Virginia Chipotle Customer Officially Tests Positive For Norovirus

A few days ago, a man in Virginia claimed he got sick from eating at a Chipotle. He was among many customers that complained about getting sick at the fast-casual Mexican grill, prompting the location to be shut down temporarily for cleaning. A big concern was a potential resurgence of the norovirus which did the company some pretty sizable damage back in 2013.

Time reports that one person who ate at the Sterling-based restaurant has officially tested positive for norovirus. The results were obtained through a stool sample from the patron.

Symptoms of the pathogen include nausea, diarrhea, and projectile vomiting. Sources of the virus are typically from when a sick employee serves food.

While one positive test isn’t enough to include that the norovirus is what made those customers sick, if a second or third were to come to light we could be looking at another unfortunate norovirus incident.

Chipotle shares dropped 4.5 percent since the event, which has been the lowest the company’s seen since 2013.

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