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Taco Bell Opens Their Online Taco Shop For Holiday Swag


With the holidays getting closer and closer, you’re probably starting to sweat about what to get your loved ones almost as much as you would after drowning a Crunchwrap in Taco Bell’s Diablo salsa.

Knowing that we’re probably going to be in a bind regarding gifts, the fast food chain has now opened up their Taco Shop to fans and patrons who are looking to get some pretty sweet Taco Bell swag for their friends and family.

Items from the online store include Taco Bell gift cards, vintage sweatshirts, cellphone cases, hot sauce beach towels, and t-shirts.

Taco Bell’s merch are sorted into a $5, $10, and $25 dollar price range, in case you wanted to put a monetary value on your friendships.

Check out the Taco Shop for ideas on what to get your closest compadres this holiday. We’re gonna try to get our hands on one of those sweet vintage sweaters.


Boston Market Pretty Much Feeds Anyone Working on Thanksgiving


Not everyone makes it home for the holidays. Sometimes folks are just stuck working to make ends meet, even if that means missing out on a Thanksgiving meal. It looks like Boston Market is taking advantage of this opportunity by catering to anyone scheduled to work on Turkey Day.

The fast-casual restaurant chain that specializes in comfort meals is thriving from workers stuck working shifts during the Thanksgiving season. Boston Market told CNN it provided meals for 362,000 people working during the holiday in 2013. The company caters to folks working jobs that go on 365 days of the year, such as cops, nurses, and utility guys and gals.

Serving dishes like turkey, chicken, meatloaf, stuffing and mashed potatoes, Boston Market is pretty much the closest thing to a Thanksgiving-themed restaurant. Makes sense.

It appears that retailers opening early on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday are to thank for Boston Market’s increase in business. According to the company, it hires about 2,000 seasonal workers from Thanksgiving through Christmas.

H/T Consumerist


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JanSport Releases Multi-functional Backpack With Insulated Burrito Compartment

Last week was The Agenda Show in Anaheim, CA, one of the premiere forums for the most inspired in the streetwear and action sports industries to unite. Since I had no meetings for the day, I decided to scope the crowd and get my socialite on. I met up with my man Clayton .aka. Le Panda, to walk the show and take some photos. Somewhere in the mayhem of people, clothes and sticker-covered-beer -cans, Clayton showed me the backpack he got from the fine people over at the JanSport booth. Instantly I knew I had to have one, for the sole purpose of their burrito pocket. Check out the bag, our trip to get a burrito, and the rest of JanSport’s new backpack line after the jump: