Rival Chef Made 100 Fake Reservations At Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant To Screw Up the Grand Opening


It seems even world-famous chefs aren’t immune to trolls, as Gordon Ramsay experienced, recently. The celebrity chef prepped his staff for the grand opening of his London-based Heddon Street Kitchen only to discover an almost empty restaurant. Of the 140 reservations booked, only 40 showed up to the restaurant, leaving 100 reservations unaccounted for.

Chef Ramsay told Jonathan Ross in a recent interview that this led to a depressingly slow opening for the restaurant. The chef said that his staff will now have to personally reconfirm every reservation to avoid this happening again.

While Ramsay did not specify who he believed to be behind this, he has strongly hinted that a competitor is the culprit. One doesn’t become such a high-profile chef without making a few enemies.

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Restaurant Reservation Scalping Site is Why People Hate SF Startups


When startups start to mess with your dinner reservations, things either accelerate to awesome or spiral downwards into so, so wrong.  ReservationHop, a new startup in San Francisco, is unfortunately the latter. Not because of their tech working or their product, but because they’re business model is based on one, teeny, tiny, sketchy principle: scalping.

ReservationHop is a service that “[makes] reservations at the hottest restaurants in advance so you don’t have to.” They snag reservations from the hottest restaurants in San Francisco, then sell them back to you for a small fee. Like we said, scalping.

As Valleywag points out, the app functions in such an “unofficial gray area” that ReservationHop even tells patrons “After payment, we’ll give you the name to use when you arrive at the restaurant.” What’s worse is that the scalping site could leave establishments with empty tables due to unsold reservations, a scary thing for restaurants already struggling to break even.

Unsurprisingly, both restaurant owners and patrons are pissed:

Let’s just hope is some seriously distasteful troll.


OpenTable’s New Mobile Site Seats its 15th Millionth Diner via Mobile

OpenTable is bringing more convenience to on-the-go restaurant customers through its newly redesigned mobile website in a response to an increase in diners using mobile devices websites and apps. The free service provides diners with free online reservations and guest management systems for restaurants.

This past Wednesday the company announced it has seated more than 15 million diners through its mobile website and apps since its launch in 2008. That represents $600 million in revenue for the company’s restaurant customers and accounts for more than 1 million diners seated per month.

OpenTable is a handy tool that promotes deals in your area and also lets you do a refine search for restaurants by neighborhood, reviews, cuisine, price points, photos, menu, parking information. Trusted by 20,000 restaurants and also services Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and United Kingdom, it’s a gotta have app for a foodie’s phone.