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Los Angeles Vietnamese Restaurant Offering Free Food in Exchange For Sriracha Bottles

Earlier this month we reported on Huy Fong Inc., the company behind the beloved Rooster Brand Sriracha hot chili sauce, halting production due to a chili pepper shortage from unexpected crop failure from the spring chili harvest.

Feeling the absence of Huy Fong Inc.’s Sriracha sauce, Los Angeles-based restaurant, Bé Ù Kitchen, announced that they would be giving away “free banh mi, popcorn chicken, or order of summer rolls if you bring us a 28oz bottle of sriracha.” If customers bring in 17oz bottles of Sriracha, they will receive half off the price those dishes.

The restaurant shared, “We go through about 312 bottles a year so any little bit helps.” So if anyone generous enough to lend a helping bottle or two to Bé Ù Kitchen, know they’ve got your appetites covered in exchange.


These Maps Reveal California’s Most Affordable and Most Expensive Michelin Star Restaurants

When referring to restaurants, “Michelin-rated” wound up being synonymous with expensive beyond all reason and became more of a deterrent rather than encouraging title for the average restaurant goer.

For those who don’t know, a Michelin Star is a reward given to restaurants that Michelin (yes, the tire company) considers the best in the city. It is the highest accolade you can receive in the culinary world; the Oscar for the restaurant industry. With that honor comes a price that could have your bill hitting the four digit mark with the greatest of ease.

Sublimotion, located in Ibiza, Spain for example, is a mild and easily attainable $1,600+ per person. I am unsure if gratuity is included but dear God I hope so.

As common as that feeling may seem, there are a slew of restaurants that have achieved such a high accolade and aren’t wallet-busting either. How cheap? Would you believe $50 per person or less for a Michelin-starred restaurant? They exist and can be easily located thanks to a new report from Chef’s Pencil.

If you’re someone who’s trying to go all out and see what your money can get you, the most expensive Michelin-rated options are also indicated.


This list of Michelin-rated California restaurants is based on those that offer three course meals. This is largely the best way to dine at a Michelin star location without it giving your pockets a beating.

The most affordable goes to Mourad in San Francisco. Their Moroccan three-course menu is around $45 per person, a bargain for a tasting menu regardless of where you’re at. That’s followed closely by Rustic Canyon , the hyper seasonal restaurant in Santa Monica with a $47 tasting menu of locally sourced ingredients.

From there, nothing eclipses $80 per person (all prices below are per person):

  • Soichi (San Diego) – $48
  • Al’s Place (San Francisco) – $48
  • Knife Pleat (Cost Mesa) – $61
  • Taco Maria (Costa Mesa) – $65
  • Niku Steakhouse (San Francisco) – $67
  • Osteria Mozza (Los Angeles) – $69
  • Spruce (San Francisco) – $70
  • The Village Pub (Woodside) – $74
  • Bell’s (Los Alamos) – $75
  • Selby’s (Atherton) – $78
  • Auberge Du Soleil (Rutherford) – $80


2 Chainz coined a term Expensivest and this whole portion of the list is that. Bucket list meals and special occasions are par for the course for these spots. Additionally, if you have the urge to buy a gift for someone, my birthday is in March.

The legendary French Laundry is at the top of the list in California, clocking in at $500 per person. It has earned three Michelin stars, and back in 2005 it was said to be “the best restaurant in the world, period,” in the New York Times by none other than Anthony Bourdain.

In the grand scheme of things, The French Laundry is only at 12th place on the list of most expensive Michelin-starred restaurants.

The lowest price point you’ll see in the most expensive map is $298 with all prices below being per person:

  • Single Thread (Healdsburg) – $425
  • Atelier Crenn (San Francisco) – $410
  • Sushi Ginza Onodera (Los Angeles) – $400
  • Mori Hiro (Los Angeles) – $400
  • Manresa (Los Gatos) – $365
  • Quince (San Francisco) – $360
  • Benu (San Francisco) – $350
  • n/naka (Los Angeles) – $310
  • Q Sushi (Los Angeles) – $300
  • Saison (San Francisco) – $298
  • Addison (San Diego) – $298
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Panda Express Unveils Robotic Wok

Technology has been incorporated in just about every aspect of our lives. Shoes that tie themselves, glasses that are wearable computers and they have even invaded our culinary world as robotic bar tenders will now craft your cocktails for you our in Las Vegas.

