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Here’s How To Get Unlimited Starbucks Coffee Refills

As far as drinks go, Starbucks coffee can get pretty pricey sometimes. If you’re a fan of brewed beverages, however, and appreciate the simpler aspects of caffeinated beverages, there’s actually a way to get bottomless Starbucks coffee for free.

Spoon University discovered a little-known cheat code that unlocks an endless supply of coffee each time you visit your friendly neighborhood Starbucks.

bottomless starbucks

Photo: Peter Pham

First, link a gift card to your Starbucks account and you’ll become a Green level customer. As a benefit of this rewards category, you’ll be able to get free refills of any hot coffee or tea during each same store visit.

While most people tend to grab a quick beverage and go about their day, this perk is pretty beneficial for those working remotely at the coffee chain and are trying to save a few bucks while satisfying their caffeine cravings.

With all the money you’re saving on drinks, make sure to show your baristas some love. Just make sure not to go too caffeine crazy. You’ll be jittery into the night.

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Everything You Need To Know About Chipotle’s Rewards Program


The few Chipotle lovers who are still loyal after the E. Coli scares can rejoice. Chipotle has created a summer loyalty program dubbed Chiptopia which is designed to reward the most loyal customers for three months.

Unlike most rewards programs Chiptopia is not based on money or points, but frequency of visits. The complex rewards program rewards loyal customers who make multiple paid visits in a month, but it also has three status levels with different rewards.

Customers who visit a Chipotle in July will be able to pick up a Chiptopia rewards card and earn free chips and guacamole with participating purchase. The three levels are mild, medium and hot which sounds simple enough, but Chipotle added some math into the rewards system.

Every fourth, eighth and 11th purchase including redeemed rewards each month gets you one free entree and a new status level. But don’t think you can stack your purchases over three months, your status goes back to zero at the end of each month and the rewards also expire 30 days after you earn them.


To complicate the system even further, there are bonus rewards if you achieve the same status each month.  Customers who achieve Mild status all three months earn an additional free entree. Those who reach medium all three months earn $20 in online Chipotle merchandise. Super-loyal customers who achieve Hot all three earn catering for 20.

The summer loyalty program appears to be a sort of test drive, at least according to a statement from Mark Crumpacker, chief creative and development officer at Chipotle. “While Chiptopia Summer Rewards lasts just three months, we will be carefully listening to our customers and using what we learn as we consider the design of an ongoing rewards program,” said Crumpacker.

The internet has already caught wind of the rewards program. Some loyal burrito fans appear to be beyond excited for the rewards program.

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Here’s How Starbucks’ New Rewards System Will Affect Your Day


Those who frequent Starbucks before their morning commute are in for some news. The coffee chain has announced that they’ll be making some major changes to their Star Rewards system so customers can get more out of their coffee-buying experience. Most customers.

Starbucks announced that they’ll be making a few modifications to their popular rewards process.


Possibly the biggest change comes from getting a star. Initially, customers will get one star for every visit. If you saved up 12 stars, you can get yourself a free drink or item of food. Now, it seems that customers will get 2 stars for every $1 spent.

For those who like to order a drink that costs more than $5, that’s a lot of stars coming in.

Customers who typically go for the simpler drinks like black coffee, however, probably won’t see as many points. Twelves stars would typically get you that one free item at Starbucks. Now, folks will have to reach 125 stars to achieve the same goal.

With 2 points for every $1 spent, we’d have to drop $62.50 to get something free. For those like us who usually stick to a tall black coffee, that’s an extra 30 bucks to get that free item.


Starbucks says that the system will be implemented in April.