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Reynold’s Wrap Gets Silly With Candied Ham Recipes For Easter

This past Thanksgiving, Reynolds Wrap unveiled turkey recipes influenced by regional hot dog styles from around America, so we already know they’re not afraid to get weird. This spring, Reynolds Wrap is channeling Easter candy energy for some new ‘Candied Ham’ recipes.

Reynolds Wrap has just unveiled three Candied Ham recipes so wild that Easter brunch is about to hit way too different. Fans can either try out The Jelly Bean Ham, The Sour Candy Ham or The Marshmallow Ham. Salty and sweet are usually an undefeated combo, so I’ll give Reynolds Wrap the benefit of the doubt on this one.

The Candied Hams recipes are to help promote Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Foil, so make use of it if you’re taking a crack any of them. For full recipe details check out


Reynolds Wrap Debuts Turkey Recipes Inspired by Regional Hot Dog Styles

The urge to deviate from the norm when cooking the traditional Thanksgiving turkey is high these days. Social media’s reach has brought about innovative food creations seen the world over, so its understandable if you want to get silly with it.

Reynolds Wrap understands that assignment by debuting three new turkey recipes influenced by regional hot dog styles around the US. The Reynolds Wrap “Turkey Dogs” have a little bit of something for everybody and consist of the following recipes:

  • The sans ketchup Chicago Style Dog
  • The onion and sauerkraut-loaded New York Style Dog
  • The unapologetically messy Chili Cheese Dog

Peep the full recipes here and be proud of yourself for stepping out the box this Thanksgiving season.