Taking us one step further into the future, Panda Express has unveiled their latest kitchen innovation: The Panda Auto Wok AKA the PAW.

With the PAW, Panda Express aims to improve the guest experience as well as maintain chef retention.

So what does the PAW do?! It emphasizes three things: mixing methods, streamlined cooking process and operation efficiency. Mixing menu items evenly and quickly is one of the immediate and obvious improvements that PAW will make. The days of getting fried rice with 55 peas and 6 carrots now look to be a thing of the past!

It will additionally reduce cooking time by 25% ensuring the guest will get their food quicker and will support a better chef retention rate as one of the more demanding tasks is now alleviated. Motion based injuries will be reduced as a result of the PAW which is great news for hardworking Panda Express chefs.

Will robots completely replace our chefs and cooks? Not likely. Having robots in the kitchen to help with productivity however is definitely a positive lens to look through as technology gets deeper into our kitchens.

White Castle employing fry-making robots earlier this year was just the tip of the iceberg in restaurant innovation, and Panda Express is looking to capitalize on the movement.

Restaurants Technology What's New

Step Inside LA’s Most Technologically Advanced Dining and Entertainment Establishment

An elevated supper club dinner concept from Miami, MainRo, has just arrived in Los Angeles in the old Beso space. MainRo has big intentions to fill its 7,500 square foot space with a combination of cocktails, dining and theater all in one.

MainRo is definitely lookin’ bougie in the best way with the level of elegance its interior has in combination with state of the art, high tech entertainment. Think massive chandeliers that have 4K mapped screens that move independently, velvet blue booths and electronic dining tables that have its themes modified by touch.

The walls are even covered in reflective art paneling and the stairs by the DJ booth have 4K screens that illuminate when walked on. Knowing that, there is no way in hell you’re stopping me from reenacting the entire Billie Jean music video while going up and down those steps.

The cuisine at MainRo has a similar mindset with the decor in terms of elegance and attention to detail. Their food is locally sourced and will offer a bevy of starters, caviar, platters, soups, sushi, entrees, prime steaks, Japanese Wagyu and vegetarian dishes to create an array of options for every lifestyle and palate.

Decadence is put at a premium on the menu, with diners offered truffle Wagyu bites, Colorado rack of lamb, hot stone Wagyu beef, 36 oz. bone-in tomahawk steak served with homemade sauces or pan-seared Chilean sea bass with caramelized miso sauce.

“We are creating a modern and technological version of the Moulin Rouge, but the difference here at MainRo is you are the star and the show is happening in front, behind and may even be on top of you” says Romain Zago, founder of MainRo.

MainRo is located at 6350 Hollywood Blvd, and is open Thursday through Saturday from 6:30PM to 2:00AM.

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Grubhub Offers $4.20 Off on Select Restaurants and Convenience Stores for 4/20

4/20 is right around the corner and to celebrate the upcoming high-liday Grubhub has the answer to your munchie concerns. The popular delivery service will be giving $4.20 off orders from participating restaurants and convenience stores. 

To ensure they were equipped with a full proof munchie plan, Grubhub used data compiled from last year’s 4/20 delivery orders. In 2021, Grubhub delivered an impressive 22K orders of French fries and 1.8K servings of chicken wings. Those who had succumbed to the munchie monster ordered 7K bags of chips, and 2.6K bottles of soft drinks.

