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Subway Brings Back Popular REUBEN Sandwich

Last year, Subway introduced a Reuben to their sandwich lineup for a limited time. Sure, it wasn’t as good as something you’d find in an authentic deli, but it was a pretty fantastic attempt for a fast food chain. Especially if you need a quick fix to curb those reuben cravings.

To capitalize on the sandwich’s popularity last go around, Subway is bringing back the reuben this year for a limited time, reports Brand Eating.

The sandwich boasts slices of tender corned beef, sauerkraut, Thousand Island sauce, and Swiss Cheese. It’s served on loaf of toasted rye bread.

As with every other sandwich at Subway, you can customize it with any breads or cheeses available. Patrons can also order a Turkey Reuben that replaces the corned beef with slices of roast turkey.

You can find the reuben sandwiches available at participating Subway locations. They’ll likely stick around through the end of the month.

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Here’s What Subway’s New Reuben Sandwich Looks Like And It Wasn’t Bad


We love indulging ourselves in a good Reuben. The only problem is, we almost never make it in time before the local deli closes for the day. Luckily, there might just be a fast food fix for our sandwich problem.

Subway just announced the addition of two limited-time sandwiches Reuben lovers are gonna want to try. The sandwich franchise is now serving a Corned Beef Reuben and a Turkey Reuben.

Each sandwich features a hefty portion of meat (though nothing’s stopping you from doubling it), Bavarian-style sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing. The finishing touch is the rye bread that is its vessel.


Though we’re particularly fond of a good, classic Reuben, we still had our apprehensions on what a Subway version would be like. Nevertheless, we took a quick walk to our local Subway to give it a try.

It wasn’t bad.

As we sunk our teeth into the layers of salty corned beef, the brined meat balanced perfectly with the sweet and tangy Thousand Island. The sauerkraut added a much-welcomed crunch to the sandwich as each bite introduced a brand-new texture to our meal. Before we knew it, the sandwich was gone and our fingers were covered in orange sauce and bread crumbs.

Sure, you won’t get the same kind of quality from a deli. Let’s get that straight. We do, however, give Subway major props for introducing these two new sandwiches.

If your’e one who never makes it in time to get your sandwich fix before your neighborhood deli closes, this sandwich will more than satiate your Reuben cravings.

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Greek Gyro POTATO CHIPS Are Part Of Lay’s Four New Test Flavors


Lay’s is on a mission to try and create every potato chip flavor imaginable and its latest four prospects have just been released.

For its annual Lay’s Do Us A Flavor contest, they’re putting New York Reuben, Greektown Gyro, Southern Biscuits & Gravy and West Coast Truffle Fries up against each other to see which will reign supreme.

They sent over some samples for us to try. The new flavors were definitely interesting. Some more than others.

Like they’ve done the last four years, it’s up to fans to vote for their favorite to see that makes the cut. The winner will receive $1 million from Lay’s as well as have their chips sold in stores across the nation.

Here’s some up-close shots of the new flavors. Check them out in stores and see which ones you like best.

Southern Biscuits and Gravy


Greektown Gyro


New York Reuben


West Coast Truffle Fries



How To Turn Your Reuben Sandwich Into An Unbelievable Deep-Fried Roll-Up

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.39.20 PM

This terrifying monster is what happens when you combine a Reuben sandwich and a sushi roll.

Food blogger Tym Bussanich has made some crazy rolls before, but never with a sandwich as its main component.

Bussanich said he flattened the rye bread with a rolling pin, stuffed it with an insane amount of roast beef, sauerkraut, and swiss cheese, rolled it up, breaded it and deep fried it.

Of course, he topped it with a little mustard and it was good to go.

Check out his Instagram video below, and jump on his blog for the full measurements that went into this beast.

Fried ruben roll!!!! Recipe on my blog Link in bio #foodbeast

A video posted by Tym Bussanich (@tymbussanich) on



This is a French Toast Reuben Nutella Elvis Sandwich, Because Bacon and Nutella, Duh


Sometimes you need the right level of acidity and the perfect price point to put two and two together. Sometimes you just need a healthy dollop of Nutella and a few choice strips of bacon. Welcome to the Internet.

In a new series called “Don’t Eat That!” John of Neatorama has decided to test one of the internet’s most firmly held dogmas – that Nutella and bacon make everything better – by combining two sandwiches which probably should have never been combined, the Reuben and the Elvis.

He describes his ingredients:

“The Reuben sections, which embraced the Elvis portion like the wings of an angel escorting the King of Rock and Roll to Heaven, consisted of:

2 slices of rye bread dipped in the above mentioned French toast mix
4 slices of corned beef, each 1/4 of an inch thick
1 tablespoon of Thousand Island salad dressing
1/3 cup of sauerkraut
2 slices of Swiss cheese.”

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a peanut butter, banana, bacon and Nutella sandwich surrounded by corned beef, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island and sauerkraut. Say it with me, all together now. Ewwwwwwww.

Because this is the internet, however, John reports the sandwich turned out to be “surprisingly edible,” and was particularly taken with the combination of bacon and nutella. Now all it needs is a tiny dash of Sriracha salt to be absolutely perfect.

H/T + PicThx Neatorama


St. Patrick’s Day — Arby’s Celebrates With Buy One Get One Reuben Sandwiches

If you haven’t had the Market Fresh Reuben sandwich from Arby’s, this just might be incentive you’ll need to try one. From March 16th to the 18th, St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the chain will be acknowledging a buy one get one free coupon for their ‘deli-style fresh’ reuben sandwich.

Each Reuben sandwich is constructed with freshly carved corned beef, topped with melted Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing and served on toasty marble rye bread. Get your coupon via their Facebook page here.


Reuben Mac & Cheese

Reuben sandwiches are delicious. Macaroni and cheese is delicious. The combination of the two must be utterly irresistible, right? Right. Our friend Nick, who coins his own recipes on a weekly basis to his fun food blog, has created a Reuben Mac & Cheese for the ages.

The dish shows off cellentani pasta, hints of spicy brown mustard, Wisconsin Swiss Cheese, Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, chopped up pieces of sliced corned beef, soauerkraut, crushed rye chips an Thousand Island dressing drizzled over the rye bread loaf container.

If you’re looking for a sexy way to spice up your Mac & Cheese dishes, this might be the look:

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Arby’s “Super Reuben” Sandwich Available for Limited Time

For a limited time only, participating Arby’s restaurants are going to be serving up a Super Reuben sandwich. What’s in a Super Reuben you ask? Toasty rye bread, thinly sliced corned beef, melted natural Swiss, Sauerkraut  with Thousand Island dressing, and then another layer of turkey for more protein.

The nutritional breakdown on this badboy includes a calorie count of 790, 33g of total fat, 58 grams of protein and 66g of carbohydrates.