You Can Now Get WASTED At These Barnes & Noble Bookstores


With Amazon shipping you pretty much anything you could want in a matter of days, it’s kind of understandable that book retailers are getting harder and harder to find. Seriously, we miss you Borders. Barnes & Noble Booksellers, considered the one of the last major book retailers in the United States, has devised a plan to get more customers in the doors and away from online shopping: Booze.

CNN Money reports that the bookstore chain will open four new concept stories that will begin serving food, beer and wine. While some locations already have little coffee cafes, the concepts will more than likely lean towards something a little more gourmet than pastries and coffee.

The four locations will be in Eastchester, NY, Edina, MN, Folsom, CA, and Loudon, VA.

Our only concern is a bunch of drunk people in a bookstore. Kinda feels like throwing a bull into a China shop. Ah well, we’re sure they’ll figure it out. It’s not like it’s a library.


Here’s Why Target Is Removing Junk Food From Check Out Lanes


Every time we’re in the checkout line, we’re tempted to grab a candy bar or a Slim Jim for the road. While Target knows this, the retailer wants to take a healthier approach as it plans to remove junk food from the checkout aisles.

Fortune reports that Target will begin testing the new, junk food-less, layout in 30 stores next month.

Christina Hennington, Target’s senior vice president, said in a press conference that the move is both a business opportunity as well as a moral imperative. They’re trying to improve the health of the nation.

No longer will customers be tempted with a four pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or a bag of carne aside beef jerky. Rather, Target will take advantage of the health food boom and stock its checkout lanes with items like KIND bars and Simply Balanced products.

At the press conference, Hennington told attendees that Target’s trying to “nudge” customers into being more healthy, without coming off as a “nagging parent.”

If successful, Target could start removing all junk food from the front of its stores. Guess we’ll have to walk to the snack section to get our fix. The horror.

Photo: Yelp