Movie Theater Food Into A Smoothie [WATCH]

Nachos are always a solid snack at the theater, as well as hot dogs and pop corn, but blending them together in a smoothie sounds like a questionable idea.

That’s exactly what Good Mythical More‘s Rhett and Link did, blending together some popcorn, a hot dog, Red Vines, nachos, Whoppers chocolate, Milk Duds, and a Cherry Coke for good measure.

Now you might be wondering why the hell they would even drink such a terrible concoction, and besides them being insane, it was in support of the American Refugee Committee, which helps refugees “with health,shelter and protection services.”

So Rhett sat this one out, but Link dove right in and almost threw it all up. He did keep it down, though, and it was all for a good cause.

I think we’ll stick to regular fruit smoothies, and pray that nacho cheese smoothies never become a thing.