Customers can take their 4/20 to a new high and enjoy the Grubhub $4.20 Off deal from the below participating places. Additionally, you’ll receive $5 off of $15 of more if you order from Grubhub Goods:

Grubhub $4.20 off Deals valid on 4/20 and applied automatically at checkout:

  • 7-Eleven: $4.20 off orders of $15 or more (not valid in TX, MO, NH, CT, MA, PA)
  • Big Deal Burgers: $4.20 off orders of $15 or more
  • Cosmic Wings, Via Applebee’s: $4.20 off orders of $25 or more
  • Dickey’s: $4.20 off orders $20 or more
  • Jack in the Box: all large shakes are $4.20
  • Popeyes: $4.20 off orders of $20 or more
  • Stoner’s Pizza Joint: $4.20 off orders of $15 or more
  • White Castle: $4 off orders of $20 or more
  • Wing Boss: $4.20 off orders of $15 or more
  • Stoner’s Pizza Joint: $4.20 off orders of $15 or more
  • Wings Out: $4.20 off orders of $20 or more
  • Krispy Krunchy Chicken: $4.20 off orders of $20 or more  

Additional 4/20 Deal for Grubhub Goods valid on 4/20 and automatically applied at checkout:

  • Grubhub Goods: $5 off your order of $15 or more; valid on 4/20

With so many options, the Grubhub $4.20 Off deal is sure to provide you with any munch that satisfies. Wishing you a safe and elevated 4/20, Foodbeasts!

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Foodbeast Five: Where To Grab Brunch This Weekend

It’s Easter Sunday this weekend, prime time to gather your loved ones for a proper brunch. And as a brunch enthusiast, let me put you on to what’s really good. Here’s five spots to check out this weekend for a fantastic brunch.

Brewed – Fort Worth, Texas

Go get the mac and cheese waffle and treat yourself to all of its melty glory.

LOAM – Los Angeles, California

Within the hip confines of the legendary Ace Hotel is LOAM. Order their smokey and savory eggplant hash, which is beamed up to an upper tier by a fresh punch of chermoula.

Communion – Seattle, Washington

Brunch shrimp and grits are the move, made with a piquant in-house Bloody Mary mix to invigorate the situation.

Ellē – Washington, DC

If you’re not getting the Hot Duck, then missing out would be a criminal understatement. The duck leg is cured, confit, fried and tossed with the restaurant’s fermented hot sauce and local honey, enough deets to convince you to do the right thing.

Sunnyboy Biscuit Co. – San Diego, California

This San Diego gem brings forth a menu item from the heavens with their Bucket Biscuit Special — accompanied with 32 ounces of country gravy to anoint those fluffy wonders with. Amen.

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Pull Up to this LA Gem for Authentic Mongolian Cuisine

For the majority of folks who have heard of Mongolian food, their immediate thought is the Mongolian BBQ joint at the mall food court, where proteins, veggies, and noodles all get cooked together on top of a large, round, iron griddle. But what if I told you that that concept isn’t even a sniff of Mongolian?

Such a concept was first created by Wu Zhaonan in Taiwan back in 1951. Though his creation has boomed into the misconception that it’s actual Mongolian cuisine, I’m quite sure that most folks have not had the authentic kind.

Arag Mongolian Cuisine in Los Angeles, CA is a good starting point for experiencing the real deal Mongolian food in the city. In fact, Arag is LA’s only dedicated Mongolian restaurant.

Owned by Batbayasgalan Enkhbold and his wife, Bayarmaa Bat-Ayush, Arag serves as a shining example of traditional Mongolian cuisine, where dishes that bear the influence of Chinese and Russian tastes are served in the form of whole lamb head boiled until fork tender, dense and filling meatballs called tefteli, lamb chops cooked over hot stones, and beef-filled milk tea dumplings called banshtai tsai.


Stunning Surf & Turf Wellington Adds Lobster Tail To The Classic Dish

Photo courtesy of Michael Ponzio

The iconic Beef Wellington is a time-honored dish. You’ve got a stunning seared filet mignon that’s covered in prosciutto and duxelles and wrapped in a puff pastry.

Chicago-based chef Michael Ponzio, also known as @chefponzio, wanted to do something a little different over at his restaurant Union League Club of Chicago to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

That’s where he whipped up this exclusive Surf & Turf Wellington.

Made with the classic ingredients of a traditional Beef Wellington, the new creation features the addition of a 3-oz Lobster Tail.


While the Wellington was a New Year’s Eve exclusive, Chef Ponzio told us he sold at least 60 that evening, and the dish will absolutely make a comeback in the near future.